Chapter 12 Super Academic Skills

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:32:57 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6263


‘Mr. Zhang, your loose English is so awesome!’

‘I have never served anyone in my life, and you are the first!’

‘Haha, are you a joke sent by the monkey?’

Immediately afterwards, Master Miejie’s angry voice sounded.

‘It’s class! Don’t laugh!’

‘Zhang Hao, if you want to learn, just listen carefully. If you don’t want to learn, don’t come here anymore!’

‘Just hang up! Don’t affect classmate Zhao Yong’s study!’

The corners of Zhang Hao’s mouth moved slightly.

Although you really don’t want to learn, you can’t refuse directly, otherwise you will be eaten up by Master Miejie.

However, when Zhang Hao was helpless, the system’s voice suddenly sounded.

‘Ding It is detected that the host is worrying about studying. Do you want to purchase the super academic skills?’

Zhang Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Super academic skills!

Just the name alone makes me think it’s awesome.

Will it be like the super martial arts skill? After purchasing this skill, you can become an omniscient scholar.

Thinking of this, Zhang Hao immediately made a decision ‘Buy!’

‘Okay, purchasing…Sorry, it was detected that the balance of the host’s bank card is insufficient, and the purchase is temporarily unavailable.’


Zhang Hao was immediately stunned.

System, are you such a cheater?

The systems in other people’s novels all provide direct rewards, but you are fine, you just need to pay, and you don’t have enough balance.

What use do I want from your system?


Suddenly, the system sound rang again.

‘Host, if the balance is not enough, you can handle the installment business.’


Hearing these two words, Zhang Hao suddenly felt like ten thousand grass and mud horses galloping past his head.

Is this system here to reward yourself or punish yourself?

It’s also divided into installments.

System ‘Host, don’t be angry first. The installment can be divided into ten installments. Interest will accrue after the expiration date.’

Ten issues, that’s ten months.

Zhang Hao nodded, thinking that this was still acceptable.

‘System, how much does the super academic skill cost?’

‘One hundred thousand.’


Zhang Hao did not hesitate.

‘Ding Congratulations to the host for your successful purchase, because for installment payment, 10,000 will be deducted every month. If you fail to repay overdue, 24% interest will accrue.’

Zhang Hao smiled.

Is this system based on law? The interest rate is determined so accurately.

At this moment, under Zhang Hao’s perception, subtle changes occurred in his brain.

It seems to be brighter than before.

A lot of knowledge that I had learned and had forgotten came to my mind at this moment.

But what is depressing is that I have not become a master of learning who knows everything.

‘System, since you have acquired super academic skills, why haven’t you become an all-powerful academic?’

‘Host, you have become a master of learning now. You can never forget anything. You can master any knowledge with just a few clicks, but you still have to learn.’


Zhang Hao no longer cares about the system.

Anyway, at least I can answer the teacher’s question.

‘Teacher Li, I know how to say in English that it’s ae of mind.’

Master Miejie said displeasedly ‘Humph, you must have checked it on the Internet.’

Zhang Hao was speechless for a moment, then thought for a moment and said, ‘Well, let me translate whatever you want.’

After all, I started learning English in elementary school, then junior high school, high school and university.

Although he had long forgotten all about it, after acquiring the super academic skills, all the knowledge that had been stored away for a long time was awakened.

‘Okay, this is what you said. Please translate Xu Zhimo’s Farewell to Cambridge. If it’s correct, I’ll give you your diploma directly.’

Master Miejie naturally didn’t believe it.

Because this is a bit difficult for English class representatives.

‘no problem.’

Zhang Hao is very confident.

Then the translation started.

‘Gently I leave, Ge…’

After a while, Zhang Hao recited Xu Zhimo’s ‘Farewell Cambridge’ in English with emotion and loudly.

At this time, Master Miejie was dumbfounded.

She never expected that Zhang Hao, a poor student who was doing nothing in his studies, would read ‘Farewell to Cambridge’ accurately in English.

Since he is so good at English, why does he always fall behind in exams?

And even the simplest hesitation can be translated incorrectly.


Suddenly, a baby’s cry sounded.

It was the big baby in Zhang Hao’s arms. He started crying after drinking the milk.

‘Teacher, I have to coax the child, don’t forget to give me the diploma.’

After saying that, he left the phone on the bed and started coaxing the baby.

‘Zhang Hao, I don’t believe that your English has suddenly become so good. I’ll wait for you to come to school to verify it in person.’

Master Jiejie’s voice rang from the mobile phone.

Zhang Hao didn’t care. For him, nothing was as important as coaxing his children.

As the time passed, it soon approached noon.

At this time, Zhang Hao was having a great time playing with the babies on the bed.

A seven-month-old baby can already crawl.

Zhang Hao was also crawling on the bed, chasing and playing with the three babies.

‘Don’t let daddy catch you. If he does, scratch it.’

‘Dad is here.’


The three cute babies were like little tadpoles, swinging their little arms and legs and crawling quickly on the bed.

Zhang Hao was chasing after him.

Looking at the cute looks of the three cute babies, the smile on their faces never stopped.

‘Xiao Zhang.’

At this time, the nanny walked into the bedroom with a smile ‘It’s almost noon. I’m going out to buy some food. Call me if you need anything.’

Zhang Hao responded ‘Auntie, let me go.’

Because the vegetable market is far away from the community, and the nanny is old, how can I be embarrassed to let him run around.

‘It’s okay, I’ll go. It’s just time to move your body. The babies have just gotten familiar with you, and it’s the time to develop feelings.’

Zhang Hao nodded, feeling that this was reasonable.

‘Okay, I’ll bother you then.’

‘No trouble, this is what I should do.’

After saying this, the nanny turned and walked out.

Zhang Hao continued to play with the three cute babies.

However, just after a while, the doorbell suddenly rang.

‘Did the nanny forget to bring something?’

In his thoughts, Zhang Hao came to the door of the living room.

When he opened the door, he saw a middle-aged man standing outside the door.

‘Who are you looking for?’

‘Who are you?’

While Zhang Hao asked, the middle-aged man also frowned and asked.

Zhang Hao narrowed his eyes slightly.

Since the middle-aged man asked you who you were as soon as you came up, he must know Su Yuyan.

Could it be…

Suddenly, Zhang Hao thought of something.

Looking carefully at the middle-aged man’s face, he suddenly discovered that his eyes and eyebrows were somewhat similar to Su Yuyan’s.

‘Are you Su Yuyan’s father?’

Guessing the identity of the other party, Zhang Hao’s tone suddenly became more respectful.

The middle-aged man frowned deeper.

The next moment, the man looked surprised.

‘You are Zhang Hao!’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment, his thoughts a little confused.

Didn’t Su Yuyan say that she had never mentioned herself to her family?

But how could this future father-in-law recognize him at a glance?

By the way, the nanny must have said that.

‘Hello, uncle, I am Zhang Hao. Nice to meet you.’

Father Su frowned and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’


Zhang Hao was suddenly stunned again.