Chapter 74 Don’t move!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:49:18 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6050

‘Yes! Let’s call it Xinxin Hotel!’

‘Xinxin Hotel?’

Liu Huaqiang frowned in thought.

The next moment, a smile of admiration appeared on his face.

‘Yes, there are six golden characters in it, and you will definitely make a fortune! That’s it!’

‘My brother is still educated and has a lot of ink in his belly.’

‘But I didn’t even graduate from high school. I really regret not studying for a few more years.’

‘Compared to you, I’m just a bigot, so I’m ashamed.’

The corners of Zhang Hao’s mouth raised slightly.

In fact, this name is named after Dabao.


Suddenly, Dabao hummed in grievance.

Then, he curled his lips and started to cry loudly.

‘Let’s not talk anymore, hang up.’

Zhang Hao quickly hung up the phone.

Just when I was wondering why Dabao was crying when he was fine, he suddenly felt that the diaper was heavy.

I looked down and saw that I had peed.

‘Honey, please comfort Dabao, and I’ll go to the car to get diapers.’


‘If the baby doesn’t cry, let the mother hold it.’

Zhang Hao handed the Dabao to Su Yuyan, turned around and ran out of the bedroom.

In less than a minute, he turned back again, holding three boxes in his hands.

In the big box below are Su Yuyan’s clothes.

Inside the two small boxes above are the baby’s milk powder, diapers and clothes.

Seeing Su Yuyan wiping Dabao’s butt, she took out a diaper and handed it over.

Su Yuyan sighed slightly.

Knowing that Zhang Hao had a grudge in his heart, he was embarrassed to change his daughter’s diaper.

But the baby is just over seven months old, so what should I worry about?

‘You are the baby’s biological father. Why are you embarrassed? If I’m not here, you won’t change the baby’s diapers?’


Zhang Hao looked like he was hesitating to speak.

Although she is indeed her biological daughter, she always feels weird when changing diapers.

So as long as Su Yuyan or the nanny was around, they would not change the baby’s diapers.

Even if I change, I still close my eyes.

In his thoughts, he took out a square box directly from his pocket.

‘Honey, this is a gift for you.’


Su Yuyan, who was changing her diaper, looked sideways.

See the square box and know what’s inside.

It must be the bracelet worth 120,000.

‘I don’t……’

‘No, no? It’s just a bracelet, take it.’

Zhang Hao forced himself directly into Su Yuyan’s arms.

And when he spoke, he felt very tough.

This kind of confidence comes from money.

It feels good to have money~

When I was relieved, I saw the boxes beside me and started to organize them.

First sort out your baby’s milk powder, diapers and clothes.

Then there are Su Yuyan’s clothes.

‘do not move!’

Suddenly, Su Yuyan’s urgent voice sounded.

‘What’s wrong?’

Zhang Hao immediately stopped moving.

At this time, he was holding a pair of stockings in his hand, and Su Yuyan snatched them away.

‘Why did you take all my clothes?’

‘That way you don’t have to clean it up anymore.’

‘You, you took it with your hands?’

‘Of course, why not use your feet? It’s not hot.’


Su Yuyan’s face turned red.

Because in addition to clothes, there are also underwear in the box.

Zhang Hao touched his underwear with his hand, wouldn’t that be…

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan’s face turned even redder.

‘Don’t touch my clothes from now on.’

After saying that, he quickly packed his clothes.

Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, looking depressed.


It seems that the relationship with my wife is not deep enough.

She was embarrassed even to take her clothes.

No, we must find a way to continue to deepen it.

Jingle Bell.

Su Yuyan’s cell phone rang on the bed.

When she followed the sound, she saw Zhang Hao picking up his mobile phone.

‘Whose phone number?’

‘Fuck you.’


Su Yuyan frowned slightly.

Why does this sentence sound so awkward?

‘give it to me.’

Su Yuyan took the cell phone and answered the call.

Jingle Bell.

At this moment, Zhang Hao’s cell phone rang.

He took it out of his pocket and saw that it was a call from Zhao Yong.

‘Mouse, we’re at the gate of your community. Come out and pick us up.’

‘Shall I go? How do you know where I live?’

‘Of course it was what my sister-in-law said last time she was drinking.’

‘Oh~ What are you doing with me?’

‘Of course I’m looking after the baby, why don’t I look after you too?’

As soon as he finished speaking, a strong and sinister laugh came.

‘Hey~ I’m here to see my sister-in-law.’

Zhang Hao ‘Get out! I’m moving.’

‘Moving? Where?’

‘Mansion No. 1.’

‘I don’t know. Just send me your location and we’ll go find you.’


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Hao posted a location in the group.

The next moment, the group became lively.

Zhao Yong ‘Woman! Have you moved to a villa? Is it true?’

Da Zhuang ‘Brother Hao, your positioning is just a fool’s errand!’

Shaohua ‘Brother Hao, we didn’t lie to you. It’s really at the gate of your community. If you don’t believe me, I’ll take a picture for you.’

Then, Shaohua took a photo of the entrance of the community and sent it to the group.

Zhang Hao didn’t say anything, but also took a photo of the villa and sent it to the group.

Zhao Yong ‘Wucao, you really live in a villa!’

Da Zhuang ‘Brother Hao, are your parents back?’

Zhang Hao ‘Stop talking nonsense, come here quickly.’

Zhao Yong ‘Okay, let’s go there right away.’

Zhang Hao ‘To be honest, why did you suddenly think of looking for me? Is something wrong?’

Zhao Yong ‘Didn’t I say that? Go and see the three little mice.’

Da Zhuang ‘The meal time doesn’t count, this time it’s official.’

Shaohua ‘Brother Hao, I envy you so much. You have become a father, but we don’t even have a girlfriend.’

Zhang Hao smiled ‘You have to work hard, my children will be clingy, and your children will only be clingy.’

‘Depend on!’

‘Depend on!’

‘Depend on!’

Zhang Hao put his phone aside.

Seeing Su Yuyan hang up the phone, she smiled and asked, ‘Why is our mother calling?’

Su Yuyan’s expression changed slightly ‘It’s okay, my mother said to spend more time with my aunt.’

‘Oh, what does your aunt do? She looks very rich.’

When I met Su Yuyan’s aunt, I noticed that she was wearing an jade pendant around her neck.

With his treasure appraisal skills, he could tell at a glance that it was grown from imperial green glass.

Worth at least five to six hundred thousand.

Anyone who can wear a luxury car around his neck must be a wealthy person.

‘My aunt’s family owns a hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel, which belongs to my aunt’s husband.’

‘No wonder.’

Zhang Hao smiled and nodded.

Shangri-La Hotel is a five-star hotel.

In terms of quality, it is definitely among the top ten in Haicheng.

At this time, Su Yuyan asked

‘Who were you chatting with just now? Is anyone coming? You said sticky hands, what are you talking about?’

Zhang Hao’s expression stiffened for a moment, then he smiled and said, ‘It’s nothing, it’s my roommates. They said they wanted to come see the baby.’

‘Oh, it’s already afternoon. Are they having dinner here?’

‘Probably not.’

‘If they are here, you can accompany them, and I will take the babies to my aunt’s house.’

‘It’s okay, don’t worry about those idiots, let’s go to my aunt’s house together in the evening.’


Su Yuyan nodded slightly and started playing with the baby.

Jingle Bell.

After a while, Zhang Hao’s cell phone rang.

I thought it was a call from Zhao Yong.

But when I took out my phone, I saw it was an unfamiliar number.


‘Hello, are you Mr. Zhang?’

‘I am, who are you?’