Chapter 49 She likes you

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:40:15 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6265

‘Honey, are you happy to buy new clothes?’

Zhang Hao asked with a smile and threw the toilet paper stuck in his nostril into the trash can.

With my understanding of medical skills, I knew that the nosebleed just now was only temporary.

Nosebleeds are due to physiological reactions, not physical illness.

‘Not happy.’

Su Yuyan complained in a tone of voice ‘We agreed that we would only try it and not buy it, but you finally settled the bill. It’s more than 46,000, which is enough to buy as much milk powder for the babies. Even if you are rich, you can’t be so extravagant. You forgot to pay more.’ Save 100 million?’

‘Of course I haven’t forgotten. How can I marry you without 100 million? I just want you and the baby to live a better life, that’s all.’

Although Zhang Hao admitted that he had made an impulsive purchase just now, he did not regret it.

Only by allowing your wife and baby to live a better life can you be considered a competent husband and father.

Ding dong.

While I was thinking, a WeChat notification sounded.

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly, thinking that it must be the message from Shaohua.

I have to thank myself for finding him a job.

‘This kid is so polite to his father.’

Zhang Hao smiled and took out his phone from his pocket.

But when I opened WeChat, I saw that it was a message from my wife next to me, and it was a transfer of 50,000 yuan.

‘Wife, what are you doing?’

‘Of course I will return the money to you, because I can’t make big money or help you earn 100 million. The only thing I can do is save money. From now on, my salary will be used for family expenses, and you won’t be able to earn a penny. Flowers, only in this way can we hope to save 100 million within half a year.’

Zhang Hao smiled and shook his head, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

With such a gentle and considerate wife, what more could a husband ask for?

‘Honey, money is for spending, and I am sure that I will save 100 million in half a year. I will give you back the 50,000, and I won’t take it if you give it to me. You and I are all mine, so how can we divide the money between you and me?’

As he finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something and added ‘If you have the idea of returning the clothes, kill it in the cradle immediately. Even if you return it, I will buy it again.’

Su Yuyan was stunned for a moment.

How did Zhang Hao know that he wanted to return his clothes?

Although I had this idea, I didn’t say it out loud.

He’s so smart.

But even if he guessed it, the clothes would still have to be returned. After all, they cost more than 40,000 yuan.

After I quit, I bought high-end imitations on Pinxixi, which only cost more than 200 yuan. Zhang Hao definitely didn’t know.

Thinking of this, Su Yuyan raised the corners of her mouth slightly, thinking that she was quite smart too.

Although Zhang Hao caught the smile on Su Yuyan’s face, he didn’t know what was going on in her little head.

‘Zhang Hao?’

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the side.

Zhang Hao frowned immediately when he heard the sound.

Wang Yaoyao?

Although he heard Wang Yaoyao’s voice, Zhang Hao was confused.

Doesn’t she hold a grudge against herself? Why do you still take the initiative to say hello?

And it makes me feel happy to hear the sound.

Xun Sheng looked around and saw Wang Yaoyao walking towards this side with a smile on her face.

‘Zhang Hao, I didn’t expect to meet you here, it’s fate.’

Wang Yaoyao smiled and said hello, then looked at Su Yuyan.

But when she looked at it, she found that Su Yuyan was more beautiful than herself.

Both his figure and appearance are slightly better.

But…it seems like her breasts are smaller than mine.

Comparing her two strengths, Wang Yaoyao deliberately puffed up her chest.

‘You must be Su Yuyan. You are so beautiful and have a good figure. You don’t look like you have given birth to a child at all.’

Upon hearing this, the smile on Su Yuyan’s face instantly solidified.

Although it was a compliment, it somehow changed when it came out of this girl’s mouth.

At this time, a look of displeasure appeared on Zhang Hao’s face.

He said indifferently ‘If you can’t speak, shut up! Wife, let’s go.’

After saying that, he pushed the stroller forward.

Wang Yaoyao quickly blocked the way.

‘Zhang Hao, I’m here to apologize to you. I was wrong for what happened before. I was too ignorant. I hope you can forgive me.’


Zhang Hao responded casually.

Although I don’t know what Wang Yaoyao is up to, my dislike for her is eternal.

‘So you forgive me? Then I’ll be relieved.’

Wang Yaoyao looked happy.

Just then, she noticed the three cute babies in the stroller.

Taking a closer look, his smile became even brighter.

‘Zhang Hao, are these three little ones your babies? They are so cute.’


‘Can I have a hug?’

‘No, give up.’

‘Okay, then I won’t hold them. Oops! I just realized that the three babies are all little princesses, and none of them are boys.’

When the word ‘boy’ came up, Wang Yaoyao raised her voice as if she was deliberately emphasizing it.

At this time, Zhang Hao’s face was already covered with dark clouds.

‘You’re really done, aren’t you?’

Seeing Zhang Hao angry, Wang Yaoyao suddenly looked aggrieved.

‘People are happy to see you, why are you still angry?’


Zhang Hao scolded angrily, glared at Wang Yaoyao, and continued to walk forward.

Su Yuyan’s cold eyes stayed on Wang Yaoyao’s face for a moment, and then left with Zhang Hao.

Wang Yaoyao looked resentful when she saw this.

‘Hmph, isn’t she just prettier than me? What’s there to be proud of?’

‘Although you gave birth to a baby for Zhang Hao, it was just an accident.’

‘You two can’t even spend more than ten days together. Love without an emotional foundation will not last.’

‘Besides, there are three girls and not a single boy. Zhang Hao will definitely dislike it.’

‘Just wait, Zhang Hao will belong to me sooner or later.’

‘I also want to give him triplets, and they are all boys!’

‘Zhang Hao, who was that girl just now?’

After some ideological struggle, Su Yuyan finally asked what she had been holding back in her heart.

‘Classmate, don’t be angry about my wife, she is a psychopath.’

‘I’m not angry, I just saw that she likes you.’

‘Like me? Honey, are you kidding me?’

‘I’m not kidding. With a girl’s sixth sense, I can tell that she has a crush on you.’

‘Impossible, she has humiliated me before. By the way, it was when you went to find me on the playground of our school, and when your best friend Bai Jie sent me back to school. She created a scandal on the school forum, saying that I had two feet. But she was slapped by Bai Jie’s brother Bai Bing that night, and she posted an apology the next day. She had a grudge against me, how could she like me.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly.

Although Zhang Hao said that the girl was indeed too much, but a woman’s sixth sense would never be wrong.

Jingle Bell.

A pleasant cell phone ringtone rang from Zhang Hao’s pocket.

I took out my phone and saw three words on the screen Sun Dandan.

The boss of the maternity and baby products store.

Didn’t you say that the live broadcast will only sell goods at night?

What are you doing on the phone now?

In his thoughts, Zhang Hao answered the phone and asked, ‘Boss Sun, what’s the matter?’

‘Xiao Zhang, since today is the May Day holiday, I will sell the goods in advance. If you have time at noon, you can live broadcast. It will only take an hour.’

‘Have time.’

‘Okay, let’s hang two products on the little yellow cart first, and I’ll send you the product information on WeChat.’

‘Okay, Boss Sun.’

As soon as I hung up the phone, I immediately received information about two items.

But when I opened it, I was suddenly stunned.