Chapter 41 Drunk

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:38:38 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6392

‘Mouse, what took you so long to come back? Did you fall into the toilet?’

‘Brother Hao, sit down quickly, let’s continue drinking.’

‘Come on, drink until he gets drunk!’

Zhao Yong and the others were enjoying themselves.

Seeing Zhang Hao coming back, he quickly asked him to sit down.

‘Come on, let’s get one together.’

Everyone toasted together, and the atmosphere was so lively.

Soon, the seven people drank two bottles of red wine, four bottles of white wine, and four bottles of foreign wine.

Since I wasn’t satisfied with my drink, I opened another beer.

At this time, Su Yuyan touched Zhang Hao’s thigh.

‘What’s wrong, wife?’

Zhang Hao turned around with a drunken look on his face and his eyes were a little blurry.

‘The babies are sleepy, why don’t we go back first.’

When Su Yuyan said ‘us’, she was referring to herself and the baby, but Zhang Hao understood it wrong.

‘Okay, wife, leave now.’

After saying that, Zhang Hao squinted his eyes and glanced at the three cute babies.

Seeing the babies opening their little mouths and yawning, smiles filled their faces.

‘Brothers, my three little princesses are sleepy. That’s it for today. We’ll get drunk again tomorrow. Let’s do it!’

After that, he drank a large glass of beer in one gulp.

Zhao Yong and others also drank their wine, then put on their clothes and picked up their mobile phones.

But at this moment, I noticed that several dishes on the table were almost untouched, and the virtue of thrift came into play.

‘I’ll tell the waiter later that these dishes are packed, so there’s no need to order takeout tomorrow.’

‘Take these bottles of foreign wine back and put them in the dormitory for comparison.’

‘We also had a big meal today, so we will have bragging rights in the future.’

While talking, several people walked out.

Zhang Hao walked in the front, and Su Yuyan pushed three cute babies and walked in the back.

It’s not that Zhang Hao ignored Bao Bao, but went to settle accounts.

‘Miss, pay the bill!’

Zhang Hao took out his bank card and put it on the table.

The front desk clerk is still the same Xiaoqian, but her attitude is completely opposite to before, with a smile on her face.

‘Mr. Zhang, Manager Wang has told me that I will give you a free bill.’

‘No, just swipe your card.’


‘Can you hurry up? I’m in a hurry to get home.’

‘All right.’

Seeing that Zhang Hao was a little impatient and had drunk wine, for fear of upsetting him, he had no choice but to swipe his card.

Then, the group of people walked towards the entrance of the hotel.

At this time, Da Zhuang did not forget to wave goodbye to Xiao Qian.

It is now half past eight in the evening, the temperature has dropped, and a cold wind is blowing.

When Zhang Hao felt the cool breeze coming towards him, he suddenly felt more dizzy. There was a buzzing sound in his ears, and his eyes were spinning.

At this time, Su Yuyan came to Zhang Hao’s side.

‘You drank too much. Baobao and I will take a taxi back. Stop driving later and go back with Zhao Yong and the others.’

After finishing speaking, he told Zhao Yong ‘Please pay attention to your safety and don’t run away after drinking.’

Zhao Yong grinned ‘Sister-in-law, I have already called a driver for Mouse. We agreed to send you and the baby back first, and then send him to school. We will go buy some things first.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly, thinking that this was okay.

At this moment, a chauffeur dressed in blue rode a tram and stopped not far away.

‘Is this the driver you called for?’

Zhao Yong responded quickly ‘Yes, thank you for your hard work, buddy.’

With that said, Zhang Hao took out the car key from his pocket and handed it to the driver.

After the driver found the car, he put the battery car in the trunk and parked it in front of the hotel.

Seeing Su Yuyan pushing a stroller over, she immediately got out of the car to help.

When the modern driver saw three identical cute babies, he suddenly showed a surprised expression.

‘Beauty, are these three babies all yours?’

Just as he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that he had said the wrong thing and quickly explained ‘I’m sorry, this is my first time seeing triplets. They are so cute.’

‘It’s okay.’

Su Yuyan responded with a smile and put the three babies in the child seats in the back.

Suddenly, she ignored something.

There are three babies at the back and I am sitting in the front. Where should Zhang Hao sit?

At this time, Zhang Hao staggered towards this side. Being drunk, he opened the car and got into the passenger seat.


Su Yuyan frowned slightly, suddenly feeling abandoned.

The driver smiled and said ‘Beauty, your husband has drunk too much. Get in the car quickly and I will take you back quickly.’

Su Yuyan asked ‘If I get on the bus, won’t it be overloaded?’

‘It’s okay. I’ve been doing this for two and a half years, and I know which roads don’t have traffic police checking on cars.’

‘All right.’

Su Yuyan sat in the back seat, took Dabao out of the child seat, and held her in her arms.

‘Come on, master, drive slower.’


The driver drove forward slowly.

At this time, Zhang Hao fell asleep in a drunken state.

Zhao Yong and others looked at the car driving away and smiled happily.

‘Dazhuang, are you sure the mouse is asleep?’

‘Definitely sure, I slept like a baby. Did you tell the driver? Just take it to Biguiyuan?’

‘As I said, this kid, Mouse, always makes his fathers worry less.’

‘Then don’t be stunned and go to the KTV in the heaven and earth to sing.’

‘As promised beforehand, Qingqing is mine, no one can take it from me.’

‘Then I’ll find Jingjing.’

At this time, in the box of Shenghai Hotel.

Wang Yaoyao was still lying on the table.

Although the tears have dried up, I have not yet come out of the sadness.

Da da da.

Steady footsteps sounded.

A tall figure stood behind Wang Yaoyao.

Wang Yaoyao turned around suddenly, then looked aggrieved.



Wang Fugui looked solemn ‘Daughter, you now know that people’s hearts are formidable. Dad always tries to reason with you, but you are always unruly and willful. Only by experiencing blows can you become more mature.’

Wang Yaoyao nodded ‘I know dad, I will make changes in the future.’

By paying the bill, she could see clearly the faces of her best friends.

From now on, there will never be any useless social interactions.

‘That’s good. One more thing. Don’t offend Zhang Hao in the future. Otherwise, my father will lose his job and will have no money to pay for the mortgage and car loan. Our family will be ruined.’

Wang Yaoyao was a little confused ‘Dad, although Zhang Hao used to be a rich second generation, isn’t he down now? Why do you respect him so much?’

‘I don’t know about Zhang Hao, but my boss respects him very much. Anyway, just listen to me. Find an opportunity to apologize to him and don’t provoke him again in the future.’

‘Yeah, I know Dad.’

‘Okay, you go home first. Your mother must be playing mahjong at Uncle Wang’s house next door again. Tell her to go back early.’


Wang Yaoyao stood up and walked out of the private room, thinking about Zhang Hao.

I thought Zhang Hao was in trouble, but I didn’t expect him to be so powerful that he could decide the survival of his family.

If I had promised to go out with him before, this kind of thing would never happen now.

But after a few days of getting along with Yang Wei, he has a wife and children. Will he still accept me?

‘Beauty, when you come to Bigui Garden, remember to ask your friends to give you a five-star review.’

The driver smiled and took out the stroller from the trunk.


Su Yuyan thanked her and gently put the three cute babies in the stroller.

But when he was about to push the baby into the community, he saw the driver took the tram out of the trunk, got on it and was about to leave.

‘Wait, aren’t you sending him back?’