Chapter 78 Not for sale!

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“It smells so good!”

Smell the aroma in the kitchen.

See Zhang Hao’s skillful movements when cooking.

Wu Renyao’s face was full of surprise.

‘Xiao Zhang, I didn’t expect you to be able to cook!’

‘It’s just home-cooked food. Uncle, are your hands okay?’

‘It’s okay. I was thinking of having some dishes delivered from the hotel. Since you’ve already cooked them, I’ll trouble you.’

‘Uncle, you are too kind.’

Wu Renyao said nothing, his smiling eyes narrowed into slits.

Looking at Zhang Hao’s profile, his eyes were filled with admiration.

After all, how many young people today can cook?

Either order takeout or go out to a restaurant, it can be said that there is no need to touch the spring water.

Even if you cook for yourself, you can only cook noodles.

I’m afraid you can’t find a boy like Zhang Hao among a hundred people who can cook.

Half an hour later.

‘Here comes the chicken soup~’

Wu Renyao brought the last dish to the table.

Xia Yumei smiled and asked, ‘Where’s Xiao Zhang? Why don’t you come over?’

‘He’s cooking porridge for the babies.’

‘Oh, why didn’t I expect that? Xiao Zhang is such a considerate and good father. Yu Yan, your husband is really nice. Let’s enjoy the blessings from now on.’

Hearing her aunt’s praise, Su Yuyan laughed sheepishly.

Indeed, Zhang Hao is a very competent father.

He is also a very good man.

Whether attending my grandpa’s birthday party or visiting my aunt’s house, I have received good recognition.

And he made a lot of sacrifices for himself and his baby.

But looking back at myself, it seems that apart from giving birth to three cute babies, there is nothing worthy of praise.

Thinking of this, I can’t help but feel a little ashamed.

In fact, he suddenly had the idea that he was not worthy of Zhang Hao.

At this time, Zhang Hao came out of the kitchen, carrying three bowls of vegetable and millet porridge.

Upon seeing this, Xia Yumei quickly stood up to greet him.

‘Let me do it, Xiao Zhang, sit down quickly.’

‘Thank you, auntie.’

‘We are all one family, why are you so polite?’

Zhang Hao smiled and sat next to Su Yuyan.

Wu Renyao glanced at everyone and stood up with a smile.

‘Ahem~ Let me say a few words before we eat. Today is our first family dinner, which is a wonderful start. This meal symbolizes the harmony and harmony of our family…’

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Xia Yumei.

‘Okay, okay, don’t act like that at the wine table. Xiao Zhang and Yu Yan are not outsiders.’


Wu Renyao smiled and said, ‘Because I often host dinner parties, I’m used to it. That’s fine. Let’s eat and drink well.’

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone moved their chopsticks.

Wu Yajing couldn’t wait to pick up a piece of braised pork. She had been thinking about this bite for a long time.

However, as soon as he put it in his mouth, a look of surprise suddenly appeared on his face.

‘Dad, I didn’t expect your cooking skills to improve again. This braised pork is so delicious.’

‘Huh? The braised pork was not made by me, but by Xiao Zhang.’

‘Really? It tastes much better than what you made.’

‘Nonsense. Dad has been a chef for more than thirty years. Can he taste as good as what I cook? Let me try.’

Wu Renyao picked up a piece of braised pork in disbelief.

But when I put it in my mouth and chewed it, I was suddenly stunned.

He felt the small universe in his heart explode instantly.

The rich aroma of meat stimulated his taste buds.

‘Oh my god, this braised pork is so delicious!’

“It’s fragrant but not greasy, melts in your mouth, it’s simply the best of braised pork!”

‘This is definitely the best braised pork I have ever eaten in my life!’

After saying that, he tasted it carefully with an expression of enjoyment.

Xia Yumei directly cast a look of disdain.

Really, so rude in front of the children.

Isn’t it just braised pork? It’s like I haven’t eaten before.

In her thoughts, she also ate a piece of braised pork.

Suddenly, she looked surprised.

‘Oh my god~ This is so delicious!’

‘Can’t you tell, Xiao Zhang, your cooking skills are so good!’

Zhang Hao laughed after being praised.

Although the braised pork I made was indeed delicious, I didn’t expect my uncle’s family’s reaction to be so exaggerated.

‘Honey, you should try it too.’

Zhang Hao put a piece of braised pork in Su Yuyan’s bowl.

‘Wait a minute, I’ll feed the baby first.’


Zhang Hao nodded with a smile and started to eat with his chopsticks.

At this moment, Wu Renyao suddenly thought of something and quickly tasted every dish made by Zhang Hao.

After tasting it, I was shocked!

How can it be!

Every dish is so delicious!

Not only is it more delicious than what you cook yourself, it’s even better than what the hotel chef makes!

If Zhang Hao were asked to work as a chef in a hotel, it would definitely be full every day!

‘Xiao Zhang, you can work as a chef in my hotel. I will pay you 50,000 yuan a month!’

In excitement, Wu Renyao blurted out his thoughts directly.

But after he finished speaking, he knew he was wrong.

Because the old lady said that Zhang Hao also lives in this villa area.

Are people who can spend tens of millions to buy a villa a working class worker?

Let alone 50,000, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be willing to go if it was 500,000.

Zhang Hao declined politely ‘I’m sorry, uncle, I have to take care of the baby and don’t have time to work.’


Wu Renyao nodded.

Although he was rejected, he did not give up the idea of making money.

‘Xiao Zhang, where did you learn cooking? Can you tell me?’

‘I haven’t learned anything.’

‘Impossible. If I hadn’t learned how to cook, how could the stir-fry be so delicious?’

‘Because I have a secret recipe passed down from my ancestors.’

Zhang Hao told the truth directly.

After all, it’s not a secret, so there’s no harm in telling it.

‘Secret recipe passed down from our ancestors? Is it real or fake?’

‘of course it’s true.’

‘Then can you tell me the secret recipe?’

‘Sorry, I can’t.’

‘I’ll buy!’

‘Not for sale!’

‘Huh? Why?’

Wu Renyao was stunned for a moment, then frowned.

Zhang Hao directly told him about opening a restaurant in partnership with Liu Huaqiang.

‘Oh~ So that’s it.’

Wu Renyao nodded and continued his thoughts for a moment

‘Xiao Zhang, I can make you more money!’

‘If you cooperate with me, you only need to provide the secret recipe, and I will give you 10% of the shares of Shangri-La Hotel.’

‘My hotel is worth more than 600 million, 10% is more than 60 million, which is as good as Liu Huaqiang’s two hotels.’

‘And my connections are wider than Liu Huaqiang’s.’

‘As long as you agree, I promise to make you 100 million a year!’

‘How’s it going? Are you particularly excited?’

After finishing his words, he looked at Zhang Hao very confidently.

Earning 100 million a year, I believe he has no reason to refuse.

But what Zhang Hao said next surprised him.

‘I’m sorry, uncle, I appreciate your kindness.’

‘Why? You have no reason to refuse.’

‘Because of my principles, I am not allowed to do this.’

‘in principle?’

Wu Renyao laughed as if he had heard a joke.

‘Xiao Zhang, you are still too young.’

“Principles are worthless in the face of money.”

‘Making money is the way to go!’

‘Only by making more money can my wife and children live a better life.’

‘Although you live in a villa now, your wife and children are on the hot bed, and you live a life without worries about food and clothing.’

‘But as long as people are motivated, who would think they have too much money?’

After saying that, I saw Zhang Hao smiling and shaking his head, feeling very helpless.

But at this moment, something suddenly appeared in Wu Renyao’s mind.

Hehe~ Got it!