Chapter 34 Playing basketball, a little bit of movement is normal

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Two hours later.

There is only one last item left in the game, basketball.

At this time, Zhang Hao had changed into his basketball uniform, with a smile on his face.

Finished first in every previous competition.

High jump 3.5 meters!

Javelin 115 meters!

Shot put 32 meters!

5,000-meter run 11 minutes and 36 seconds!

There were a total of twelve competition events, and each event not only won the championship, but also broke the world record.

Zhang Hao, this name once again caused a sensation in the whole school after half a year, and once again attracted the attention of Principal Sun. If he were to participate in Guinness or the Olympics, not only would he bring glory to the country, but the school would also become famous.

By that time, Zhang Hao’s photo must be hung in every classroom.

And the items he destroyed must be displayed as cultural relics.

‘All contestants please enter!’

Accompanied by the referee’s voice, ten students walked into the basketball court.

The first ones to fight were Class One and Class Two of Three Years.

The forward of Class Three is the tall and powerful Ding Ziku.

The striker of the second class of the third year is Zhao Yong, who has a strong back and a strong back.

But Ding Zi’s cool and sharp eyes did not look at Zhao Yong, but fell on Zhang Hao.

First, Zhang Hao doesn’t like it.

Second, I didn’t expect that he would come first in all competitions.

‘Boy, wait for me, you will feel better later!’

The corners of Ding Ziku’s mouth rose slightly, evoking a hint of evil intent.


The whistle blows and the game begins.

Zhao Yong and Ding Ziku jumped to grab the ball at the same time.

Although Zhao Yong tried his best to suck the milk, he still couldn’t overtake Ding Ziku.

There is no way, who makes the school sports team train every day, there must be a gap in physical fitness.

Ding Ziku, who grabbed the ball, dribbled toward the opponent’s backboard.

Although he was blocked midway, he escaped with his skillful dribbling and body skills.

Soon, Ding Ziku rushed to the three-point line, preparing to slam dunk to give the opponent a showdown.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Zhang Hao!

Seeing that it was Zhang Hao, Ding Zi smiled charmingly and pushed forward with his body.


With a muffled sound, Zhang Hao was pushed away, and he was about to sit down on the ground. Suddenly, Ye Wen squatted down, so he didn’t embarrass himself in public.

At the same time, Ding Ziku’s clone jumped up and raised the basketball in his hand high.


A very domineering slam dunk!


‘Cool brother awesome!’

‘Bah bang bang!’

Cheers and applause came from the location of the third grade class.

Ding Ziku waved his hand very sternly, and then ran towards his position.

When passing by Zhang Hao, he said very proudly ‘It’s a ball game, bumps and bumps are normal.’

Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly, a look of displeasure appeared on his face.

I thought Ding Ziku would go around, but he didn’t expect to hit it directly.

This guy must have done it on purpose.

In this case, don’t blame yourself for being rude!

‘Zhao Yong, I will be the forward!’

Angry Zhang Hao came to the center of the court.

Zhao Yong reminded in a low voice ‘Mouse, you can’t take it from him. Don’t worry, even if you are sent off, I will avenge you.’

‘No, you go and be the defender.’

‘Okay, be careful.’

Zhang Hao nodded and looked at Ding Ziku in front of him calmly.

Ding Ziku, on the other hand, looked at Zhang Hao condescendingly, with disdain on his face.

Zhang Hao was a head shorter than him, and he was on the sports team, so he couldn’t beat him?


The whistle sounded and the referee threw the basketball high into the air.

Ding Ziku bent his legs and raised his head to lock the basketball.

But when he was about to take off, he saw Zhang Hao flying up. When the basketball was thrown to a height of three meters, he actually caught the ball with both hands.


Zhang Hao, who grabbed the ball, landed firmly.

But he didn’t rush forward, but dribbled the ball on the spot, and hooked his fingers at Ding Ziku, as if to say Come here!


Ding Ziku named a plant and rushed forward to grab the ball.

Zhang Hao smiled slightly and pushed forward with all his strength.


Ding Ziku’s burly body was pushed forward and flew three to four meters.

Moreover, it did not stop due to inertia after landing, and continued to slide while sitting on the ground and rubbing against the ground.

Because the shorts create resistance with the ground, they fall directly to the knees.

Not only that, his red underwear also fell off due to resistance.

Fortunately, his butt was big and only half of his butt was exposed.

‘What a shame!’

Ding Ziku quickly stood up and lifted up his pants.

Furious, he wanted to seek revenge against Zhang Hao.

But just when he turned around to look, he suddenly felt cold in place.

Zhang Hao actually jumped from the three-point line, flew in the air for a while, and then slammed the basketball into the basket.

The whole place suddenly fell silent.

Everyone who saw Zhang Hao dunking had a look of surprise on their faces.

‘Is he still a human? He actually jumped from outside the three-point line and dunked!’

‘It’s so awesome, even James and Durant can’t do it!’

‘With this jumping ability alone, I can definitely enter the NBA!’

After a few seconds of silence, warm cheers from Class 2 of Grade 3 rang out.

‘Zhang Hao is awesome! Number one in the world!’

‘Brother Hao is mighty! It must be you!’

At this time, Zhang Hao returned to the midfield position with a smile.

When passing by Ding Ziku, he said ‘It’s normal to play a little bit.’

Ding Zi gritted his teeth angrily. Although the anger was burning in his heart, he would never dare to confront Zhang Hao again.


The whistle blows and the referee throws the ball.

There is no doubt that the ball was grabbed by Zhang Hao again.

Ding Ziku immediately took a defensive posture, spread his legs and opened his arms, staring at the basketball.

Zhang Hao dribbled the ball left and right, suddenly made a fake move, knocked Ding Ziku down, and then rushed forward with the ball.

‘Fuck! It’s so embarrassing again!’

Ding Ziku quickly stood up.

Although dribbling and dazzling people is the most childish trick, Zhang Hao’s speed is really too fast.

Even when passing by, you can only see an afterimage.

At this moment, Zhang Hao, who was sprinting quickly, came under the opponent’s backboard and made a two-step layup. The basketball obediently went into the basket.

‘Yeah! In again!’

‘I didn’t expect that Zhang Hao’s skills are so good, so hidden.’

‘Yeah, why haven’t I seen him play so well before?’

Surprised voices came from Class 2, Grade 3.

But Zhang Hao was also very surprised at this time.

Although I occasionally played ball before, my skills were average.

My hand felt very good today, and I felt like I was going in as soon as I made the shot.

Just as he was wondering, the system’s voice suddenly sounded.

‘Host, because you have super martial arts skills, all kinds of sports are child’s play for you. Not to mention pitching, you can hit birds with pebbles from 20 meters away, and puncture balloons with embroidery needles. Your The control ability is far beyond ordinary people.”

Zhang Hao nodded slightly, he didn’t expect that super martial arts skills have so many benefits.

‘Host, now you have the opportunity to improve your super martial arts skills and increase your Qigong. Are you willing to improve?’


‘Okay, I need 10 million to improve my skills. Are you willing to apply for installments?’

‘I don’t want to!’

More than twenty minutes later.

The game entered the second half.

The score at this time is that Class 1 of the third year has 2 points and Class 2 of the third year has 82 points.

Jingle Bell.

Just as Zhang Hao was dribbling the ball past, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.