Chapter 3 These three names are perfect

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:31:11 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6142

‘What do you think?’

Su Yuyan looked unhappy.

Who has a baby girl?

Why does this Zhang Hao look so stupid?

They say that if a daughter follows her father, the babies will not be affected.

And what age is this, there is still the old idea of favoring boys over girls.

Don’t you know that girls are the most popular nowadays?

How many people in their thirties can’t find a wife?


Zhang Hao smiled awkwardly and said ‘Don’t think too much, I just want to know the gender and decide what name to give.’

After finishing his words, his eyes fell on the petite bodies of Er Bao and San Bao.

Suddenly, Zhang Hao was stunned.

At this time, the two babies were awake and looking at themselves with innocent Kazilan eyes.

That chubby little face is as white as milk.

The white and tender skin seems to be able to squeeze out water.

Especially those small hands and feet, which are less than half of the palm.

This is too cute!

In an instant, Zhang Hao’s heart melted.


Zhang Hao suddenly had an idea and thought of three perfect names.

‘Since the three babies are so cute, they are called really cute.’

‘The big treasure Zhang Zhen, the second treasure Zhang Ke, the third treasure Zhang Ai.’

‘Hmm~ It sounds pretty good.’

Upon hearing these three names, Su Yuyan’s face suddenly turned dark.

So cute?

Fortunately, Zhang Hao could figure it out.

This is too casual.

But if you think about it carefully, it sounds pretty good.

In his thoughts, he felt that Dabao was full and quietly pulled off his clothes.

At the same time, Zhang Hao smiled,

Thinking of naming the three adorable babies, he looked like he was quite accomplished.

However, the next moment, the system’s voice sounded.

‘Ding The mission failed. It’s too easy to get a name for the baby.’


Zhang Hao couldn’t help but be startled.

Such a creative name was not recognized by the system.

It seems that it is not that easy to complete tasks and obtain rewards.

So, Zhang Hao continued to rack his brains and think about it.

‘It can’t be too simple, it has to be something profound.’

‘And it has to sound grand.’

‘As soon as you say your name, you can calm people down!’

‘What’s a good name?’

‘Since they are triplets…’


Zhang Hao suddenly had an idea flash in his mind, and immediately took out his mobile phone and started searching on the Internet.

After a while, three perfect names were born.

‘Dabao’s name is Zhang Xin, and the character Xin symbolizes wealth.’

‘The second treasure is named Zhang Miao. The character Miao means embracing all rivers and constantly striving for self-improvement.’

‘The name of the Three Treasures is Zhang Jing. The word ‘Jing’ is the crystallization of love, which means it is very precious.’

‘The important point is that the babies are triplets, and their names are all made up of the same three characters. It can be said to be very appropriate.’

As soon as he finished speaking, the system’s voice sounded.

‘Ding Congratulations to the host for completing the task of naming the baby. The 30,000 bonus has been received.’

Master, master, here comes a text message.

Zhang Hao looked happy when he heard the text message prompt.

He quickly took out his phone and opened the text message.

‘Your card with the last number 8888 has received 30,000 yuan, and the balance is 49527.66.’

Thirty thousand yuan! Got it again!

This system is awesome!

In the excitement, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not asked Su Yuyan for her opinion.

After all, she is the baby’s mother and needs her approval.

‘How about the name I gave the baby? Is it okay?’

‘It’s pretty good. It sounds much better than really cute.’

Su Yuyan smiled and nodded with satisfaction.

A word composed of three identical words is very suitable for three babies.

I didn’t expect Zhang Hao’s literary skills to be so solid.

For a moment, the look in Zhang Hao’s eyes changed, and there was a hint of approval.

Thump thump thump…

Suddenly, the WeChat call notification sounded.

The voice came from Zhang Hao’s pocket.

Zhang Hao took out his cell phone and saw that it was a video call from his roommate and deskmate Zhao Yong.

‘What’s this idiot doing on the phone?’

Zhang Hao was confused.

After answering the video call, a face with Chinese characters appeared on the screen.

‘Mouse, class is about to begin, have you run away?’

Zhang Hao smiled ‘I’m outside, please help me take a leave.’

‘Ask for leave?’

Zhao Yong on the screen raised his eyebrows and glared ‘The next class is for the homeroom teacher, Master Jue, and you dare to ask for leave!’

‘The classmate who asked for leave last time was directly punished by cleaning the toilets for a week.’

‘Do you want to clean the toilet too?’

Zhang Hao smiled, and without waiting for a response, Zhao Yong continued to speak in surprise.

‘By the way, Mouse, I heard that Goddess Su from the Normal College came to see you and said she had given birth to a baby for you. Is this true?’

‘how do you know?’

Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

Because Zhao Yong is simple and unpretentious and is not the kind of person who likes gossip.

‘I’m going to stop this. This matter has spread throughout the school.’

‘Stop talking about me, even the old man at the gate knows.’

‘Hurry up and tell me if this is true!’

After saying this, Zhao Yong looked expectant, wishing he could time travel directly from his mobile phone.

Zhang Hao nodded seriously.

‘Yes, it’s true.’

After all, this is not something shameful. It’s too late to be happy. There’s nothing to hide.

Besides, there was no hiding it.

‘Tch! I don’t believe it!’

Zhao Yong on the screen looked contemptuous.

Zhang Hao was too lazy to waste time with this guy and directly switched to the rear camera.

At this time, Su Yuyan bent down and slowly placed Dabao on the bed.

Erbao and Sanbao were waving their little arms and legs.

This scene appears on the mobile phone screen.

Zhao Yong was stunned for a few seconds and then exclaimed.

‘Oh My God!’

‘Everyone, come and see, the rat’s scandal is true!’

‘Goddess Su really gave birth to three babies for the mouse!’

‘Yes, three!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Yong in the classroom raised his mobile phone high, and the whole class gathered around him.

‘I’ll go! It’s really Goddess Su!’

‘No! Three babies! Are they born in the year of Pig?’

‘It really blinded my 24K titanium alloy dog eyes!’

‘Young Master Zhang is mighty, you are my role model!’

Zhang Hao suddenly had a dark look on his face when he saw this.

However, at this moment, the baby’s cry sounded.


Zhang Hao followed the sound and found that it was Sanbao crying, so he hung up the video call.

Seeing Sanbao clenching her little hands, closing her eyes and crying hard, I felt extremely distressed.

At this time, Su Yuyan quickly picked up Sanbao, shaking him gently and humming to comfort him.

Zhang Hao asked ‘Is the baby hungry?’

‘You can breastfeed the baby, I’ll avoid it.’

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the door.

But just as he took a step forward, Su Yuyan’s voice came from behind.

‘Wait a minute, please make a bottle of milk powder.’

‘milk powder?’

Zhang Hao asked doubtfully ‘Isn’t it just for milk?’

‘not because of……’

Su Yuyan looked embarrassed.

She bit her lip, frowned and said, ‘Because there are three babies, there is not enough milk.’

‘Not enough to eat?’

Zhang Hao was a little confused, and his eyes fell on a certain place involuntarily, which didn’t look too small.


Suddenly, the system sound rang again.