Chapter 81 Wife, I support you

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:50:41 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6696

‘Host, there are only two days left for the task of sleeping with the baby.’

‘If the mission fails, there will be a fine of 300,000!’

Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

Oops, how could I forget this?

I have to say, this system is too cheating.

Other people’s systems reward luxury cars and mansions, and the bonuses can easily reach tens of millions.

But what about your own system? If you fail to complete the task, you will be fined!

What’s even more outrageous is that he encourages himself to purchase skills in installments.

It’s okay not to use this system!

‘Ding It is detected that the host no longer wants the system, turn on the self-destruction mode, countdown 3, 2…’

‘No, I was joking.’

‘I was joking too.’


Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Su Yuyan.

‘Honey, are you asleep?’


‘Huh? Sleeping with your eyes open?’

‘You just opened your eyes to sleep, I took off my clothes, what are you doing?’

‘Can I sleep with the babies overnight?’

‘No, I have to feed the baby at night.’

‘It’s okay, let me feed you.’

‘do you have?’

‘Um…I have milk powder.’

‘Humph, I’m too lazy to care about you, good night!’

Zhang Hao looked helpless.

Forget it, since my wife is sleepy, let her sleep.

Anyway, there is still one day left.

I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

The night passed as I closed and opened my eyes.

Zhang Hao had a dream.

I dreamed that I made a lot of money by cooperating with Wu Renyao.

Then in less than half a year, he earned 100 million and married Su Yuyan.

But what is depressing is that he suddenly woke up during the bridal chamber.

That kind of uncomfortable feeling cannot be experienced by ordinary people.

‘You must work hard to make money next! Let your dreams come true!’

Zhang Hao swore secretly!

Boom, boom, boom.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

What’s your wife doing here so early?

Could it be that the babies are crying?

Thinking of this, I quickly got out of bed and came to the door.

Opening the door, a beautiful figure came into view.

‘You wake up and come out to eat…’

Before he finished speaking, his voice stopped abruptly.

Su Yuyan suddenly blushed and ran away.

‘what’s the situation?’

Zhang Hao looked puzzled.

Just then, he felt something.

When I looked down, I felt extremely embarrassed.

‘Sigh, it’s all because of that dream!’

A few minutes later.

Zhang Hao walked out of the bedroom again.

When he reached the living room, he suddenly stopped.

‘smell good.’

Zhang Hao sniffed his nose.

Looking sideways at the dining table not far away, there was breakfast on the table.

White steamed buns, millet porridge, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, shredded green peppers and potatoes.

Instantly, Zhang Hao felt warm in his heart.

Unexpectedly, Su Yuyan had prepared breakfast.

This is the second person besides his mother to make breakfast for him.

And my wife did it.

It sure tastes great.

In his thoughts, he came to the door of Su Yuyan’s bedroom.

Boom, boom, boom.

Zhang Hao gently knocked on the door three times.

After a moment of silence, a gentle voice sounded.

‘Please come in.’

Zhang Hao pushed the door open and entered.

I saw Su Yuyan sitting by the bed, her face still a little red.

And the three cute babies were sleeping soundly on the bed.

‘Honey, I didn’t expect you to prepare breakfast. Thank you for your hard work.’

‘It should.’

Su Yuyan’s expression was very unnatural.

A picture lingered in her mind.

Zhang Hao smiled and said ‘Honey, I will make breakfast from now on, you only need to take care of the baby.’

Just as I finished speaking, an idea suddenly occurred to me.

Now that you have money, why should you let your wife take a job?

How great is it to be a stay-at-home mom?

In this way, babies can fully enjoy maternal and paternal love.

At the same time, it can also bring the relationship between himself and Su Yuyan closer.

Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds?

‘Honey, don’t go to work anymore. I’ll support you.’


Su Yuyan refused without thinking.


‘Because I want to make my own money, and I can’t always spend your money.’

‘Say that again! You are my wife, and what’s mine is yours.’

‘That’s not OK!’

‘All right.’

Seeing Su Yuyan’s firm attitude, Zhang Hao had no choice but to agree temporarily.

I didn’t expect that she was still a strong woman.

Unlike some women who do nothing all day long and only spend their husband’s money.

And he was so confident, as if he owed it to her all his life.

‘Honey, the babies haven’t woken up yet, let’s go eat.’

‘You go ahead, the babies should wake up soon.’

‘You go ahead, I’ll watch the baby.’

‘Go, I’ll call you when the baby wakes up, and you can make milk powder for the baby.’

‘That’s okay.’

Zhang Hao stopped refusing and agreed directly.

Before walking out of the bedroom, put the milk powder into the bottle.

In this case, when the baby wakes up, there will be no need to rush around.

When I came to the dining table and looked at the breakfast prepared by my wife, I was very moved.

But after taking a bite of the food, he suddenly frowned.

‘Mmm~ It’s delicious. This is the taste of love.’


Just when Zhang Hao was halfway through his meal, the baby’s cry came.

I quickly ran into the bedroom and found that all three babies were awake.

Needless to say, one baby must have cried and woke up the other two babies.

Seeing Su Yuyan changing diapers for the babies, she immediately started making milk powder.

After a while, the three cute babies who drank the milk became quiet.

Holding the bottle with her little hands, she sucked the fragrant milk in big mouthfuls.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Hao had a doting smile on his face.

These three cute babies are getting cuter and cuter as they look at them.

At this time, Su Yuyan’s voice sounded.

‘Husband, you can watch the baby later while I go out for a while.’

‘Where to go?’

‘Go to the rented house and ask the landlord to refund the rent and deposit.’

‘I’ll go.’

‘No, I need to buy something on the way.’

‘Can I buy it for you?’



‘There’s no reason, it just doesn’t work!’

‘All right.’

Unable to resist, Zhang Hao had no choice but to agree.

But I was a little curious, what exactly was it?

Soon, the three adorable babies finished the milk.

Just put the bottle aside, just like three little rabbits, chasing and playing on the bed, giggling.

Zhang Hao grinned.

These three little guys are so cute, they are simply three little angels sent by God.

‘Honey, you go eat, I’ll look after the baby.’

‘Well, I’ll eat quickly.’

‘It’s okay, don’t worry.’

After finishing her words, she saw Su Yuyan walking out of the bedroom and sitting on the edge of the bed looking at the baby.

However, within a few minutes, Su Yuyan came back.

Zhang Hao looked surprised.

‘Honey, are you full so quickly?’

‘It’s not fast. The fastest time is less than a minute.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly.

He used to think that taking care of a baby was a very easy task.

But after personal experience, I found that it was not easy, and could even be described as physically and mentally exhausted.

But although I am very tired, I am very happy.

Seeing a lively and cute baby makes it worth it no matter how hard it is.

In the midst of emotion, Su Yuyan’s voice sounded.

‘Husband, you can take care of the kids at home, I’ll go out for a while.’

‘Go ahead.’

‘Where are the car keys? I’ll drive there and I can come back early.’

‘Huh? Can you still drive?’

‘What? Do you look down on female drivers?’

‘No, I just didn’t expect you to drive. The keys are on the sofa.’

‘Well, I’m leaving then.’

‘be careful on the road!’

‘Know it.’

Seeing Su Yuyan walking out of the bedroom, Zhang Hao played with the baby on horseback.

Ten minutes later.

Jingle Bell.

While Zhang Hao was having a great time playing with the babies, his cell phone suddenly rang.

I took it out and saw that it was a call from Su Yuyan.

‘Holy crap! It couldn’t have been a car crash!’

Zhang Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

It’s okay if the car breaks down, don’t hit your wife.

Worried, he quickly answered the call.

An anxious voice sounded.

‘Husband, I met some gangsters and they stopped me and refused to let me go.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao suddenly became furious!