Chapter 42 Please stop for a moment

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:38:50 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6151

‘Who? Where to send?’

The driver was confused by the question, with question marks written all over his face.

Su Yuyan looked at Zhang Hao who was sleeping in the car.

‘Of course it’s him. Didn’t his friend tell you? Send me and the baby to the community, and then send him to school.’

‘Didn’t you say? Isn’t he your husband? I will complete the task by sending you home.’


Su Yuyan was stunned, her brain suddenly short-circuited.

At this time, the driver skillfully inserted the key into the hole and said with a smile while riding ‘Beauty, you must be angry because your husband is drunk. How can a man in this world not drink? He knows how to go home when he is drunk. That’s a good man.”

‘Couples should tolerate each other and learn from each other’s strengths, so that they can be happy…’

The voice gets quieter and quieter.

The driver walked farther and farther and soon disappeared into the night.

Su Yuyan sighed slightly, but she couldn’t drive, otherwise she would have sent Zhang Hao back.

Seeing that the three cute babies are already asleep, the weather is a bit cold, so I will take the babies home first.

A few minutes later.

Su Yuyan sat on the bed in the bedroom, looked at the three sleeping babies, and murmured to herself.

‘What should I do? We can’t let him sleep at home.’

‘But it’s so cold outside, we can’t sleep in the car overnight, otherwise we’ll catch a cold tomorrow.’

‘Forget it, just this time, it won’t happen next time.’

‘After all, he is also the baby’s father.’

After some inner struggle, Su Yuyan walked out of the house.

The next morning.


Zhang Hao yawned when he woke up from his dream.

I picked up my phone out of habit and sent a WeChat message to Su Yuyan ‘Honey, are you awake? I’ll be there right away.’

‘Huh? Where is this?’

Zhang Hao, who had just sent the message, sat up in shock.

Looking at the unfamiliar environment, I suddenly felt confused.

Looking back on last night, I only remember finishing the drink and paying the bill. I can’t remember what happened next.

‘Where is this?’

With doubts, Zhang Hao got out of bed and came to the door.

But when you open the door and take a look, a familiar scene comes into view.

‘Why am I at my wife’s house?’

Surprised, she immediately came to Su Yuyan’s bedroom door.

‘Dong dong dong.’

‘Dong dong dong.’

Zhang Hao knocked lightly on the door, but there was no response.

Suddenly, a feeling of spring breeze coming through Yumenguan came over me, and I immediately walked into the bathroom to detoxify.

At the same time, Su Yuyan’s curved eyelashes moved.

I saw her slowly opening her beautiful eyes.

‘It’s strange. I seem to hear a knock on the door. Could it be that I’m dreaming?’

In doubt, he looked at the three cute babies out of habit.

Seeing the cute babies sleeping soundly, I looked at the clock on the wall out of habit.

‘Oops, it’s half past eight! We’re almost late!’

Su Yuyan was shocked and quickly got out of bed to wash up and put on makeup.

When I walked out of the bedroom, I looked at the door of the other bedroom.

The door is closed, Zhang Hao, who was drunk last night, must still be sleeping.

Da da da.

Su Yuyan quickly walked to the bathroom door.

But when he opened the door and took a look, he was stunned.

At this time, Zhang Hao, who was sitting on the toilet, said with an awkward smile ‘Honey, good morning.’

He heard footsteps just now and wanted to say there was someone there.

But before you could say anything, the door was pushed open, and you said it was embarrassing or not.

When Su Yuyan came to her senses after being stunned for a few seconds, her face suddenly turned red, as red as the red Fuji in autumn.

‘Um…can you close the door first?’

Zhang Hao said something very embarrassed because someone was watching and couldn’t pull it out.

Now, he really wants to find a crack to get in.


Su Yuyan quickly closed the door.

‘Why didn’t you say anything in the bathroom?’

‘I was about to say something when you opened the door and came in.’

‘Then why didn’t you lock the door?’

‘Because there’s no lock on the door.’


Su Yuyan was speechless for a moment.

It seems that I did go too fast just now.

I was so embarrassed to see Zhang Hao squatting on the toilet!

Suddenly, she thought that she was going to be late, so she urged ‘Can you hurry up? I have to hurry up and wash up.’

Zhang Hao gathered his energy and replied while holding his breath ‘No, don’t rush, it will be fine soon… Huh~’

Su Yuyan was a little anxious ‘Why don’t you stop for a moment and continue after I wash my face? I’ll be late in half an hour.’


Zhang Hao suddenly had a dark look on his face.

There is no saying that detoxification should stop halfway.

Wait… late?

Isn’t today May Day?

Normally, students and teachers are on holiday, so why does she still have to go to work?

‘Honey, today is May Day, don’t you have a day off?’

‘May Day?’

Su Yuyan was slightly stunned.

After reacting, he walked into the bedroom with a red face and closed the door with a bang.

Five minutes later, a relieved Zhang Hao walked out of the bathroom.

He came to Su Yuyan’s bedroom door and knocked lightly.

Boom, boom, boom.

‘Honey, I’m done. You go and wash up.’

The words fell and no response was heard for a long time.

‘Honey, are the babies awake?’

Still no sound came from the bedroom.

‘Honey, I’m going to cook. What do you want to eat?’

The atmosphere is still very quiet.

Zhang Hao stopped talking and came to the kitchen to start cooking.

Pour water into the pot first, then heat it on the gas stove, and wait until the water boils before adding rice.

Before the water boils, take out an 18-centimeter-long cucumber from the refrigerator, put it on the cutting board and start shredding it.

Ding dong, ding dong…

Suddenly, WeChat notifications rang continuously.

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and saw that a WeChat group called the Four Heavenly Kings had new news.

This group is a dormitory group.

Because there are four of them, the WeChat group is called the Four Heavenly Kings.

Zhao Yong ‘Mouse, are you awake? Did you conquer your wife last night?’

Da Zhuang ‘Brother Hao, we have worked so hard for you.’

Shaohua ‘It goes without saying thank you. We are all good buddies.’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly.

Based on these few sentences, realize that they must know what happened last night.

‘Tell me how I got here last night.’

After waiting for a moment, I saw Zhao Yong sent a text.

‘When I asked for a driver, I specifically told me to drive the car to Biguiyuan Community so that you can sleep with Goddess Su. Last night we were worried that she would find a way to send you back to school. No. Thinking of it, it seems that she still cares about you. Although you were drunk last night and didn’t feel it when you performed the Zhougong ceremony, this is a good start. From now on, you can naturally follow Goddess Su. Asleep.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly.

Although they understood the situation and knew that Zhao Yong and the others had good intentions, they felt something was wrong.

‘Can I think of your kindness as a donkey’s liver and lungs? You don’t follow martial ethics. Haven’t you heard of a saying, forceful melons are not sweet? Listen to dad, you can’t do this in the future.’

Zhao Yong ‘Oh no! We are so kind, but you don’t appreciate it, but you complain. I’m really a loser.’

Da Zhuang ‘Brother Hao, although the twisted melon is not sweet, it can quench your thirst.’

Shaohua ‘By the way, Brother Hao, you have many connections. I need your help with something.’