Chapter 57 Negotiation

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-26 / 23:45:57 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6240

‘what’s up?’

Zhang Hao asked, took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit one to calm down the excitement after the fight.


Liu Huaqiang smiled and closed the door, motioning for Zhang Hao to sit down.

‘Of course it’s about the secret recipe. I want to buy another hundred secret recipes.’

‘no problem!’

Zhang Hao readily agreed.

A hundred secret recipes can be sold for at least two to three million.

Including the small 4 million in the card, it is enough to buy a better three-bedroom and two-living house.

Once I buy a house, my wife and baby won’t have to live in a shabby place like Biguiyuan.

‘Thank you, Mr. Zhang. We will stick to the previous price, which is 10,000 for vegetarian dishes and 30,000 for meat dishes. Thirty vegetarian dishes and seventy meat dishes.’

‘Okay, I will write out the secret recipe and send it to you when I get home later, and you can just send the money then.’

‘Don’t worry about the money, but I have one more thing to discuss with you.’

‘what’s up?’

‘Your secret recipe can only be sold to me in the future, not to others.’

‘I’m afraid this won’t work.’

Zhang Hao frowned and smiled.

What if someone offers a higher price?

I’m not stupid, why sell it at a low price when the price is high?

‘Don’t worry, Mr. Zhang, I promise to buy all your secret recipes in the future.’

Zhang Hao asked directly ‘Then why don’t you buy them all now?’

‘Because I don’t have that much money.’

‘Are you kidding me? You won’t have the money to open such a big hotel?’


Liu Huaqiang shook his head with a sad expression and began to talk.

‘Don’t look at me running a hotel, running a big car, and running a massage parlor. I have total assets of hundreds of millions, but it’s just superficial, and I don’t even have 10 million in liquidity.’

‘Oh, I see.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly, understanding this situation very well.

Don’t look at some people who drive a car worth four to five million yuan, but they can’t even come up with one thousand yuan.

Some bosses may seem brilliant, but behind the scenes they are heavily in debt.

Bosses like Liu Huaqiang are doing well.

Seeing Zhang Hao nodding, Liu Huaqiang was very moved, and he still thought, brothers, you understand me.

‘Master Zhang, since you understand my difficulties, please promise me not to sell the secret recipe to others in the future.’

‘not good.’


‘Ah what? If someone offers a higher price, I will definitely sell it because I am short of money.’

After all, I still have to buy a house next.

There is still a small goal of 100 million in half a year.

For yourself, nothing is more important than making money.

Of course, except for my wife and baby.

Ding dong~

WeChat alert sounded.

Zhang Hao took out his cell phone and saw a message from his wife.

‘Aren’t you coming back yet?’

‘Right away, heading back.’

Putting the phone back in his pocket, he stood up and said to Liu Huaqiang ‘If you want to buy the secret recipe, do it as soon as possible. If someone offers a high price, I will definitely sell it.’

After saying that, he raised his legs and walked towards the door.

Liu Huaqiang frowned slightly, as if he was making a decision.

When he saw Zhang Hao, he was about to walk out of the box and quickly stopped him.


‘What? Do you want to buy all the secret recipes?’

‘No, come back first and I’ll tell you something.’

‘Just say it.’

‘Okay, actually I want to open a hotel. The scale and grade are higher than the Shenghai Hotel. The initial investment is almost 30 million. Because I still need a loan, I don’t have the money to buy all your secret recipes.’

Speaking of this, Liu Huaqiang continued ‘But with your secret recipe and my connections, I will definitely be able to make back the money within half a year. By then, I can buy all your secret recipes. It’s no problem if the price is higher.’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

A business opportunity suddenly popped into his head.

Immediately, Zhang Hao smiled and sat at the dining table.

Liu Huaqiang smiled, finally getting Zhang Hao to agree.

‘Master Zhang, I know you are a person who values friendship, and I am determined to be your brother! I am very happy to be friends with you.’

‘It’s too early for you to be happy.’


Liu Huaqiang was stunned again.

Zhang Hao smiled slightly and expressed his thoughts.

‘I’m not too lazy to beat around the bush, let’s just get straight to the point. Let’s work together. I’ll give you the secret recipe, and you’ll give me the hotel. How about that?’

‘Do you want to invest in it?’

‘Yes, you are very smart.’

‘Hmm~ This is fine. If you only come up with the secret recipe… how about I give you 15% of the shares?’

‘No, it’s too little.’

‘How much do you want?’


‘How much?’ Liu Huaqiang’s eyes were as wide as bells.


‘Zhang Hao! Are you kidding a fool?’

‘Don’t worry, let me analyze it slowly for you.’

Zhang Hao smiled and then spoke.

‘Think about it, I now have more than a thousand secret recipes, of which the secret recipes for meat dishes account for two-thirds. Even if each secret recipe is worth 20,000 yuan, it is worth 20 million.’

‘And you also know that the dishes made with my secret recipe are simply delicious, and are loved by men, women, and children.’

‘As long as you cooperate with me, the secret recipe belongs to both of us. No matter how high the price is, I will not sell it.’

‘Although you think you are losing, in the long run, it is actually me who is losing.’

‘If I hadn’t found you a trustworthy person, I would have found someone more capable to cooperate with you.’

‘Think about it, is this true?’

After finishing speaking, Zhang Hao leaned back on his chair, squinted his eyes and took a puff of cigarette, waiting for Liu Huaqiang to make a decision.

Although I only knew about eating, drinking and having fun before, now that I have dealt with money more, I naturally have a business acumen.

Moreover, after careful analysis, what I said makes sense.

‘Let me think about it.’

Liu Huaqiang rubbed his chin with his hand, looking deep in thought, and muttering in his mouth.

‘More than a thousand secret recipes worth 20 million.’

‘The new hotel requires an investment of 30 million.’

‘He holds 70% of the shares, and I still have two to three million more.’

‘But if you make a net profit of 70,000 to 80,000 yuan a day, you can make it back in less than half a year.’

‘Well, that’s not a bad calculation.’

‘But he only came up with the secret recipe, and I paid for it. I always felt like I was at a disadvantage.’

‘No, we must take more shares.’

Thinking of this, Liu Huaqiang looked at Zhang Hao and said seriously ‘Cooperation is okay, but the shares must be half of each of us…’

With a ‘clop’ sound, Zhang Hao stood up and left.

‘Hey, hey, don’t leave. Isn’t it okay for you to account for 60%?’

Zhang Hao walked to the door without looking back.


Zhang Hao opened the door and walked out.

‘Okay! 70%!’

“A pleasure to work with.”

Zhang Hao’s voice came from outside.

But Liu Huaqiang couldn’t be happier and always felt that he had lost money.

‘Super ldol’s smile is not as sweet as yours, and the sunshine at noon in August is not as dazzling as yours. I love you at 105 degrees, and every drop of pure distilled water~’

‘Honey, I’m back.’

Zhang Hao returned home humming a pleasant tune.

Thinking of having a free hand and owning 70% of the shares of a hotel, I felt happy.

No, it’s not a waste of time. He even came up with a secret recipe.

And the secret recipe can sell for at least 20 million.

In any case, at least there is a real industry.

In pleasure, Zhang Hao came to the bedroom door.

But when he looked inside, he suddenly frowned.