Chapter 45 How am I young?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:39:28 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5901

‘Jingjing, don’t cry, mommy will hug you.’

Seeing Sanbao crying loudly, Su Yuyan quickly left Zhang Hao’s arms and held Sanbao in her arms to comfort her.

At this time, Zhang Hao looked depressed.

Sanbao, Sanbao, if you don’t cry in the morning or in the evening, why do you cry when your father kisses your mother?

Do you know how rare this opportunity is?


No matter how much Su Yuyan coaxed her, Sanbao kept crying.

Because I just had breakfast, I definitely didn’t want to breastfeed.

Suddenly, the hand holding Sanbao’s little butt felt heavy with diaper.

I looked down and saw that the display bar changed from yellow to green.

It turned out to be urine.

‘Sambo peed, please bring a diaper.’


Zhang Hao came to the bag containing diapers, but when he opened it, there was only one left.

Not only that, but I also found that the milk powder in the box beside me was gone, and the last can on the table was half full.

‘It has only been less than ten days, and all ten cans of milk powder have been finished. Fortunately, I have money now, otherwise I would have to go to the construction site to move bricks.’

With that said, Zhang Hao came to the bedside with a diaper.

Seeing Su Yuyan wiping Sanbao’s butt, she put the diaper beside the bed and turned her head away.

Su Yuyan raised the corners of her mouth slightly when she saw this.

While changing Sanbao’s diaper, she said ‘This is your biological daughter, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.’

‘Isn’t it said that children avoid their mother and daughters avoid their father?’

‘-_—, the baby is only seven months old and doesn’t know anything.’

‘But I care.’

‘Then haven’t you changed diapers for babies before?’

‘I keep my eyes closed when changing.’

‘All right.’

Su Yuyan smiled slightly, Zhang Hao was so cute.

He is very generous and carefree towards his friends.

Be gentle and considerate to yourself and your babies.

Now he is like a child and still knows how to be shy.

‘You, I even wonder if you are younger than me, like a little boy.’

‘You’re kidding, why am I young?’


The voice stopped suddenly, and Su Yuyan’s cheeks suddenly turned red with embarrassment.

Zhang Hao’s words made him think of something.

‘Honey, why are you blushing?’

‘It’s okay, it’s too hot in the room.’

‘Then I’ll open the window.’

Zhang Hao came to the window and opened it.

Thinking that I was out of milk powder and diapers, I decided to buy them at a nearby maternity and baby store.

‘Honey, I’m going to buy milk powder and diapers. I’ll be back soon.’

After saying that, he walked towards the door.

But just after taking a few steps, she suddenly heard Su Yuyan speak.

‘Let’s go together later.’

Zhang Hao heard the sound and stopped ‘We? Bring the baby with us?’

‘Well, it’s rare that I have time. I’ll go to the mall later and buy some clothes and food for the babies.’


Ten minutes later.

Zhang Hao drove his wife and three cute babies to Baoshan Wanda Plaza.

Park the car in the underground parking lot and push the three cute babies towards the elevator.

At this moment, I realized that Su Yuyan was walking a little fast.

‘Honey, slow down.’

‘Hehe, I haven’t been to the mall for a long time, so I’m a little excited.’

‘It’s okay, we have enough time, we can go shopping for as long as we want.’


Su Yuyan suddenly showed a look of joy, and her excited look was like a mythical beast that had been trapped for a long time and had its seal released.


Zhang Hao nodded, feeling an ominous premonition for some reason.

‘Great, let’s go then!’

After saying this, Su Yuyan continued to walk forward, walking faster than before.

Zhang Hao was slightly startled, pushing the three cute babies to follow him.

Then, take the elevator to the children’s clothing and toys floor.

But when he entered the mall, he immediately attracted the attention of all the people around him.

‘Wow, look over there, triplets!’

‘Oh my god, there are actually triplets in the world. It’s really a long time to see them!’

‘The three babies look exactly the same. They have small mouths, big eyes, and chubby faces. I love them!’

‘How could there be such a cute baby, and suddenly I feel like my baby doesn’t smell good anymore.’

‘The key point is that the father is so handsome, the mother is so beautiful, and the three babies are so cute. They are simply a fairy family!’

Because most of the people who come here to shop are mothers, followed by grandmothers.

Seeing the three cute babies, my heart instantly melted.

Immediately afterwards, all the young women and old ladies gathered around.

‘Beauty, are these three adorable babies yours? Why are they so cute?’

‘This is my first time meeting triplets. Can I take a photo of the babies?’

‘Can I hold your baby?’

Surprised, those people started chatting in all directions.

But at this time, the three cute babies looked frightened.

In the eyes of the babies, there are strange faces in front of them.

Although they are all smiling faces, they look very scary.


Suddenly, the timidest Sambo burst into tears.

Su Yuyan quickly picked up Sanbao and comforted him.

At this time, a young woman smiled and said ‘Your baby is so cute, even when he cries, he looks so beautiful.’


Su Yuyan smiled unnaturally.

Although I really wanted to take the baby away, I felt a little embarrassed to see these people treating the baby so well.

But at this time, Zhang Hao’s face darkened.

Didn’t you see the babies crying? Why are you still hanging around? Can I have some snacks?

‘Sisters and aunties, could you please stop standing around, are you scaring the baby to tears if you don’t see it?’

Although the baby is very happy to be liked by others, it is a bit too much to scare the baby until it cries and refuses to leave.

‘Hey, I’m really sorry. Your baby is so cute.’

‘Everyone, please stop hanging around. It will be troublesome if the baby starts crying.’

‘I was a little out of control just now, I’m sorry.’

Seeing that Bao’s father was unhappy, the young women and old ladies quickly dispersed.

‘let’s go.’

Zhang Hao smiled at Su Yuyan and continued to walk forward.

Su Yuyan followed behind and looked at Zhang Hao’s back, slowly feeling a sense of security in her heart.

If it weren’t for Zhang Hao, I really didn’t know what I would have done just now.

In my thoughts, when I passed a children’s clothing store, I was suddenly attracted by a set of clothes inside.

Although there were many clothes in the store, I fell in love with that outfit at first glance.

It was a princess costume, displayed on a fake doll.

The dress is white with a very delicate blue print, the skirt is embroidered with light red flowers, and the skirt is edged with white lace.

It would be very cute if the baby wears it.

In Su Yuyan’s mind, she had already imagined how the babies would look in those princess costumes. They were so beautiful.

In his thoughts, he said to Zhang Hao’s back ‘Wait a minute, I have my eye on a set of clothes.’

After saying that, he walked into the store and came to the princess costume.

Then he asked the clerk ‘How much does this suit cost?’

‘Five thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight.’

‘How many?’

Su Yuyan couldn’t believe her ears and asked again.