Chapter 47 Are bras considered clothing?

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‘Want it all!’

Su Yuyan was suddenly stunned.

That’s a total of nine pieces of clothing!

One piece is 5888, nine pieces is… 52992!

Oh my god, is Zhang Hao crazy?

Spend more than 50,000 yuan to buy clothes for the baby!

Even if you have money, you can’t build it like this!

The little girl was also stunned for a moment, and then persuaded Zhang Hao not to spend impulsively.

Although there is a 5% commission for selling a piece of clothing, you can see that your parents are wearing very ordinary clothes and they have three babies to raise. You must not make money without conscience.

‘Handsome, you have to think carefully, nine pieces of clothing are almost fifty-three thousand!’

‘Think it over carefully, let’s settle the bill.’

Zhang Hao walked to the cashier with a smile.

The little girl quickly followed, but at this moment, she was suddenly stopped by her colleague, the clerk with a bad temper.

‘Yuehan, I’ll pay the bill, and you go pack the clothes.’

The clerk had been waiting eagerly for a long time.

I just heard that Zhang Hao wanted to buy nine princess costumes, and his eyes suddenly glowed green.

Although I regret not leaving a good impression just now, there is still a chance to make amends.

As long as you pay the bills yourself, you can get a commission of more than 2,600, which is more than half a month’s salary.

But the little girl is not a vegetarian. When she heard that she had to pay at the same time, she immediately became unhappy.

‘Why, I am the one receiving the customers!’

‘Just because you are an intern, do you still want to pass the internship period?’


The little girl was speechless for a moment.

A word from her colleague calmed her down.

Because he has not passed the internship period, the manager hands over the supervision power to his colleagues. It is up to the colleagues to decide whether they can pass the internship period.

Although reluctant, people have to bow their heads under the eaves.


The clerk snorted disdainfully, then put on a smile and came to the checkout counter.

‘Handsome boy, let me pay you the bill. The nine pieces of clothing total 52,992. I’ll give you a zero, 52,990.’

Zhang Han frowned when he saw that it was the clerk with a bad attitude.

Because he also knows that there is a commission for selling clothes in the mall.

‘Why are you? I want that little girl to pay the bill.’

‘Handsome, that little girl is not very familiar with the business and will waste your precious time.’

‘It’s okay, I have plenty of time.’

The clerk frowned slightly, and then whispered ‘Handsome man, how about I give you a 50% discount? You can save more than two thousand yuan.’

‘No, I’ll pay the original price, but I have to let the little girl settle the bill.’


Seeing Zhang Hao’s firm attitude, the clerk got angry and left.

At this time, the little girl came over with a smile.

‘Handsome guy, thank you.’

‘Don’t thank me. If you want to thank me, just thank yourself.’


‘Yes, because I am very satisfied with your service.’

After coming out of the clothing store, I bought diapers and milk powder for the three adorable babies.

In addition, there are nutritional supplements and toys that supplement calcium, iron and zinc, which almost fill the storage compartment of the stroller.

‘Honey, where are you going to go shopping next?’

Entering the elevator, Zhang Hao asked with a smile.

‘Let’s go to the supermarket to buy some food and daily necessities.’


After finishing speaking, Zhang Hao reached out and pressed the No. 5 button.

Su Yuyan was slightly shocked when she saw this.

Isn’t the supermarket on the first floor? How did Zhang Hao press the fifth floor button?

Could it be that he has never been to a mall before?

Don’t know what products are sold on each floor?

‘You pressed the wrong floor. The supermarket is on the first floor and the clothing store is on the fifth floor.’

‘I know.’

‘Are you going shopping for clothes?’


Su Yuyan nodded and asked no more questions.


The elevator door opens.

It’s not like the children’s supplies area, this is the adult world.

On the left side of the elevator door are women’s clothing and on the right are men’s clothing.

When Zhang Hao stepped out of the elevator, he pushed the stroller and turned left.

Su Yuyan, who was about to turn right, was stunned for a moment and quickly followed.

‘Aren’t you here to buy clothes? This is the women’s clothing area, and the men’s clothing is over there.’

‘I am indeed here to buy clothes, but not for me, but for you.’

‘Give me?’

Su Yuyan was stunned for a moment and said quickly ‘No, no, I have clothes to wear.’

‘I know, a white dress, a yellow T-shirt and jeans, that’s all.’

‘how do you know?’

Su Yuyan was a little surprised, and then asked shyly ‘Have you seen my wardrobe?’

Because in addition to clothes and underwear, there are also items specially used by girls in the wardrobe.

‘No, I noticed that you have been wearing these two outfits these days, and you change them every day, so you must have no other clothes.’

Upon hearing this, Su Yuyan was immediately moved.

I didn’t expect Zhang Hao to be so careful.

But even if he saw it, he wouldn’t buy it.

Because it cost more than 50,000 yuan to buy clothes for the baby, how could I be willing to spend his money anymore.

‘It’s better not to buy it. These two suits are enough for me. Let’s wait until autumn comes.’

‘No, you have to buy it. You can’t leave without buying it!’

‘All right.’

Su Yuyan was conquered by Zhang Hao’s domineering attitude.

But if you promise, you must spend less.

‘Since I listened to you, then you should also listen to me and just buy one.’


Then, Su Yuyan looked around and zeroed in on a lingerie store.

‘Wait for me here.’

After saying that, he walked directly into the underwear store.

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly, guessing Su Yuyan’s thoughts, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

‘Which one should I buy?’

Su Yuyan stood in front of the shelf, looking at the two bras hesitantly.

One is black lace, which is what I usually wear.

One is light yellow with very beautiful patterns embroidered on it and looks very beautiful.

‘Which one should I buy?’

Su Yuyan murmured to herself, unable to make up her mind for a moment.

Suddenly, a magnetic voice came from behind.

‘It’s light yellow, it looks younger.’


Recognizing Zhang Hao’s voice, Su Yuyan turned around quickly.

‘This is a women’s underwear store. Why did you come in? Get out quickly.’

‘There is nothing to be shy about. You are my wife and no one else.’

Su Yuyan’s face turned red with embarrassment. She glanced around and found that no one was looking this way.

Then, I picked up the light yellow bra and walked to the cashier.

‘Honey, let me pay the bill.’

‘No, I’ll do it myself.’

Su Yuyan quickly paid and walked out of the underwear store.

But just as he was leaving the garment area, he was stopped by Zhang Hao.

‘Honey, why did you leave without buying any clothes?’

‘Didn’t you buy it just now?’

‘Does a bra count as clothing?’

‘Of course, they are all worn on the body.’

‘No, I have to buy another one, or I can choose for you.’

‘No need really.’

Zhang Hao said nothing, grabbed Su Yuyan’s hand and pulled her towards the women’s clothing area.

Su Yuyan’s delicate body trembled slightly, feeling like she was getting an electric shock.

Feeling the warmth of Zhang Hao’s palm, he suddenly became a little nervous, and his chest felt like a rabbit bumping around.

‘Hurry up and let go. There are so many people around here watching. Can’t I buy it?’

‘It is necessary to buy, but it is impossible to let go. What I am grabbing is my wife’s hand, not someone else’s wife’s. Why am I afraid that others will see it?’

Su Yuyan curled her lips and had no choice but to let Zhang Hao pull her forward.

At this moment, his eyes swept across a women’s clothing store.

When I saw the women’s clothes displayed on the mannequins in the store, I was suddenly stunned and my steps slowed down uncontrollably.

The clothes in the store are very beautiful and high-end.

Under the dim light, it gives people a noble atmosphere.

At this time, Zhang Hao felt Su Yuyan slow down.

Seeing her entranced look, I immediately understood something.

‘Honey, let’s go inside and take a look.’


Su Yuyan nodded slightly and walked towards the women’s clothing store.

But just as he started taking steps, he suddenly stopped again.

Because she saw two overlapping letters on the store door LV