Chapter 37 Am I so immature in your eyes?

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:37:51 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6483

‘Mouse, come back quickly!’

Seeing Zhang Hao walking into the hotel, Zhao Yong ran over quickly.

Because he knew that Zhang Hao was easily impulsive.

The key is that he knows martial arts. If he hurts someone in anger, it would be a trivial matter to pay for it. If he becomes criminally liable, let alone graduate, his life will be over.

Soon, Zhao Yong caught up with Zhang Hao and held on to his hand tightly.

‘Mouse, it’s just a meal, there’s no need to be so impulsive.’

Zhang Hao smiled and asked ‘Am I so immature in your eyes?’


Zhao Yong nodded very seriously.

Zhang Hao’s lips moved slightly and he continued walking towards the hotel.

Although Zhao Yong didn’t let go, he felt that Zhang Hao was surprisingly strong and was dragged in by him.

At this time, the lady at the front desk was playing with her newly done nails.

She is wearing a white shirt and looks delicate, giving people a pure beauty.

Suddenly, she noticed that a guest had arrived, and immediately showed a professional fake smile.

But when he took a closer look, he frowned.

‘It’s those poor students again, so annoying.’

At this time, Zhang Hao came to the front desk and asked ‘Why is the package we ordered at noon gone now?’

‘Because there are already people.’

The beauty seemed to be ignoring her.

We have seen many gatherings of poor students like this.

You can’t spend much money but it still takes up space, which affects the hotel business.

One time, it went too far. Ten students came and only ordered three dishes and a box of beer. They drank from 5pm to 11pm. The total consumption was 438, which was not as expensive as those big bosses ordering a bottle of red wine.

At this time, Zhao Yong on the side persuaded ‘Mouse, let’s forget it. Let’s go eat somewhere else.’

Zhang Hao waved his hand and looked at the beauty with serious eyes.

‘Since we booked it first, we shouldn’t give it to others. This is the most basic principle. Call your manager.’

‘Our manager is not here.’

‘very good.’

Zhang Hao sneered and nodded, taking out his mobile phone to contact Wang Fugui.

Zhao Yong’s heart trembled when he saw this, thinking that Zhang Hao was trying to shake people up.

However, his own persuasion was useless. When he saw Su Yuyan walking over with a stroller, he immediately asked her for help.

‘Sister-in-law, please advise this rat to just have a meal, there is no need to go into a big fight.’

Su Yuyan smiled and nodded ‘Zhang Hao, let’s forget it.’

‘It’s okay, wife.’

Zhang Hao responded with a smile. At this time, Wang Fugui’s voice came from the receiver.

‘Master Zhang, why did you remember to call me?’

‘I’m in the lobby of your hotel, and the box I reserved for lunch has been occupied by someone else. This is against the rules.’

‘This is happening, I’ll be there right away.’

‘sorry to bother you.’

Zhang Hao said some kind words and then hung up the phone.

Because no matter what their status is, people have their own dignity and like to be respected.

Since someone gives you face, you must treat him the same. This is human nature.

Soon, Wang Fugui came.

Seeing Zhang Hao, there was a smile on his face, and I felt extremely grateful.

With his secret food recipe, the hotel business was booming in just two days, and the revenue hit a new high every day.

And the commissions I received also increased.

Therefore, seeing Zhang Hao is like seeing the God of Wealth, so you must not neglect him.

‘Master Zhang, come with your wife, children and friends for dinner.’

‘Well, it’s a pity that there is no room.’

‘How could it happen? No one can live without you. Come with me.’

After saying that, he walked towards the elevator entrance.

Zhang Hao remained motionless because something remained unresolved.

‘Wait a minute, I think there’s something wrong with the attitude of the front desk clerk at your hotel, as if he looks down on us.’

Zhang Hao is not a person who cares about everything, but it depends on what happens.

The waiter’s attitude just now made him very angry.

If I don’t calm down this anger, I won’t be able to eat.

Wang Fugui’s face immediately darkened upon hearing this.

Without saying a word, he opened the door to the waiter.

‘Go away and don’t come tomorrow.’


The beautiful waiter was suddenly stunned.

Although I was prepared to be scolded the moment the manager showed up, I didn’t expect to be fired directly.

Realizing that his job was not guaranteed, he quickly began to plead for mercy.

‘Manager, I know I was wrong, please don’t fire me.’

‘You offended Mr. Zhang, what’s the use of begging me for mercy?’

Upon hearing this, the beautiful waiter immediately placed her hope on Zhang Hao.

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Zhang. It was my fault just now. I shouldn’t have treated you with that attitude. Because I’m on my period these days, I lose my temper easily. I hope you don’t mind. If I lose this job, I’ll be finished.’ Because my life is very hard, I have been dependent on my mother since I was a child, and I have to pay rent every month…’

‘Stop it!’

Before the beautiful waiter could finish speaking, Zhang Hao interrupted.

‘Do you think I will believe it? The gold necklace around your neck is not cheap, isn’t it? There is also the jade bracelet on your hand, and you have just done a manicure. Are you still suffering?’

The beautiful waitress who was exposed to the lie was immediately speechless and had no choice but to obey.

However, at this moment, Da Zhuang came to Zhang Hao with some embarrassment.

He smiled lightly and said, ‘Brother Hao, just forget it for my sake. Don’t embarrass this little girl.’


Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment, not expecting Da Zhuang to plead for the waiter.

‘Do you know each other?’

‘do not know.’

Da Zhuang smiled and shook his head, his smile was very unnatural.

Zhang Hao was suddenly enlightened when he saw it.

Needless to say, Da Zhuang must have fallen in love with this little girl.

After all, this innocent beauty is very beautiful, but she is far behind her wife.

‘Could it be that you have fallen in love with her?’

Da Zhuang smiled and said nothing, then looked at the beautiful waiter and asked with a smile ‘Beauty, can you add me on WeChat?’


The beautiful waiter agreed without thinking.

Then, Da Zhuang took out his mobile phone and added the beauty’s WeChat message.

Zhang Hao smiled slightly, now that it was like this, he didn’t care about anything anymore.

Because Da Zhuang is a shy boy, he seldom talks to girls.

After finally meeting the girl you like, the brothers will naturally help each other.

When the manager saw this, he immediately smiled and smoothed things over.

‘Master Zhang, since you have nothing to do, come with me and I will arrange the best private room for you.’


Then, Zhang Hao and others followed the manager into the elevator.

At this time, Zhao Yong was a little confused.

Isn’t Zhang Hao already in despair? How come you are so dignified wherever you go?

In his thoughts, he touched his strong arm and whispered ‘I can’t tell you are very brave. You took the initiative to add a beautiful woman on WeChat. In fact, I also fell in love with that beautiful woman, but it’s a pity that you beat me to it.’


Da Zhuang glanced sideways at Zhao Yong, then looked at the phone with a smile.

‘Hello, beauty, my name is Da Zhuang. May I ask the beauty her name?’

‘Just call me Xiaoqian. Thank you just now.’

‘You are welcome.’

After Da Zhuang replied, he still didn’t receive any news from Xiao Qian, so he racked his brains to think of a sentence.

‘There is no wine in the beauty’s dimples, but I am as drunk as a dog.’

‘Hehe, you are so funny. Do you treat other girls the same way?’

‘Absolutely not. I didn’t know what love at first sight was until I saw you for the first time.’

‘Really? I actually feel the same way.’

Seeing this message, Da Zhuang’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he knew that something was definitely going to happen next.

Haha, my spring is coming!