Chapter 71 Just write your name is enough

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:48:43 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5894

‘Husband, why are you crying!’

Su Yuyan looked worried.

She had just put her three cute babies to sleep and was wandering around the villa.

But when he walked into this room, he saw Zhang Hao secretly crying.

My heart skipped a beat at that time.

Unexpectedly, the strong Zhang Hao would cry?

What’s wrong with him?


Zhang Hao immediately smiled.

He stamped out the cigarette in his hand while it was still on the ground, wiped the tears from his face with his hands, and then fanned it in front of him a few times to disperse the smoke.

Su Yuyan frowned slightly.

She knew that something must be wrong with Zhang Hao.

And it’s not a trivial matter.

Otherwise, how could a grown man cry?

‘Husband, you always tell me that you can’t hide anything between husband and wife. I have told you many things, and I hope you can tell me too.’

‘Actually, it’s nothing. I just suddenly missed my parents.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly.

Zhang Hao talked about his parents’ situation.

In order to avoid the huge debt and disappear, there has been no news.

Looking back on the time when I had a fight with my parents and ran away from home, I felt very sad.

And Zhang Hao must be even more sad if he can’t find his parents.

‘Husband, don’t worry, I believe my uncle and aunt will be fine.’

‘Well, if my parents knew that I found such a beautiful and virtuous daughter-in-law and gave birth to three lovely granddaughters, they would definitely be very happy.’

Su Yuyan smiled slightly.

This time she wasn’t shy.

Because I know Zhang Hao is in a heavy heart, I must give him comfort.

Suddenly, Zhang Hao thought of something.

‘By the way, honey, I have a gift for you, come with me.’

Zhang Hao turned around and walked out of the room.

Su Yuyan followed him sheepishly.

She knew what gift Zhang Hao wanted to give.

It must be the jade bracelet worth 120,000 yuan.

Because Zhang Hao only gave the birthday boy to the old man, but not the bracelet.

‘Husband, I can’t have this gift!’


‘Because it’s too expensive.’

‘It’s okay, this is the first time my husband has given you a gift, you must accept it!’

‘No, 120,000 yuan is enough to buy milk powder for the baby for two years. I can’t have it!’

‘120,000? What 120,000?’

‘Of course it’s the bracelet?’

‘Oh, if you didn’t tell me, I would have forgotten. The bracelet is still in the car.’

‘Huh? Not a bracelet? What is that?’

‘You’ll find out later.’

Soon, Zhang Hao came to the living room.

Open the drawer of the sandalwood table and take out a red notebook.

Su Yuyan looked puzzled.


‘Honey, here you go!’

‘Isn’t this house yours? Why did you give me the real estate certificate?’

‘You’ll know when you open it and take a look.’

Su Yuyan took the real estate certificate.

When I opened it, I was suddenly shocked.

I saw my name written on the real estate certificate!

And only his own name!

Still owned alone!

For a moment, Su Yuyan was stunned.

After all, this villa is worth 25 million!

The key villa was bought by Zhang Hao, but only his name was written on the property certificate.

Zhang Hao smiled when he saw this.

‘Honey, do you like it?’


Su Yuyan refused directly.

‘I can’t have this villa. Please transfer it to your name as soon as possible.’

After all, giving a bracelet is too expensive.

Not to mention a large villa worth 25 million.

Zhang Hao smiled and said ‘Honey, I just said, this is a gift for you, you must accept it!’

‘No, this is too expensive, I can’t have it.’

‘Honey, don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with me?’

‘I…of course I want to, but…’

‘It’s nothing, but I couldn’t be with you to take care of you when you were pregnant and gave birth to your baby. This is just a little bit of my kindness. Unless you don’t want to grow old together with me, then you can accept it!’

Zhang Hao’s tone was extremely firm.

Su Yuyan frowned slightly, as if she was about to speak but hesitated.

Suddenly, her eyes turned red.

From this real estate certificate, you can feel Zhang Hao’s determination for himself.

There is also trust and love.

As I thought about it, tears fell down my cheeks.

Zhang Hao frowned immediately when he saw this.

What he hates most is seeing his wife cry.

Because when his wife cries, he will feel distressed.

‘Honey, this is a happy thing, why are you still crying?’

‘If you cry again, then I will cry too, let’s see who cries harder.’


Su Yuyan was amused by Zhang Hao’s humor.

‘Hate, who asked you to surprise me? This is a shock.’

‘Haha, since my husband is so kind, why don’t you show it to me?’

‘How do you express it?’


Zhang Hao smiled and pointed at his face.

Su Yuyan blushed, hesitated for a moment, and kissed Zhang Hao on the face as fast as a dragonfly touching water.

After all, the relationship is in place, and a kiss is nothing.

Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

I thought Su Yuyan would refuse, but unexpectedly she agreed.

It’s just that the speed is too fast and I don’t feel anything.

‘Honey, can you be more serious? You’re done before I even react.’

‘I don’t!’

Although Su Yuyan refused, her body was still very honest and moved towards Zhang Hao’s face.

At this moment, Zhang Hao suddenly turned his head.


Mouth and mouth meet.

Su Yuyan, who sensed something was wrong, quickly retreated, her face as red as dragon fruit.

‘I hate it, you just know how to take advantage of me and ignore you!’

Su Yuyan ran back to the bedroom with a shy look.

Zhang Hao smiled very brightly.

‘Honey, it was obviously you who kissed me, how can you say that I took advantage of you?’

Speaking of this, I suddenly thought of something and continued ‘By the way, wife, I have to go out for a while. You can take care of the baby at home and call me if you have anything.’

Although he didn’t hear Su Yuyan’s response, Zhang Hao walked out directly.

As for that matter, it was to treat Liu Huaqiang’s old mother.

Although terminal cancer is hard to save, if you can help, you will definitely not ignore it.

When Zhang Hao got into the car, he dialed Liu Huaqiang’s phone number.

‘What’s wrong, bro?’

‘Isn’t your mother sick? I’ll go over and take a look.’

‘No need, brother, I appreciate your kindness.’

‘I am not going to visit my aunt, but to treat my aunt.’

‘Seeing a doctor? Are you kidding? You still treat people?’

‘I know you don’t believe it. I observed your face when signing the contract. If I’m not mistaken, you suffer from very severe kidney deficiency, which means you won’t lift!’

‘How do you know…it’s impossible! I’m only forty years old, and it’s okay to do it several times a night!’

‘Damn, you must have gone to the toilet several times, because you also have a problem with your prostate.’

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Liu Huaqiang had an incredible expression on his face.

How did Zhang Hao know he had a problem?

He never slept with me.

Could it be that he really treats people?

Zhang Hao smiled and said, ‘Did you get what I said? Hang up first and get to the hotel door immediately.’

A few minutes later.

Zhang Hao drove to Shenghai Hotel.

And Liu Huaqiang has been waiting at the door for a long time.

Seeing Zhang Hao’s car, he walked over quickly.

As soon as I got in the car, I couldn’t wait to ask ‘Brother, do you think my disease can be cured?’