Chapter 64 Attending the Birthday Banquet

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:47:20 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6196

‘What the hell…’

The smile on Fan Jian’s face froze instantly.

Just kidding, after all, that’s over 50 million.

Half a year’s worth of pocket money.

Even if you use it to pick up girls, you can still make a sound.

If it were given to Zhang Hao, it would be nothing.

‘Zhang Hao, how about this? I’ll give you 10 million and let this be settled.’

‘No, not even a cent less!’

‘Zhang Hao! Don’t go too far!’

‘Then I call the police?’

‘I’m warning you, don’t be too arrogant!’

Zhang Hao was too lazy to talk nonsense and took out his mobile phone to dial 110.

‘Wait a moment!’

When Fan Jian saw this, he quickly stopped him.

If it were Jing Gong, it wouldn’t be as simple as compensating 50 million.

Because the amount of money involved is huge, criminal liability will definitely be imposed.

‘Okay, I’ll compensate you more than 50 million!’

‘Transfer the money, my bank card number is 438438…’

Soon, Zhang Hao received the transfer.

A total of 51,286,860!

Looking at the eight-digit balance, I suddenly felt that feeling of being a rich person came back.

So cool!

This feeling cannot be understood by people who have not experienced ups and downs.

At this time, Fan Jian felt like his heart was bleeding.

‘I have given you the money, please leave immediately!’


Zhang Hao smiled slightly, then came to the display cabinet and continued to select products.

Fan Jian almost spit out a mouthful of blood when he saw this.

This kid isn’t playing anymore, is he?

If there are fakes inside, wouldn’t it mean that we have to lose money again?

‘Zhang Hao, please get out immediately!’

‘What’s the rush? I haven’t bought a gift yet.’

‘Not for sale!’

‘If you don’t sell it, I’ll call the police!’

‘What the hell!’

Fan Jian was forced to remain speechless.

There was no way, who could have been caught by Zhang Hao.

A few minutes later.

Zhang Hao bought two gifts.

One is a longevity star carved from the finest mutton-fat jade, priced at 580,000.

One is a jade bracelet, priced at 120,000.

Although the price is high, Zhang Hao didn’t feel distressed at all when swiping his card.

After choosing the gift, we drove straight to Shangri-La Hotel.

At this time, Su Yuyan had just recovered from the shock.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Hao was awarded more than 50 million yuan in compensation for cracking down on counterfeiting!

More than 50 million!

‘How did you know that those jades were all fake?’

‘Because like your grandfather, I also like jade and have studied jade a lot, so I can tell the authenticity at a glance.’


Su Yuyan nodded slightly, and then didn’t ask any more questions.

She was shocked and didn’t know what to ask, so she chose to remain shocked.

At this time, Zhang Hao took out his mobile phone and transferred 2.1 million to Liu Huaqiang.

Liu Huaqiang was shocked when he saw it.

‘Brother, why did you give me an extra hundred thousand? Do you look down on me?’

‘Yes, your two million has been put to great use.’

‘That’s fine, but I absolutely can’t take the one hundred thousand, so I’ll transfer it back to you.’

‘No, just think of it as an investment in a new hotel.’

‘Well… ok, I did not misjudge you, you are so loyal, I recognize you as a brother!’

‘Haha, let’s not talk anymore, I’m driving.’

‘Driving? Are you coming here to sign the contract?’

‘No, I’m going to attend the birthday party and I’ll go there after everything is over.’

‘Okay, I’ll wait for you at the hotel.’


A few minutes later.

Zhang Hao drove to Shangri-La Hotel.

As soon as I arrived, I saw a beautiful young woman standing at the door.

That was Su Yuyan’s mother, her future mother-in-law, Xia Yuhe.

I saw the mother-in-law looking around with an anxious look on her face.

‘Honey, your mother is waiting at the door. Why don’t you get out of the car first and I’ll push the baby over later.’


Su Yuyan also saw her mother.

I opened the door and got out of the car without waiting for the car to stop, because I was already twenty minutes late.


Su Yuyan shouted from a distance.

Xia Yuhe quickly followed the sound.

‘Daughter, why did you come here? Where are the babies?’

‘Zhang Hao went to park the car and push the baby over immediately.’

‘Parking? Did you buy a car? Where did you get the money?’


Su Yuyan hesitated to speak, hesitating whether to tell Zhang Hao about making money.

Xia Yuhe curled his lips when he saw this.

‘Silly girl, if you have anything to hide from your mother, please tell me.’

‘All right.’

So, Su Yuyan told Zhang Hao about selling the formula and the fact that he had just received more than 50 million in compensation for cracking down on counterfeiting.

‘It’s true! Xiao Zhang is so awesome!’

Xia Yuhe’s face was full of disbelief.

‘Of course it’s true. Why did I lie to you?’

‘Oh my God, I didn’t expect that my son-in-law is a genius.’

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Zhang Hao pushing the baby towards this side, and he quickly greeted him with a smile.

‘Xiao Zhang, you are so amazing. In just a few days, you have made more than 50 million!’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment, then laughed again.

After all, this is the mother-in-law, so it doesn’t hurt to know.

‘Auntie, actually I…’

‘Silly boy, what do you call aunt? Call me mom.’

Zhang Hao was stunned again.

This was too sudden, I was completely unprepared.

In the past, I only called my own mother, and I called other people’s mother all the time, but I couldn’t say it out loud.

Xia Yuhe didn’t pay attention and took the stroller from Zhang Hao.

‘Let’s go in first, the party has already started for a long time.’

After saying that, he pushed the stroller towards the hotel entrance.

As he walked, he looked at the baby and said with a smile ‘Baby babies, we haven’t seen each other for a few days. Do you miss grandma?’

‘Oh~ I’m still so young. I didn’t expect to become a grandma. Time is not forgiving.’

Zhang Hao came to Su Yuyan’s side.

‘Honey, let’s go in too.’


The banquet hall is decorated with brilliant lights.

The floor is covered with handmade carpets, there are various statues on the walls, and there is a small fountain in the center, which is very high-end and classy.

When Zhang Hao walked into the banquet hall, he found three tables placed in Noda’s hall.

There were a table of elderly people in their sixties, including an old man and a wife, a total of five people.

There were several middle-aged people and an old man with white hair at one table. Su Yuyan’s father, Su Jianlin, was among them, a total of eight people.

There were all young people at the table, including Su Huairou, six of them in total.

Zhang Hao glanced around and got a rough idea.

At this time, Xia Yuhe said ‘Daughter, you and Xiao Zhang take the baby to sit at your cousin’s table. I’ll go say hello to the old man first.’

‘Okay mom.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly.

She was very nervous at this time.

Although most of them are familiar faces and are relatives, I feel very uneasy at this time.

Suddenly, she felt her hand being held by a warm palm.

‘Honey, let’s go there.’


Su Yuyan took a deep breath and walked towards the dining table where young people gathered.

Except for the cousins, everyone at that table was cousins.

Arriving at the dining table, Su Yuyan summoned up the courage to say hello to her relatives.

‘Everyone is here. I’m really sorry that I’m late because I encountered something.’

After she finished speaking, she found to her embarrassment that no one paid any attention to her.

And those people were all smiling and chatting with Su Huairou.

Zhang Hao on the side suddenly became unhappy when he saw this.