Chapter 2 Super Dad System!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:30:59 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6350

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Zhang Hao was stunned when he saw the identification results!

Although I couldn’t believe it, the facts were in front of me and I had to believe it.

Those three babies turned out to be really my biological children!

At the same time, the male of the young couple saw the identification results and instantly felt the green prairie above his head.

‘Okay, you dare to cuckold me!’

‘I am so kind to you in vain. The house and car are all in your name, but you actually let me become your father! Divorce!’

When the woman heard this, she burst into tears and said, ‘I was wrong husband, please forgive me this time.’

‘I swear, I will never have children who are not yours!’

Zhang Hao was not in the mood to watch the farce and walked out with the three identification results.

Now he is in a state of confusion.

I didn’t expect that the three babies were really my own.

Unexpectedly, he became a father out of nowhere.

This is how to do?

I am still in school.

Is it possible to drop out of school and work to raise a baby?

No, I won’t be able to work part-time. I will never work part-time in this life.

If this matter had happened in the past, we could have raised thirty babies, let alone three babies.

However, something happened at home half a year ago, and my parents suddenly called to say that the family was bankrupt.

Overnight, from a rich second generation with a fortune of hundreds of billions, he was reduced to a penniless loser.

Even the luxury cars and mansions in his name were sold to pay off the family’s debts.

It’s just that the more than 20 million yuan is not even 1% of the huge debt.

As for my father and mother, there was suddenly no news and I have never been able to contact them.



Half an hour later.

Zhang Hao returned to Su Yuyan’s house.

Although I am not the kind of irresponsible man.

But looking at the door in front of him, he hesitated.


Suddenly, the door opened.

The aunt came out carrying a garbage bag.

Seeing Zhang Hao, the aunt was stunned for a moment, and then smiled.

‘Young man, you’re back.’


Zhang Hao showed a smile that was uglier than crying ‘Auntie, are you going to take out the trash?’

‘Yes, Xiao Su is in the house, you go.’

After finishing his words, he walked past Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao took a deep breath, adjusted his mood and walked in.

But when he walked to the bedroom door, his eyes suddenly opened wide.

I saw Su Yuyan breastfeeding a baby, revealing a patch of snow-white color.

Well, very white!

Just as Zhang Hao was watching intently, a voice sounded in his head.

‘Ding Here comes the mission. Please ask the host to change Sanbao’s diaper. If you complete the mission, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 yuan.’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment, wondering why he was hearing hallucinations again.

‘Host, this is not an auditory hallucination, but my voice.’


Zhang Hao quickly looked around.

His eyes swept across the living room, only to find that there was no one there.

‘Host, please introduce yourself. I am the Super Dad System.’

‘From now on, I will randomly assign tasks to you, and you can get various rewards after completing them.’

Zhang Hao patted his head with his hand.

Is there something wrong with your brain?

No, this voice is very real and definitely not an auditory hallucination.


Super daddy system?

Suddenly, Zhang Hao thought that this was the voice that sounded in his mind when he saw the baby for the first time.

Just complete the task and get the reward?

real or fake?


A baby’s cry came from the bedroom.

Zhang Hao suddenly felt distressed when he heard the crying.

Could this be fatherly love?

Is this a family relationship where blood is thicker than water?

At this moment, Su Yuyan’s shy voice sounded.

‘I know you’re outside. Can you change Sanbao’s diaper? I, it’s inconvenient for me.’

‘Uh…here he comes.’

Zhang Hao walked into the bedroom bravely.

He saw Su Yuyan walking to the corner with her back facing him.


The baby’s heartbreaking cry made Zhang Hao stop thinking and quickly stood by the bed.

But looking at the crying baby, I suddenly felt at a loss.

Changing diapers?

How to change?

I haven’t changed it before.

Just when Zhang Hao was in trouble, the system’s voice sounded.

‘Host, don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to change a diaper.’

As the voice fell, a picture emerged in his mind.

It is a video tutorial on changing diapers.

The smart Zhang Hao knew it at a glance, rolled up his sleeves, and changed Sanbao’s diaper very skillfully.

‘Ding Congratulations to the host for completing the task of changing diapers. The 10,000 bonus has been received.’

Master, master, here’s a text message.

The text message alert set by Zhang Hao sounded.

Holy shit! You won’t really be rewarded with 10,000 yuan!

Zhang Hao quickly turned on his cell phone, opened the text message, and was shocked!

‘Your card with the last number 8888 has received 10,000 yuan, and the balance is 19,527.66 yuan.’


It’s true!

So cool!

Seeing the balance of the bank card, Zhang Hao completely believed it.

The Super Dad system is not a lie.

After all…who would be so kind as to transfer 10,000 to himself?

Former friend?

Absolutely not!

Those brothers who did this, after learning that something happened to him, avoided him like a god of plague.

I really answered that sentence Don’t worry about brotherly love, but if something happens, you can’t get through on the phone.

Just then, a gentle voice sounded.

‘Since you took the paternity test, now I believe the baby is yours.’


Zhang Hao nodded solemnly ‘Since the child is my biological child, I will be responsible for the babies.’

After hearing these words, Su Yuyan looked much more relaxed.

The stone in my heart finally fell.

Then, she said a little embarrassedly

‘Actually, I didn’t plan to look for you. After all, it was just an accident a year ago.’

‘If it weren’t for the current financial difficulties, I wouldn’t bother you.’

‘If possible, I hope you can support me financially and don’t worry about other things.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao suddenly became unhappy.

‘What do you mean I don’t have to worry about it? I am the biological father of the child.’

‘From now on, I will be responsible for the baby!’

Although I have no money now, didn’t I just get a magical system?

You only need to complete tasks to get rewards, but are you still worried about not making money?

Just as I was thinking about it, the sound of the system suddenly appeared again.

‘Ding Name the three babies, and you will get a reward of 30,000 yuan for completing the task.’

‘So fast?’

Zhang Hao looked happy.

Unexpectedly, just after completing a task, a new task came.

It’s only been a few minutes.

If we continue at this rate, we can make millions in one day.

In his thoughts, he quickly turned his head to look at Su Yuyan.

‘Have you named the three babies?’

Su Yuyan shook her head ‘Not yet.’

‘Then can I name the baby?’


Su Yuyan agreed directly.

After all, it’s just a name, not a household registration.

If it doesn’t sound good, just replace it.

At this time, Zhang Hao racked his brains to think of a better name.

But as I was thinking about it, I suddenly realized that I had overlooked one thing.

That is, we still don’t know whether the three babies are boys or girls.

The one changing the diaper is a girl, but what about the other two?

So, Zhang Hao asked again.

‘What, the other baby, and the baby you are holding, is it a boy or a girl?’

‘The three of them are all girls. The one I am holding is Dabao, the one on your left is the second treasure, and the one on your right is the third treasure.’


Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly, and he blurted out a sentence directly.

‘So there’s no one with a handle?’