Chapter 82 You can’t break your word!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:50:52 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5887

‘Don’t be afraid, honey, tell me where you are?’

‘I’m renting an apartment at the end of the alley.’

‘Okay, I’ll be there right away. If there’s any danger, just shout loudly! You know what?’

‘Um…they’re here to find you.’

‘Looking for me?’

‘Well, stop talking now. Come over here quickly. I’m afraid.’

‘Good wife!’

Zhang Hao hung up the phone.

Since it’s for you, don’t worry.

At least it won’t hurt my wife.

‘Babies, mommy has encountered a bad guy. How about you and daddy go rescue mommy?’

After saying that, he put the three cute babies into the stroller and pushed them out quickly.

At this time, the three cute babies were dancing happily.

They thought they were going out to play.

And you can see the beautiful mom soon.

Everyone was so happy.

Soon, Zhang Hao walked out of the villa.

Just then, a black Rolls-Royce parked in front of the door.

The driver’s window slowly lowered, revealing a smiling face.

It was Wu Renyao.

He saw Zhang Hao pushing three cute babies out, and asked with a smile ‘Xiao Zhang, are you taking the baby for a walk?’

‘No, I need to go out for a while.’

‘Do you need me to send you off?’


Just when Zhang Hao was about to refuse, he suddenly changed his mind.

Because the car was driven away by Su Yuyan.

If you want to go there, you must take a taxi.

Thinking that it would be inconvenient to take a taxi with a baby, I decided to take a ride.

‘Okay, then I’ll bother my uncle and just send us to Chenghua Avenue.’

‘Get in the car.’


Zhang Hao first put the three cute babies in the back seat, and then put the stroller into the trunk.

Sit in the back and hold the three babies on your lap.

‘Uncle, let’s drive.’

‘Well, I’ll drive slowly.’

Wu Renyao drove forward slowly.

Looking at Zhang Hao through the rearview mirror, the smile on his face grew stronger.

‘Xiao Zhang, my uncle wants to discuss something with you.’

‘You’re talking about the secret recipe.’

‘Yes, can I buy ten secret recipes? Ten will do,’


Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

I thought Wu Renyao persuaded me to buy shares with the secret recipe, but I didn’t expect to buy ten secret recipes.

Not to mention ten, not one can be sold.

Because there is a stipulation in the contract that it cannot be sold to anyone.

‘Xiao Zhang, as long as you agree, you can decide the price, even 100,000 each.’

‘Uncle, I’m really sorry, because I signed a contract and the secret recipe cannot be sold to anyone.’

‘That’s easy to say. If you feel embarrassed, I’ll call Qiangzi.’

After finishing speaking, Wu Renyao picked up the phone.

Zhang Hao frowned slightly.

Because he knew that Liu Huaqiang was definitely not willing to sell it.

But if he doesn’t sell it, he will offend people.

Thinking of this, Zhang Hao made a decision.

‘Don’t hit me uncle, I’ll give you ten secret recipes.’


‘I’ll give you ten secret recipes.’

‘Send it to me? Really or fake?’

‘Of course it’s true. You are an elder, how could I lie to you.’

‘Then send it to me, now.’

‘Uh… OK.’

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone, added Wu Renyao’s WeChat account, edited ten secret recipes and sent them.

Wu Renyao was excited when he saw the secret recipe.

‘That’s right. Let’s focus on these ten dishes tonight and see how they turn out.’

After saying that, he took out a bank card from his bag and handed it to the back.

‘Xiao Zhang, take this card. There is 200,000 in it. I’ll call you 800,000 later.’

‘No, no, no, I can’t take this money.’

‘What? Do you look down on your uncle?’

‘No, because the contract stipulates that it cannot be sold, but it does not stipulate that it cannot be given away. If I take the money, it will be equivalent to selling it. You can’t break your promise!’


Wu Renyao smiled and nodded.

Since Zhang Hao doesn’t want money, let’s compensate him in another way.

At this time, Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone.

Opened WeChat and sent a message to Liu Huaqiang.

‘I gave Boss Wu ten secret recipes, and you can deduct 500,000 yuan from me as compensation.’


As soon as the message was sent, I received a reply immediately.

‘Brother, you are out of touch when you say that.’

‘You are the major shareholder, and the decision is in your hands.’

‘Don’t say ten, twenty is fine.’

‘I have to say that you are better off with your brain. In this way, your uncle will not bother you anymore.’

‘But having said that, I can only give it to your uncle, not anyone else.’

Zhang Hao smiled.

‘Don’t worry, it’s just this time.’


A few minutes later.

The car stopped at the intersection of Chenghua Avenue.

‘Uncle, I’m here, just stop here.’

‘Okay, then I’ll go to the hotel. If you have any questions, call me.’


Zhang Hao opened the door and got out of the car.

Take out the stroller from the trunk and put the three cute babies inside.

After waving goodbye to Wu Renyao, he walked forward quickly pushing the stroller.

The three cute babies looked around and looked at this novel world with their big, clear eyes.

Suddenly, Zhang Hao stopped.

I saw only the roadside not far away.

Su Yuyan stood by the wall with an uneasy expression.

Two men stood in front of her with lewd smiles on their faces.

‘Little girl, please add me on WeChat.’

‘Beauty, your husband must not dare to come. Why don’t you go with me? I’ll treat you to a lollipop.’

Seeing this scene, Zhang Hao’s face turned terrifyingly cold.

‘Be good, babies. Daddy goes to find mommy and will be back soon.’

After saying that, he ran over as fast as he could.

When he was three meters away from the two men, he jumped up.

He looked at a man’s waist and kicked him.



The kicked man fell heavily to the ground and slid five or six meters away from the ground.

The moment Zhang Hao landed, he slapped another man in the face.


The crisp sound is like a cannon.

The man was slapped so hard that stars appeared in his eyes and he sat down on the ground.

Zhang Hao came to Su Yuyan.

‘Honey, are you okay?’


The frightened Su Yuyan threw herself directly into Zhang Hao’s arms.

She has never experienced anything like this.

If Zhang Hao didn’t show up again, he would probably be so scared that his legs would become weak and he would sit on the ground.

Zhang Hao frowned and patted Su Yuyan’s back gently.

‘I’m sorry, wife. It’s all my fault for frightening you.’


At this moment, the door of a van not far away opened.

Three men jumped out of the car and rushed over with baseball bats in their hands.

Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw this.

‘Honey, you go find the babies first, and leave this to me.’

Su Yuyan also noticed the three men holding instruments, and she suddenly became even more frightened.

‘Husband, why don’t you call the police?’

‘It’s okay, I can handle it.’

‘Okay, then be careful.’

Su Yuyan first took her mobile phone from the fallen man, then ran towards the babies and called the police at the same time.

‘Police? There are five gangsters beating my husband at the intersection of Chenghua Avenue.’

‘Don’t worry, miss. I’ll contact the nearby patrol police immediately.’

‘Please hurry up.’

After saying this, Su Yuyan looked at Zhang Hao very worriedly.

But when she saw it, she was suddenly stunned.

‘Well…you don’t need to send anyone here.’