Chapter 46 I want them all!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:39:40 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6271

‘Five thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight.’

The clerk repeated, his tone impatient.

Because this princess costume is the most expensive in the store.

Many people have asked before, but they are just asking.

Su Yuyan frowned slightly, looking hesitant.

One set is 5888, three sets is 17664!

If I buy it, this is enough to buy milk powder and diapers for my baby for three months.

Although I was reluctant to buy it because of the high price, it would be a shame not to buy it because of how cute the babies would look in the princess costumes.

At this time, Zhang Hao pushed Dabao and Erbao over.

Seeing Su Yuyan looking at a set of clothes, she smiled and said, ‘Yes, this set of clothes is very beautiful. The babies will look very good in it.’

Su Yuyan frowned slightly ‘It looks good, but it’s too expensive. It costs more than 5,800 for one piece.’

‘It’s okay, as long as you win the prize, it doesn’t matter how much it costs.’

After finishing speaking, he turned his head and looked at the clerk.

‘Beauty, come here.’

Although the clerk was not a beauty, the sweet-tongued Zhang Hao directly called her beauty.

Because no girl would refuse to be called a beauty.


The clerk responded weakly, as if half of his life was gone.

Although I was very surprised when I saw the three cute babies, when I thought about it, I realized that this handsome and beautiful couple couldn’t afford it.

Because in today’s society, it is difficult to raise one baby, let alone three.

Mortgage, car loan, daily expenses, let alone making money in a year, it will be a waste if you are not in debt.

The thought of wasting time introducing clothes again made me reluctant.

‘Hello sir, how can I help you?’

Arriving in front of Zhang Hao, the clerk showed a professional fake smile.

‘Do you still have this set of clothes? I want three sets.’

‘Three sets?’

The clerk smiled in surprise.

If you can’t even afford one set, why three sets? Just kidding?

‘Sir, this is the best quality and most expensive set of clothing in our store. The price is 5888. Are you sure you want it?’


‘Okay, because I have to measure the baby’s size and go to the warehouse to find a suitable model. The process is very troublesome. If you are sure you want it, I will go to the warehouse to look for it. If you find it, you don’t want it anymore, so as not to waste time.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao suddenly became unhappy.

‘What is a waste of time? As a store clerk, isn’t this your job?’

The clerk curled his lips and saw that the handsome guy was angry.

But she did not refute, but looked at a little girl.

The little girl was wearing the same business attire and was also a store clerk.

‘Yuehan, come here.’


The little girl came over with a smile.

The clerk said indifferently ‘This gentleman wants to buy a princess costume. Please introduce him to him.’

After that, he turned around and left.

Zhang Hao frowned slightly. This clerk was too arrogant and deserved a beating.

With this attitude and working in the service industry, it’s strange to have repeat customers.

When he was unhappy, he heard a smiling voice.

‘Handsome beauties, is this your baby? It’s so cute.’

Hearing the little girl’s praise, the anger on Zhang Hao’s face was replaced by a smile.

In contrast, this little girl’s attitude is very comfortable.

The little girl has red lips and white teeth, and her eyes look like crescent moons when she smiles. She is a little beauty.

When he looked at the little girl’s left breast, the work badge said Intern, Feng Yuehan.

‘Thank you, please find three sets of clothes of the same style to try on the baby.’

‘Okay, let me measure the babies first. They don’t know how to be born.’

‘Don’t recognize life.’

‘I can rest assured that.’

After saying this, the little girl took out a soft ruler from her pocket and began to measure the babies. She moved very gently in the process.

After a while, the little girl took the measurement.

‘Please wait a moment. I’m going to the warehouse to look for clothes. I’ll be back in about five or six minutes.’


Zhang Hao nodded with a smile, and all the unhappiness in his heart disappeared.

However, at this moment, Su Yuyan reached out to Zhang Hao’s waist, pinched the skin and squeezed hard.


The sudden pain caused Zhang Hao to make a strange sound.

People around him heard the sound and turned their heads to look, with strange expressions on their faces.

Su Yuyan immediately let go of her hands, and her face turned red.

‘Honey, why are you pinching me?’

‘Hmph, who made you flirt with that little girl? Did you become lustful when you saw how pretty she looked?’

‘It’s unjust. Where did I make a mistake?’

‘Then why are you smiling so happily?’

‘I can’t keep a straight face when someone has a good attitude. Wife, are you jealous?’

‘Jealous? Do I deserve it?’

Seeing Su Yuyan’s unhappy look, Zhang Hao laughed.

Your lips are pouting to the sky, and you still say you’re not jealous?

After a while, the little girl turned back.

She held several sets of clothes in her hands.

‘Handsome beauties, here are the clothes. In addition to white, there are also light red and light yellow. You can try them all on the babies and then make your purchase.’

Zhang Hao was a little surprised.

This little girl is so attentive.

Not only has a good service attitude, but also considers customers. This is the best salesperson.

‘Little girl, you are very considerate. I will come back to you when I buy clothes for the baby in the future.’


Then, they started trying on clothes for the three cute babies.

First, put on three sets of white princess costumes for the three adorable babies.

After putting them on, Zhang Hao and Su Yuyan were stunned.

Because the three cute babies are very cute, with small mouths, big eyes and long eyelashes.

When you put on the exact same princess costume, it looks like it was carved out of the same mold, bringing a strong visual impact.

Su Yuyan happily took out her mobile phone and started taking pictures of the baby.

‘I didn’t expect the babies to be even cuter when they put on clothes. White symbolizes purity, just like a noble little princess.’

The little girl was also shocked and asked weakly ‘Can I take a photo of the baby and send it to Moments? It’s so cute!’


Zhang Hao readily agreed.

After all, what bad thoughts can a little girl have?

When I saw the other two colors of princess clothes, I decided to try them on my baby.

‘Honey, let’s try the other two sets on the baby too.’

‘No need, this white one is very beautiful.’

‘Try it, it doesn’t cost any money.’

‘All right.’

After agreeing, Su Yuyan put the baby into a light red princess costume.

When I took a look after changing it, I was surprised again.

Red looks more beautiful than white.

The three cute babies are like flower fairies in anime, so beautiful!

Su Yuyan said happily ‘I didn’t expect that the light red one would look better. Why don’t I just buy this set.’

Zhang Hao smiled slightly ‘Don’t worry, I’ll change into the light yellow one and have a look.’


Su Yuyan smiled and nodded, and put the babies into light yellow princess clothes.

But after changing it, he suddenly changed his attention.

‘Why don’t we buy the light yellow one? It’s so cute!’

Against the background of yellow, the three cute babies are even cuter, making people’s hearts adorably cute.

Baby, baby, why are you so cute?

Love you all so much.

At this time, the little girl on the side smiled and said ‘The babies look good and look good in anything. Have you decided what color you want to buy?’

Zhang Hao smiled.

Seeing Su Yuyan’s happy look, she immediately made a decision.

‘I want them all!’