Chapter 73 Ritian Hotel?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:49:06 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5876

A few minutes later.

Zhang Hao drove to Biguiyuan Community.

Walking into the room and scanning the familiar environment, I felt suddenly reluctant to leave.

This is where you meet your baby for the first time.

It was also the place where Su Yuyan lived together.

Although it only lasted a few days, the memory is unforgettable and will never be forgotten in this life.

If Su Yuyan were here, she would definitely be even more reluctant to part with her.

In my thoughts, I started to sort out the baby’s milk powder, diapers and clothes.

‘By the way, there are also my wife’s clothes.’

‘Take it back together so she doesn’t have to come over to clean it up.’

Zhang Hao came to the closet.

When I opened it, I saw clothes arranged neatly.

Dress, T-shirt, shorts, black silk, bra and panties…

A familiar orchid fragrance hits my nostrils.

Suddenly, Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

‘Strange, where are the two pairs of LV clothes I bought for my wife? Why aren’t they there?’

‘Damn! You can’t really quit!’

Because after buying the clothes, Su Yuyan had never worn them.

She even didn’t wear it when attending her grandfather’s birthday party.

Thinking of this, she realized that Su Yuyan must have returned her clothes.

Then, she took out her mobile phone and contacted Su Yuyan.

‘Honey, here are the clothes I bought for you!’

‘Clothes? I put them in the closet.’

‘Nonsense! There’s nothing in the closet.’

‘Why are you opening my closet? It’s all my personal belongings. You…’

‘Don’t interrupt, where are the clothes? Are they returned?’

‘No, I didn’t return it. Oh~ I remembered, I took it to the dry cleaners.’

‘You haven’t worn it even once, why did you take it to the dry cleaners?’

‘Of course new clothes must be washed before wearing them. Do you always wear your new clothes directly?’


Zhang Hao suddenly fell silent.

When he buys new clothes, he wears them directly.

And the ones I bought are all in stain-resistant black color.

I wear them every seven or eight days and only change them once.

‘Okay, I’ll trust you for now. If I find out you’ve quit, see how I deal with you! Hang up.’

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Hao continued to pack his clothes.

On the other side, Su Yuyan, who was breastfeeding Dabao, panicked.

what to do?

He was discovered by Zhang Hao!

Damn it, it’s already the second day, why hasn’t Pinduoduo’s express delivery arrived yet?

‘Yuyan, what’s wrong with you?’

A gentle voice sounded.

The person who spoke was a graceful and noble woman.

That is, Su Yuyan’s aunt Xia Yumei.

She was making the second and third treasure happy, her face full of affection.

Su Yuyan said with a smile ‘It’s okay, auntie.’

‘It’s okay. You three babies are so cute.’

As he spoke, he scratched Erbao’s little nose with his hand, making Erbao giggle.

Xia Yumei also laughed.

However, the next moment, his expression became helpless.

‘Yu Yan, it’s true that your mother didn’t come to take care of you even if she knew you had a baby.’

‘Needless to say, your father must have refused to let her come.’

‘Your father, a hard-hearted guy, is so cruel to his own daughter.’

‘Auntie speaks outright, don’t mind.’

‘But having said that, we are all a family, what obstacles can we have to overcome?’

‘When I see your dad, I have to talk to him.’

‘Anyway, if you find a good husband, you won’t suffer anymore.’

Xia Yumei said a lot in one breath.

Su Yuyan listened quietly.

Although there were thousands of thoughts in his mind, he did not express his thoughts in front of the elders.

‘Yu Yan.’

Xia Yumei spoke again.

‘We live so close. If you have anything to do in the future, just tell your aunt and she will definitely help.’

‘I know, Auntie.’

‘When I have nothing to do, I often come over to see the babies. These three babies are so cute and lovable.’

After saying this, Xia Yumei began to tease Sanbao and scratched Sanbao’s belly with her hands.


The amused Sanbao laughed, his little arms and legs swinging wildly.

Su Yuyan raised the corners of her mouth slightly, with a smile on her face.

Suddenly, I felt that the first baby stopped eating, so I switched to the second baby and continued breastfeeding.

A few minutes later.

‘Honey, I’m back.’

Arrive before anyone arrives.

Zhang Hao’s voice came from outside the door.

Su Yuyan, who was breastfeeding Sanbao, pulled down her clothes to cover up the white snow.

At this time, Zhang Hao walked into the bedroom.

Seeing that besides his wife and baby there is also a woman with a noble temperament, he immediately smiled and said hello.

‘Hello, aunt.’

‘You must be Xiao Hao. No wonder the babies are so beautiful. It turns out they have inherited your genes.’

Zhang Hao smiled even more when he was praised.

‘Haha, auntie, thank you. You are very elegant and beautiful.’

‘Hey~ This young man is really good at talking. My aunt likes it. I live in Villa No. 10. We will be neighbors from now on. When we have nothing to do, I and Yuyan will come over with the baby to play.’

‘Okay, auntie.’

‘Okay, I won’t disturb you young couple. By the way, let’s have a meal together at home tonight.’

Zhang Hao did not respond immediately, but looked at Su Yuyan.

After all, this is her relative.

Seeing Su Yuyan nodding, she agreed with a smile.

‘Okay, auntie, I won’t bother you until then.’

‘It’s just a family thing. That’s all. I’m leaving first.’

Xia Yumei smiled at Su Yuyan and walked out.

Zhang Hao went out to see him off out of courtesy.

After coming back, he asked Su Yuyan directly

‘Honey, tell me the truth, are you going to return the clothes or not?’

‘Didn’t I tell you to send it to the dry cleaners?’

‘Okay, if you return it, I will buy it again, five sets!’

‘believe it or not.’

Su Yuyan looked confident.

Although the quality of fake products bought from Pinduoduo is very different from the genuine products.

If Zhang Hao sees it, he will say that it has been ruined. What can he do?

Hee hee, I’m so smart.

Zhang Hao, who was completely unaware, came to the bedside and directly picked up Dabao and Erbao.

‘Xinxin, Miaomiao, do you miss your father?’

‘Come, daddy will take you on a plane.’


Jingle Bell.

Just as Zhang Hao and the baby were having a great time playing, the phone suddenly rang.

I took it out and saw that it was a call from Liu Huaqiang.

“Brother, what’s a good name for our new hotel?”

‘It’s okay, you can figure it out.’

‘That won’t work. The hotel owns 70% of your shares and uses your secret recipes. You are the big boss and you decide.’

‘I do not mind.’

‘I actually thought of a name. It’s named after you. It’s absolutely resounding!’

‘my name?’

‘Well, isn’t your name Zhang Hao? Just use the word Hao and you can call it Ritian Hotel!’


Zhang Hao suddenly became ashamed.

Fortunately, I haven’t eaten now, otherwise I would have to squirt it out in one mouthful.

‘Can’t you think of a more normal name? Why don’t you go to Ritian Hotel?’

‘Sigh, but I am uneducated and can travel around the world on my own, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you.’

Zhang Hao was speechless.

Suddenly, Dabao’s childish voice sounded.



Zhang Hao looked at Dabao with a smile.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in my mind, and I thought of a perfect name!