Chapter 13 Fate!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:33:09 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6067

‘Didn’t the nanny tell you?’

Zhang Hao’s face was full of doubts, and he was almost confused by Su’s father’s questions.

Now that you have recognized yourself, why are you asking what you are doing here?

Didn’t the nanny make it clear?


Su’s father frowned slightly ‘What does this have to do with the nanny? Aren’t you Zhang Chaoyang’s son?’

‘You know my dad!’

Zhang Hao was shocked.

Unexpectedly, Su Yuyan’s father actually knew his own father.

What a coincidence!

it’s fate!

But just when Zhang Hao was surprised, Su’s father’s displeased voice sounded.

‘Wait! Could it be that you are the young man the nanny mentioned, the biological father of the baby?’

Zhang Hao smiled and nodded ‘Yes, uncle, you said this is too coincidental.’

‘Don’t worry, I will definitely take care of your daughter and three babies, and make sure they live a happy life…’

Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted sharply by Su’s father.

‘You bastard, you ruined my daughter!’

‘If it weren’t for you, my daughter wouldn’t be pregnant and she wouldn’t run away from home!’

After finishing speaking, Zhang Hao’s eyes were filled with anger, and he loosened his tie and was about to take action.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Hao instinctively clenched his fists.

But the next moment, the thought of resistance suddenly disappeared.

After all, it was because of herself that she had a great impact on Su Yuyan’s life.

If she hadn’t been pregnant and had children, she would still be living a life of adequate food and clothing and inherit the family business.

As for Su Yuyan’s father, he can understand his mood at the moment.

His precious daughter was pregnant and ran away from home. I’m afraid Su’s father even had the intention of killing himself.

‘Uncle, I admit it’s my fault. You can beat or scold me as you please.’

After finishing his words, he stood motionless.

‘You brat, do you think I dare not!’

Su’s father was furious and raised his fist to hit Zhang Hao in the face.

However, at this moment, a cry of surprise sounded.

‘Mr. Su!’

Su’s father heard the sound and froze his fists above his head. Seeing the nanny coming with vegetables, he slowly lowered his fists.

‘Mr. Su!’

The nanny who noticed the situation quickly came over and persuaded her ‘Don’t be angry. If you have anything to say, please speak it up.’

‘Now that things are like this, it won’t help if you hit him.’

‘And I can see that Xiao Zhang is a responsible person, and he doesn’t go to school to take care of the baby.’

‘Why don’t you give him a chance? I believe he can be a good father.’

‘Even for the sake of the three babies, give him a chance.’

‘After all, Miss Su’s life is hard. Can you bear to see the babies without a father?’

Hearing these words, Su’s father let out a heavy breath.

But when he saw Zhang Hao, his anger burned instantly.

‘Don’t worry about this and go take care of the baby.’

The nanny nodded ‘Mr. Su, you must think twice.’

After saying that, he walked towards the bedroom with some worry.

‘Come out with me!’

Father Su suppressed his anger and came to the stairs.

Because I was so angry when I saw Zhang Hao, I had to beat him up!

It can be seen that Zhang Hao came over and was about to take action when he suddenly hesitated.

Because at this time, Zhang Hao’s face was calm, his eyes were full of determination, and with that handsome face, he suddenly felt a little unbearable.

‘What the hell, you’re still too soft-hearted!’

‘I won’t hit you, just go away and never come to my daughter again.’

Zhang Hao said seriously ‘I won’t leave, because I said that I have to take care of Su Yuyan and the three babies.’


Su’s father raised his eyebrows and glared, and the next moment, his face showed disdain.

‘I know, you must be paying attention.’

‘Your family is now bankrupt, Zhang Chaoyang has not been heard from, and you have become a poor boy now.’

‘But I tell you, there’s no door!’

‘Even if you are the biological father of the baby, don’t even think about taking a penny from me!’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly, suddenly feeling the urge to hit someone.

If it wasn’t Su Yuyan’s father who said this, he would have started a fight long ago.

‘Uncle, you can insult me, but you must not insult my dignity!’

Father Su snorted coldly and stretched out a finger ‘One million! As long as you leave my daughter and baby, I will give you one million!’

Zhang Hao said calmly ‘This has nothing to do with money.’

‘Two million!’

Father Su stretched out another finger.

Zhang Hao said seriously ‘Uncle, even if you give me 200 million, I will not leave Su Yuyan and the baby, and I will not ask for a penny from you!’


Father Su’s nostrils were filled with smoke, and the urge to beat someone appeared again.

Jingle Bell.

Suddenly, a pleasant cell phone ringtone rang.

Zhang Hao took out his cell phone and saw that it was Su Yuyan’s call.

‘Hey…what’s wrong, wife?’

Thinking of Su’s father standing opposite, Zhang Hao directly said that affectionate name.

‘Who is your wife?’

An angry voice sounded ‘I just want to ask what the babies are doing? Can you take good care of the babies?’

Zhang Hao smiled ‘Don’t worry, wife, the babies and I had a great time, and they even called me daddy.’

As soon as he finished speaking, the system’s voice suddenly sounded in his head.

‘Ding It is detected that the host is lying. Teach the baby to call daddy within three days. The reward is 300,000 yuan for completion, and the penalty for failure is 300,000 yuan!’


Zhang Hao’s eyes widened, and his system began to trick him again.

Babies are so young, can they call them daddy?

Extremely depressed, she heard Su Yuyan’s response.

‘Tch, the baby has only seen you for two days, how can it be possible for the baby to call you daddy? As long as you can take good care of them, hang up!’

‘Goodbye, wife.’

Zhang Hao responded quickly and put his phone in his pocket.

Looking at Su’s father, he saw him looking at him in a daze.

‘Uncle, if you want to do it, hurry up. It’s time for me to cook for the babies. By the way, you can stay and eat together.’


Hearing these words, Su’s father suddenly felt dizzy and didn’t know whether to be angry or politely refuse.

‘You brat, don’t think that I will forgive you because you are so talkative.’

‘No matter what, you will never be allowed to stay here because you don’t have the qualifications or the ability.’

‘Look at where my daughter lives and what kind of environment the baby lives in.’

‘As a father, I don’t even have the ability to bring happiness to my wife and baby.’

‘Whether you are a husband or a father, you are incompetent!’

‘Let me be yours…’

Jingle Bell.

The cell phone in Su’s father’s pocket rang.

I saw him answer the phone and say angrily ‘What do you want to do for food? You can’t even handle this little thing. I’ll go back right away!’

Hang up the phone and look at Zhang Hao coldly.

‘Let’s stop talking about this for today. I’ll come back to you tomorrow!’

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Zhang Hao suddenly stood there stunned.

Su’s father’s words just now were like a hammer, hitting his heart time and time again.

When the husband is incompetent.

There is no ability to let the baby live a happy life.

After all, I still have no money, which leads to me being looked down upon by my father-in-law.

‘No, we must find a way to make money immediately!’

After making up my mind, I started racking my brains to think.