Chapter 53 Where did the bite end?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:45:10 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6316

At this time, Su Yuyan was breastfeeding Dabao in the bedroom.

She returned to the bedroom ten minutes after Zhang Hao started broadcasting.

Because the questions asked by the audience in the live broadcast room were too silly, they were afraid that they would teach the baby bad things.

‘Honey, guess how much I sold it for!’

Zhang Hao ran in with excitement on his face.

The next second, he suddenly froze.

What a white ball!

Although it was just a glimpse, it was very clear.

Su Yuyan quickly pulled down her clothes and covered Dabao’s head.

Then, her pretty eyebrows frowned.

‘Can you knock on the door first next time you come in?’

‘Honey, I sold 59,527! Based on a 30% commission, I earned 17,858!’

In order to avoid embarrassment, Zhang Hao directly answered the question.

‘so much!’

Su Yuyan opened her mouth in surprise.

After all, this is Zhang Hao’s first live broadcast.

I thought it would be great if it sold for a few thousand yuan, but I didn’t expect it to sell for fifty-nine thousand yuan! The commission is more than 17,000!

Seventeen thousand! I have to work for three months to earn so much money!

Seeing his wife’s surprised look, Zhang Hao smiled even happier.

‘Honey, this is just a commission, not counting the gifts received. The gifts you received are almost five thousand. Even if the platform takes half of it, it’s still two thousand and five thousand.’

Su Yuyan was stunned again.

No wonder so many people want to be internet celebrities, it’s so easy to make money.

The income from just one live broadcast is more than what the average person would earn from working so hard for half a year.

Who would want to go to work like this?

Everyone is trying to become an internet celebrity.

Just as Su Yuyan was sighing, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest.


Su Yuyan gasped in pain.

Then, she reached out and slapped Dabao’s little butt.



Dabao howled and cried after being beaten.

Zhang Hao felt heartbroken when he saw this.

‘Wife, Dabao is fine, why are you beating her?’

Su Yuyan’s red lips parted slightly, as if she wanted to speak but was hesitant.

However, at this moment, Dabao, who was crying hard, broke out of his clothes.

Zhang Hao was suddenly stunned.


I saw it again, and more clearly than before.


Su Yuyan screamed and quickly pulled off her clothes without even looking.

But just when he looked at Zhang Hao angrily and was about to yell at him to get out, he suddenly frowned.

I saw Zhang Hao had a nosebleed again.

And this time both nostrils were bleeding.

Two streams of blood flowed down the chin and onto the ground, making a ticking sound.

‘You’ve got a nosebleed and you’re still looking at it. Why don’t you wipe it quickly?’


Zhang Hao reacted and quickly wiped it with paper.

And the shocking eye-catching scene just now lingers in my mind for a long time.

At this time, Su Yuyan asked ‘Why do you always have nosebleeds? This is the second time today. Are you sick?’

‘No, it’s because the fire power in the body is too strong.’

Zhang Hao explained with a wry smile.

I didn’t want to have a nosebleed, but seeing the scene that made my blood boil, the nosebleed started on its own.

I can’t help it, who made my wife too beautiful?

Jingle Bell.

A pleasant ringtone rang from Zhang Hao’s pocket.

Zhang Hao blocked both nostrils with toilet paper, took out his mobile phone and saw that it was Boss Sun’s call.

Answering the phone, there was a happy voice.

‘Zhang Hao, you are so awesome. You sold 60,000 yuan of goods in your first live broadcast! You sold more than some Internet celebrities!’

‘It’s quite impressive. I didn’t expect it to sell so many.’

‘You can be said to have achieved victory this time. You must follow up the victory and continue to sell goods through live broadcast at night.’

‘Yes, but can you change the product? Don’t sell women’s underwear and sanitary napkins, it’s so embarrassing.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s definitely not underwear and sanitary napkins. I’ll send the products to you in the afternoon.’


Toot toot.

call ended.

Zhang Hao smiled.

As long as you don’t sell women’s underwear and sanitary napkins, you can sell anything else.

Earning 20,000 in two hours, twice a day is 40,000.

1.2 million a month.

In half a year… only 7.2 million?

It is still far from the small goal of 100 million.

It seems that we can’t just rely on live broadcasts to make money, we must find other ways.


Dabao’s cry interrupted Zhang Hao’s thoughts.

No matter how much Su Yuyan coaxed her, Dabao still kept crying, so he walked over.

‘Honey, let me coax you.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly, glanced at Dabao with a frown, and handed it directly to Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao hugged Dabao and coaxed him while gently rocking him from side to side.

‘Baby, don’t cry. Daddy is holding it and will give you a lollipop later.’


Although Dabao stopped crying, he was still humming.

Those big, aggrieved eyes with tear stains are really heartbreaking.

Zhang Hao looked at Su Yuyan and asked, ‘Honey, the baby ate well just now, why did you hit her?’

Su Yuyan bit her lip.

Although it was hard to talk about that incident, Zhang Hao seemed a little unhappy because he felt sorry for the baby, so he told the reason.

‘Because she bit me.’

‘Bite you? Then you can’t hit the baby. She’s so small and a bite won’t hurt. Why don’t you bite me too.’


Su Yuyan was speechless for a moment.

Although the reason was told, it was obvious that Zhang Hao did not understand.

Isn’t he quite smart? Why are you so stupid now?

Seeing that Su Yuyan was silent, Zhang Hao thought that she had been wronged and began to comfort her.

After all, you can’t neglect your wife for the sake of the baby.

‘Okay, honey, don’t be angry. After all, the baby is still young. Let me see where the baby bit you?’

Upon hearing this, Su Yuyan immediately went crazy.


Is Zhang Hao really stupid or pretending to be stupid?

Doesn’t he know where to bite the baby when feeding?

Even if you haven’t fed it before, you can still think of it with your thumb.

Zhang Hao continued ‘Why are you silent again? Let me see if the bite is broken? Do you need a band-aid?’

Su Yuyan scowled ‘Are you stupid?’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

Suddenly, he realized something and laughed in relief.

‘Oh, it turns out that’s where the bite came from.’

‘do not talk!’

Although Zhang Hao understood, Su Yuyan was not happy.

The afternoon passed quickly, and it was evening in a blink of an eye.

The three cute babies were sleeping side by side on the bed, with the corners of their mouths slightly raised from time to time, very comfortable.

Su Yuyan sat on the left side of the baby, and Zhang Hao lay on the right side of the baby.

Although I spent most of the afternoon playing with my phone silently and not saying a few words, I didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

After these few days of getting along, the relationship between the two gradually became harmonious.

Boom, boom, boom.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

‘I’ll open the door.’

Zhang Hao got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom.

Su Yuyan looked towards the door, wondering who it could be?


Zhang Hao opened the door and saw that it was JD’s courier.

‘Hello, Mr. Zhang’s express delivery.’

‘I am.’

Zhang Hao signed for the express delivery and looked at the order. It was from Boss Sun.

Needless to say, it must be the product sold during the live broadcast at night.

And certainly not women’s underwear and sanitary napkins.

In his thoughts, Zhang Hao opened the carton.

When I saw the two products inside, I immediately had the urge to throw them out the window!

‘Damn! It’s not as good as women’s underwear and sanitary napkins!’