Chapter 35 Picking up my wife from school

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:37:28 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6490

‘Wait a minute, I’ll take a call.’


The boy nodded and stopped grabbing the ball.

Because you can’t grab it if you grab it, you can’t make a shot if you grab it, and you can’t win even if you make a shot.

The 80-point difference has already determined the outcome of the game.

Zhang Hao took out his phone and saw two words displayed on the screen wife.

Why did she take the initiative to call?

In doubt, Zhang Hao answered the phone.

‘I have something to do at school today, so I might have to go back later. When the nanny gets off work, you can take care of the baby. If you need anything, call me.’

‘Good wife.’

‘Well, let’s do this for now, hang up.’

call ended.

Zhang Hao put his phone back into his pocket.

When he was about to dribble past someone, he was suddenly stunned.

The nanny gets off work at five!

It seems like it’s almost five o’clock!

Zhang Hao took out his phone and looked at it, four fifty-two!

‘No, I have to go back quickly.’

Zhang Hao waved his hand towards the referee.

The referee first called a timeout, then came over and asked with a smile ‘What’s wrong, classmate Zhang Hao?’

‘Teacher, I have to go back quickly because I have something to do. Let the substitute take over.’

‘Okay, then go ahead and get busy.’

The referee was a little reluctant to give up, because Zhang Hao’s skills were so exciting, it was more enjoyable than watching NBA games.

If he hadn’t known that he had three cute babies to take care of, he would definitely not have been allowed to leave.

‘Then I’ll leave first.’

Zhang Hao left the field directly.

Although the basketball game has not yet won first place, this move will result in a loss of 100,000 bonuses, but in comparison, it is not as important as one percent of the baby.

Ten minutes later.

Zhang Hao returned home.

Since I had the key, I opened the door directly and walked in.


Childish laughter came from the bedroom.

Zhang Hao walked into the bedroom with a smile and saw the nanny playing with three cute babies with toys.




Seeing Zhang Hao, the three cute babies danced happily.

Obviously, Zhang Hao is more attractive than toys.


Zhang Hao responded sweetly, walked to the bed and did it.

I saw three cute babies crawling over one after another and holding them all in their arms.

Then, he looked at the nanny and said, ‘Aunt Mei, I’m really sorry. I’m late for something, so you can get off work.’

‘Xiao Zhang, you are too polite. If you don’t have more than a few minutes, I’ll leave first.’

‘be careful on the road.’

Seeing that the nanny was gone, she started playing with the babies and had a great time.

Looking at the three cute babies, I really like them more and more.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in my head again.

‘Ding Trigger the task, take a video of the baby and post it on Kuaishou. If you complete it, you can get a bonus of 100,000 yuan.’

Zhang Hao looked happy.

This task is too simple.

‘Babies, daddy will take a video for you.’

After saying that, I took out my mobile phone and downloaded Kuaishou.

Let the three cute babies sit in a row and start recording.

‘The babies look at the camera and call daddy.’





After the recording is successful, it will be published directly on Kuaishou.

‘Ding Congratulations to the host for completing the mission, the 100,000 bonus has been received.’

‘Master, master, there’s a text message.’

Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and saw that his bank card balance was more than 3.8 million.

Yes, we are one step closer to the small goal of 100 million.

At this rate, the small goal of 100 million will be achieved in less than half a year.

Half an hour later.

Zhang Hao looked at the time, it was almost six o’clock.

Although Su Yuyan hasn’t come back yet, she decided to start preparing dinner.

First, the babies are almost hungry.

The second is to wait for Su Yuyan to come back and have something hot to eat.


Just when Zhang Hao was about to put the three cute babies into the stroller, the system’s sound suddenly sounded.

‘Congratulations to the host for winning the basketball championship. The 100,000 bonus has been received.’

Zhang Hao was stunned.

Didn’t you withdraw from the competition midway? Why did you still complete the task?

Could it be that he won first place in the class competition?

Jingle Bell.

When I was confused, my cell phone rang.

I took it out and saw that it was a call from Zhao Yong.

‘Mouse, let’s go out for dinner tonight.’

‘No, I’m taking care of the kids at home.’

‘It’s hard to tell. You can take the baby and your wife with you, just to get acquainted.’

‘No, my wife isn’t back yet.’

‘That’s it. That’s okay. You’re not sleeping at Goddess Su’s house. The brothers are waiting for you. Anyway, we have a holiday tomorrow.’

‘Okay, let’s talk about it then.’

‘Okay, I’m waiting for your call.’

Zhang Hao smiled and said okay, and when he was about to hang up the phone, he suddenly thought of something.

‘Wait a minute, is the Normal College also holding a sports meeting today?’

According to previous management, university sports games were held during the same time period.

And Su Yuyan said that she would come back later if she had something to do. If she said that, the Normal College must also be holding a sports meeting.

‘Of course, the Normal College is so close to our school, so of course it’s the same day. That’s right. Your wife must be back soon.’


Zhang Hao nodded slightly ‘Let’s do this. I will pick up my wife later. If she agrees, I will take her and the baby to have a dinner together.’


‘Of course it’s true. After all, children have to meet their parents sooner or later.’

‘Depend on!’

Zhang Hao smiled and hung up the phone.

‘Babies, let’s pick up mom first, and then go have a big dinner, okay?’

After saying this, I saw three cute babies waving their little arms excitedly.

After all, the baby is already seven months old and can be taken out to see new things. This is also good for brain development.

Then, put the three cute babies into the stroller first.

I walked out of the community and came to the parking spot, placed the three babies on the three safety seats in the back, and put the stroller in the trunk.

Because this Hongqi H9 has so much space, there is no problem with three baby seats in the back.

In addition to its grand appearance, I bought this car because of its practicality.

I have to say that domestically produced cars are getting better and better.

The gate of Haicheng Normal University.

At this time, there was an endless stream of students passing by the door, all of them in their prime.

Because it is the May Day holiday, 99% of students have left campus.

Some go to dinner in small groups to get closer to each other.

Some go on dates in pairs to vent their long-suppressed love.

Some are alone, tasting the warmth and warmth of this world.

At this time, a Hongqi H9 slowly parked on the side of the road next to the school gate.

As soon as this car appeared, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

‘What kind of car is that? A Rolls-Royce?’

‘It’s not like that. I’ve been in a big job, much bigger than this.’

‘This is the Hongqi H9. It is the ceiling among domestic cars. I will buy one when I have money.’

‘It turns out to be a red flag, it looks so grand!’

‘In terms of aura alone, it is enough to crush BBA.’

While everyone was talking, the car door opened and a handsome young man got out of the car.

‘Who is that person? He doesn’t look like he’s from our academy.’

‘I don’t know him, but he looks familiar, as if I’ve seen him before somewhere.’

‘It goes without saying that he must be here to pick up his girlfriend.’

At this time, a girl with heavy makeup walked towards the car.

When everyone saw it, they were shocked.

‘No, this guy is so handsome. He is actually the boyfriend of Pan Yinlian, the so-called bus driver. This is like a broken flower stuck in gold.’

‘It really blinded my 24K titanium alloy dog eyes!’