Chapter 52 Sand Sculpture Gathering Place

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:40:51 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5933

‘I thought it was a rag, but it turned out to be women’s underwear!’

‘What a big old man, he actually sells women’s underwear, what a pervert!’

‘You have touched your underwear, who dares to sell them?’

‘Are all handsome people so abnormal?’

‘Ah! It really blinded my 24K titanium eyes!’

Seeing these offensive barrages, Zhang Hao was extremely embarrassed.

This is the requirement of the merchant, and I am really helpless.

Suddenly, two tendons in my mind came together and I thought of a countermeasure.

At this time, Zhang Hao’s expression became sad.

‘Because my family is in a difficult situation, I just want to make money for milk powder for my babies, so I sell goods live. I hope everyone understands that if you like it, just buy it from the little yellow cart. If you don’t like it, don’t insult people. I will be very sad. ‘

Upon hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room felt very sympathetic.

‘That’s it. I’m really sorry.’

‘It’s not easy being an anchor. I’ll buy two.’

‘If I buy three, I’ll treat it like buying milk powder for my baby.’

‘I’ll buy one too, is it one with black lace?’

‘Is there any white one?’

‘Although I’m a man, I can buy them as gifts for my girlfriend. I’ll get two 3XL ones.’

‘Anchor, I’m here to see the baby. Didn’t you say the baby is on the side? Come over and let us take a look.’

‘Yes, I only pay attention to you because of the three cute babies.’

Seeing that the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was much more relaxed, Zhang Hao smiled.

‘You can choose the model and color at the Little Yellow Cart. They are all standard sizes. The babies will come right away.’

After finishing his words, he looked at Su Yuyan and signaled.

Su Yuyan refused in her heart.

But seeing Zhang Hao working so hard, he pushed the baby to Zhang Hao’s side.

‘Come on, babies, say hello to the brothers and sisters in the live broadcast room.’

Su Yuyan held the babies’ little arms and waved.



The three cute babies let out childish laughter.

At this moment, the live broadcast room exploded.

‘Oh my God! They are actually triplets. See you soon!’

‘I thought the triplets were P’s, but I didn’t expect it to be true!’

‘Wow, the three babies are so cute, they melt my heart.’

‘The baby is cute and the mother is also very beautiful. She looks like a big star.’

‘Brother, is your wife married?’

‘Anchor, your wife is so beautiful, I want to make friends with you.’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly ‘We are all civilized people. Please be careful with your words. If you have any questions about the product, I can answer them. If you have any objectionable words, just ignore them.’

‘Handsome guy, what are your underwear made of? Are they fireproof?’

‘It’s pure cotton…’

The sound stopped suddenly.

Zhang Hao was stunned.

Fireproof? Whose underwear is fireproof?

Is this a joke sent by the monkey?

‘My friend, please consult me carefully. Have you ever seen fire-proof underwear? Or do you like to play with candles?’

After I finished speaking, I saw an audience member asking a question.

‘Anchor, I’m relatively poor. Do you have any second-hand underwear?’


Zhang Hao raised his eyebrows and glared.

What kind of talents are these? You can ask this kind of question!

‘Brother, our underwear is all brand new, not second-hand.’

‘Brother, has your sister-in-law worn it?’

‘Are you really sick?’

Zhang Hao breathed out fragrance in anger.

But at this moment, he suddenly froze.

I saw that the frequency of barrage refreshes was faster, and they were all awesome 666, hahaha, what a weird thing!

Not only that, some small gifts were also bought, such as lollipops x 10, beer x 20, fireworks, confession balloons, rockets, etc.

The number of viewers in the live broadcast room also increased from more than 1,000 to more than 10,000.

Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

Unexpectedly, the live broadcast room suddenly became popular because of those weird questions.

It’s hard to say.

Zhang Hao laughed after getting the traffic password.

‘Brother, if my sister-in-law has worn it, do you want me to wear it? I’ll give it to you for free.’

‘Haha, the anchor is awesome!’

‘Anchor, my girlfriend weighs 400 pounds. What type of clothing does she wear?’

Zhang Hao ‘Dear, I suggest you buy three pairs and then change them to one big one, so that you and your girlfriend can wear them together.’

‘Anchor, my girlfriend is celebrating her 60th birthday. Which one is more suitable for her?’

Zhang Hao ‘No need to give it away. If you buy it, you can wear it yourself. It will be very exciting at night.’

‘Shadow anchor, I don’t have a mask anymore. Can I buy one to use as a mask?’

Zhang Hao ‘Of course, I suggest you buy the sterilizing type.’

‘Anchor, can I wear my underwear outside?’

Zhang Hao ‘Okay, I suggest you buy the red one. Once you wear it, you will have the power to save the world!’

‘Anchor, can you put your underwear on?’

Zhang Hao ‘Okay, but I feel black stockings are more suitable.’

An hour passed quickly.

At this time, there are more than 50,000 people online in the live broadcast room.

Although the time was up, Zhang Hao did not download the broadcast.

Because the live broadcast room is busy now.

And the second item hasn’t been introduced yet.

‘Friends, I will introduce the underwear here first, and then I will introduce the second product.’

Zhang Hao picked up a pack of sanitary napkins from the side.

The audience was shocked when they saw it!

‘Damn, you are indeed a badass anchor, 666!’

‘First it was women’s underwear, now it’s sanitary napkins, cowhide!’

‘Anchor, start the introduction quickly, we are waiting to ask questions.’

Zhang Hao ‘Okay, the brand of this bathroom is from Eight Degrees Space. The quality of the big brands is guaranteed. It has a complete range of disinfection and sterilization types for day and night use. If you like it, buy it from a small yellow cart. If you don’t like it, just ask questions.’

‘Anchor, can I use two tablets together?’

Zhang Hao ‘No, because it absorbs water very well and will suck you dry.’

‘Anchor, do you support door-to-door installation?’

Zhang Hao ‘Support, tell me your address, and I will come to your door to install it myself.’

‘Anchor, I feel that 8 degrees is too cold. Is there any 38 degrees?’

Zhang Hao ‘It’s 98 degrees. You can fry eggs on it.’

‘Anchor, what are your flavors?’

Zhang Hao ‘Grass~ Strawberry flavor, lemon flavor, banana flavor, whatever you have tasted!’

‘Anchor, can you wash it after use?’

Zhang Hao ‘No, are you poor?’

‘Anchor, my hand was cut. Can it be used as a large band-aid?’

Zhang Hao ‘No, I will drain your blood.’


All kinds of weird questions come one after another.

Zhang Hao answered very patiently.

Soon, another hour passed.

‘Friends, I will introduce it here today and continue tomorrow. Friends who like it, don’t forget to follow it.’

‘No, host, I still have questions to ask.’


Zhang Hao immediately turned off the live broadcast.

I’m a little tired after two hours of live broadcast.

The key is to answer those weird questions, which is very brain-consuming.

‘I don’t know how much it sold for.’

Zhang Hao opened the background data, took a closer look, and suddenly looked shocked!