Chapter 68 Do you like your son?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:48:07 Author:Liubendo Word Count:5981

‘Of course it’s true. Haicheng people don’t lie to Haicheng people!’

After finishing speaking, Zhang Hao told the whole story.

Su Yuyan smiled after hearing this.

‘Is this such a good thing? Is that person a fool?’


Zhang Hao had a dark look on his face.

Fortunately Liu Huaqiang didn’t hear it.

If I heard it, I don’t know if I would cooperate with him.

Seeing this, Su Yuyan continued ‘Don’t mind, I just think this matter is a little bit outrageous.’

Although he knew that Zhang Hao’s secret recipe could be sold for money, Liu Huaqiang needed to invest more than 30 million!

The key is that Zhang Hao doesn’t have to invest a penny. He only needs to provide the secret recipe and he will hold 70% of the shares.

Isn’t this pie in the sky?

How can there be such a good thing in the world?

If this matter were placed on me, I would definitely not agree to it.

And there are many ways to occupy 50% of the shares.

‘Honey, actually this is not outrageous at all. You have never worked in a hotel, so you don’t know what’s going on inside.’


‘Anyway, we can make more money in the future and let you and your baby live a better life. By the way, now that we have money, where can we buy a house?’

‘How about saving money first? After all, money is so hard to make now.’

‘Honey, money is earned, not saved. Besides, buying a house is also an investment. It will definitely appreciate in value in half a year!’

‘This… it’s up to you. You make the decision about your money.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao frowned.

‘Honey, do you know what a couple is?’

‘It’s just a couple.’



‘The purpose of husband and wife is not to carry on the family line, but more importantly, they love each other, tolerate, respect and help each other, and discuss everything together. Except that the body belongs to them, everything else belongs to each other.’

Su Yuyan looked surprised.

Zhang Hao’s words shocked her.

I didn’t expect Zhang Hao to know so much about couples.

‘Have you ever been married before?’


Zhang Hao was confused by the question.

Su Yuyan was confused ‘Then how come you know so thoroughly about how couples get along? It seems like you have a lot of experience.’

Zhang Hao suddenly had a dark look on his face.

‘I’m talking from my heart, and I’m still married? What are you thinking in your little head?’

As he spoke, Su Yuyan’s white forehead flicked, and she continued ‘I gave you my precious first time. You are my first wife, my only one, and even my last!’


Su Yuyan frowned slightly, and a blush appeared on her face.


Why not myself?

Seeing Su Yuyan being shy and silent, Zhang Hao laughed.

‘Wife, I swear that I will make you happy for the rest of my life. Next, I will be responsible for making money to support the family and take care of the children, and you will be responsible for being as beautiful as a flower.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly, feeling extremely moved in her heart.

But suddenly, I felt guilty.

Because Zhang Hao paid a lot for this price, but he didn’t give him a son.

No son.

More than one person has said this.

Although every time I asked Zhang Hao, he always laughed it off.

But I knew in my heart that he must care very much.

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan asked in a low voice ‘Do you like your son?’


Zhang Hao was slightly stunned.

But the next moment, I understand what my wife is thinking.

This time, Zhang Hao was no longer reserved.

‘I like it. We now have three daughters. If we have a son, we will have both children. Without further ado, let’s give birth to one tonight.’


Su Yuyan was ashamed and angry ‘How can it be so fast? At least wait until after marriage.’

‘That’s right. It’s not convenient to have a bloated belly when you get married.’


Su Yuyan snorted.

Thinking that having a baby is not something that happens overnight, I simply changed the topic.

‘By the way, didn’t you say that your family is in business? Where did you get the secret recipe for delicious food?’


Zhang Hao thought for a while ‘It was passed down from my grandfather.’

As soon as he finished speaking, a small voice suddenly sounded in his head.


‘Host, call me grandpa.’

Zhang Hao said silently in his heart I hate my father.

Although the system took advantage of him, he did not dare to speak out.

In that case, money will be deducted by the system.

Soon, Zhang Hao drove to Shenghai Hotel.

‘Honey, I’ll be done soon. You and the baby can wait here for a while.’

‘I’ll go with you and see what’s going on.’


Zhang Hao opened the door and got out of the car.

He took out the stroller from the trunk, took out three cute babies and put them into the stroller.

But as he walked towards the hotel door, he suddenly froze.


Not far away, I saw a young man holding a beautiful woman in his arms, walking to the side of a Baoma 3 Series, and then got in.

And that beauty is Xiaoqian, whom Da Zhuang likes.

what’s the situation?

Good buddy got cuckolded?

‘Why don’t you leave?’

Seeing Zhang Hao suddenly stop, Su Yuyan on the side was a little confused.

‘It’s okay.’

Zhang Hao continued to walk forward, took out his mobile phone from his pocket and sent a WeChat message to Da Zhuang.

‘Dazhuang, are you still in contact with Xiaoqian?’

‘Of course, we are in love right now. She said that when she gets married in the future, she will have to give birth to quadruplets, one more than your family, hehe.’


‘What’s wrong, Brother Hao?’

‘It’s okay. I’ll talk to you in half an hour.’

After all, I don’t know how to talk about this kind of thing.

If you tell him directly, Da Zhuang will definitely be sad.

You have to tell him tactfully.

Thinking of this, he gave Da Zhuang a cuckold expression, and then put his phone back in his trouser pocket.

Then, we walked for a while and arrived in front of Liu Huaqiang’s office.

‘Dong dong dong.’

‘Come in~’

Zhang Hao pushed the door open and entered.

‘Brother, you’re here!’

Seeing Zhang Hao, Liu Huaqiang, who was sitting on the sofa, quickly stood up with a smile to greet him.

But when he saw Zhang Hao behind him, a look of surprise suddenly appeared on his face.

‘Brother! Is this my sister-in-law?’

‘Yes, my wife.’

Su Yuyan saw this and said hello with a smile ‘Hello.’

Liu Huaqiang shook his head ‘Tsk, tsk, tsk, my siblings look really good.’

‘Holy shit?’

Zhang Hao raised his eyebrows and glared.

When you go out with your wife and babies, everyone’s attention will be on your three adorable babies.

This guy is good, just look at his wife.

It’s so unauthentic.


Liu Huaqiang quickly apologized and said ‘Brother is angry, my younger siblings are so beautiful, ah, you still have three babies!’

Noticing the three cute babies, Liu Huaqiang was even more surprised than before.

Oh my god, they are still triplets!

Needless to say, it must have been in vitro fertilization.

At this time, Zhang Hao frowned.

I secretly decided in my heart that if I come to see Liu Huaqiang again in the future, I will never bring my wife with me.

‘Stop looking, let me take a look at the contract first.’


Liu Huaqiang smiled and took out the contract.

Zhang Hao glanced at it from beginning to end.

Well, 70% of the shares, no problem.

But when he was about to sign, Su Yuyan’s voice sounded.

‘Husband, let me take a look at the contract.’