Chapter 4 Sissy

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:31:23 Author:Liubendo Word Count:7020

‘Ding Here comes a new task. Feed milk powder to Sanbao. If you complete the task, you will get a bonus of 10,000 yuan.’

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly.

I didn’t expect that another mission would come so soon, and it would be so simple.

At this time, Su Yuyan, who was holding the Three Treasures, frowned slightly.

‘Can you make milk powder for Sanbao first? It’s bad for the baby’s throat to cry all the time.’


Zhang Hao smiled and nodded. Seeing milk powder and bottles on the table beside him, he walked over.

Su Yuyan reminded ‘There are instructions on the milk powder can. Just mix one level scoop of milk powder with 30ml of warm water and add six scoops of milk powder.’

‘There is hot water in that thermos. After making the milk powder, use cold water to cool it down. Otherwise, it will burn your mouth when you drink it.’

Zhang Hao nodded and remembered this method in his mind.

But when he came to the table, he opened the milk powder can and found that the milk powder had reached the bottom.

Not to mention six spoons, not even three spoons.

‘The milk powder is gone. Do you still have the whole can?’

‘No, this is the last can. I’ll buy it later.’

‘I’ll go ahead and make some milk powder first so that Sanbao can cushion your belly.’

Zhang Hao started making milk powder.

Since there are only three spoons, the hot water should be halved.

After brewing, I felt that the bottle was indeed very hot to the touch, so I ran to the kitchen to cool it down with cold water.

‘Let me feed Sanbao milk powder.’

Back in the bedroom, Zhang Hao volunteered.

One is that you must breastfeed the three treasures in person to complete the task and receive a bonus of 10,000 yuan.

The other one is to hold the Three Treasures in my arms.

This smaller body must be very fun to hold in your arms.

Thinking about it makes me a little excited.

But at this moment, Su Yuyan politely refused.

‘Let me do it. You have never held a baby before, so you don’t know how to hold it.’

‘The baby is still young now and his bones are still in the development stage. If he is not comfortable to hold, the baby will cry all the time.’

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly. He didn’t expect that simply holding a child would be so sophisticated.

But even so, there are ways to get the job done.

‘How about you put Sambo on the bed and I will breastfeed Sambo.’

‘No, she will cry even more if she is placed on the bed. Give me the milk powder quickly.’

Su Yuyan was a little anxious.

He stretched his hand directly in front of Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao stopped talking nonsense and immediately handed over the bottle.

Because Sanbao did cry harder, and even cried so hard that he was out of breath, which was really heartbreaking.

As for the mission, just step aside.

No matter how much the reward is, it is not as important as my precious daughter.

Immediately afterwards, the moment Su Yuyan put the pacifier into Sanbao’s mouth, Sanbao immediately became quiet.

The little mouth squeaked and began to drink milk in large gulps.

The half-full bottle of milk in the bottle is reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye.

‘By the way, buy milk powder!’

Thinking that there was no more milk powder, Zhang Hao quickly turned around and left.

If the first and second babies are hungry, they will definitely cry.

‘I’d better go.’

Seeing that Zhang Hao was about to leave, Su Yuyan spoke quickly.

Although he is the baby’s father, we have just met him and I am embarrassed to ask him to buy milk powder.

‘You coax the child, I’ll be right back.’

Zhang Hao said without looking back.

But when he walked out of the bedroom, he saw his aunt standing outside the door with a smile on her face.

And it looked like he had been standing there for a long time.

But why doesn’t Auntie go in?

As for this aunt, it is not difficult to tell that she is the nanny Su Yuyan hired to take care of the baby.

In his thoughts, Zhang Hao smiled and took it as a greeting and walked out quickly.

Although I am unfamiliar with this place, when I came here, I noticed that there was a maternity and baby store not far from the entrance of the community, where you can buy milk powder.

After walking for a while, Zhang Hao arrived at the maternity and baby store.

‘Boss, please bring a can of Tianhe brand milk powder.’

Zhang Hao clearly remembered that the milk powder the baby drank was from this brand.


The store owner was a beautiful young woman. She took a can of Tianhe milk powder from the shelf and placed it on the counter.

‘How much’



Zhang Hao nodded and took out his mobile phone to scan the QR code when he suddenly stopped.

Since there are three babies, one can of milk powder may not be enough for one day.

‘Hmm…get ten cans.’

‘Ten cans?’

The beautiful shopkeeper was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, ‘Young man, you don’t need to buy so much.’

‘At first glance, you look like you have just become a father and have no experience in taking care of babies.’

‘Buy a can first, and then come and get it after the baby has finished drinking.’

Zhang Hao smiled and said something that surprised the beautiful shop owner.

‘One can is not enough because I have three babies.’


The beautiful shop owner opened her mouth in surprise.

But the next moment, she suddenly thought of something.

‘Little handsome boy, are you Su Yuyan’s husband?’


Zhang Hao smiled and nodded, not too surprised.

After all, triplets are very rare.

I’m afraid there is no one in the entire community who doesn’t know about Su Yuyan, or to be precise, no one doesn’t know about the triplets.

‘Oh~ Let me tell you, who would take so much milk powder at one time.’

‘It’s not easy for you to raise three babies. I’ll give you a discount on the price.’

After saying this, the beautiful shop owner took out two boxes of milk powder from the room inside.

There are six cans of milk powder in each box, and two cans are taken out from one box.

‘Ten cans of milk powder cost 3,580. You can just give me 3,500.’

‘Thank you, I will buy from you next time.’

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and scanned 3580.

Although thanks to the Super Dad system, he received a bonus of 40,000 yuan.

But even if it doesn’t, it won’t be a small advantage. This is a matter of principle.

After paying the bill, I walked out of the maternity and baby store carrying the milk powder.


Just when Zhang Hao was about to reach the gate of the community, the roar of a sports car suddenly came from behind.

And the sound is approaching quickly.

Frowning, he saw a red Lamborghini parked next to him.

The car window slowly lowered, revealing a delicate face.

Although the boy was handsome, he had flowing yellow hair and disdain in his eyes.

I just heard the young man say in a weird voice ‘Hey~ isn’t this our famous Mr. Zhang?’

‘What? You’re so depressed now that you live in such a rubbish neighborhood? You have to walk to pick up a courier? It’s so funny~’

‘Would you like me to give you a few hundred yuan to buy a bicycle?’


When he finished speaking, he let out a mocking laugh and even covered his mouth with his hand.

Zhang Hao frowned slightly, with a look of disdain.

He wasn’t angry, he was disgusted.

The young man’s name is Su Huairou, and he lives up to his name.

Although she has the body of a boy, she has the heart of a girl, a typical sissy.

In the past, when I had gatherings with those second-generation ancestors, I had only met this guy a few times, and he was not even a fair-weather friend.

‘Damn sissy!’

Zhang Hao responded unceremoniously ‘Someone’s pig pen collapsed and they let you out.’

‘You are such a big man, my mother-in-law is moaning every day.’

Su Huairou, who was poked in a painful spot, suddenly became furious and her eyes widened with deep anger.

But when he spoke, a high-pitched voice came out.

That voice was just like the father-in-law in the palace.

‘Who the hell are you calling a sissy~’

‘You are the sissy~ Your whole family is sissy~’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao suddenly became unhappy.

No matter how you say you are fine, if it involves your parents, you will never forgive it.

But just as he was about to put down the milk powder and teach this sissy a lesson, he suddenly thought of the baby at home who was waiting to be fed.

No, Sanbao is still waiting to drink milk, so he has to go back quickly.

‘I won’t argue with you this time, I’ll wait until next time, you damn sissy!’

After saying that, he walked towards the gate of the community carrying the milk powder.

As for Su Huairou, she had her hands on her hips and looked at Zhang Hao’s back with resentful eyes.

‘What the hell, I’m so angry.’