Chapter 30 Angry

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:36:29 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6321

‘What do you mean?’

Zhang Hao was stunned when asked.

Although she guessed that Bai Jie would mention her to Bai Bing, it was already known to the whole school that she had a wife and children.

And it is expected that Bai Jie will also mention this matter.

Therefore, I feel that Bai Bing’s question is very misleading.

Bai Bing smiled at this time ‘Just now my sister was chatting with me on WeChat and asked if she knew you. I said yes, and then she said to follow you more.’

After finishing speaking, he walked up to Zhang Hao and whispered ‘Brother Hao, my sister is not bad in appearance and figure. If you like her, I can help you match her.’


Zhang Hao said something beautiful in Chinese and left with the kettle.

Bai Bing frowned slightly, with confusion on his face.

‘If it doesn’t work, then it won’t work. Why are you so angry?’

On the other side, when Zhang Hao returned to the dormitory and was about to pour water to wash his feet, Zhao Yong’s displeased voice sounded.

‘Mouse, no wonder you don’t sleep with Goddess Su. It turns out that you are flirting with women outside. It’s not that your brothers are talking about you. You are already your father’s son. And Goddess Su is so beautiful. Why are you still so uninhibited?’

Upon hearing this, Zhang Hao frowned and looked at Zhao Yong ‘What do you mean?’

Zhao Yong turned his phone screen to Zhang Hao ‘Didn’t you read the college’s forum? You are the focus of the whole school now.’

Zhang Hao walked over immediately.

When he took a closer look, he immediately became furious.

A post has been hotly debated on the forum, with hundreds of comments.

Title Zhang Hao, who is in Class 2 of Grade 3, has two things to do. As a husband and the father of three children, he actually dates another woman. This is simply scumbag behavior!

The content is three pictures.

In the first picture, Zhang Hao got out of a Maserati.

In the second picture, Zhang Hao was smiling and chatting with a beautiful woman.

In the third picture, the beautiful woman watched Zhang Hao leave.

That beauty is Bai Jie.

The content of the comments in the post is even more unsightly.

‘I didn’t expect Zhang Hao to be such a person. He is worse than a beast.’

‘Goddess Su is so beautiful, why isn’t he satisfied? I can take over if you don’t want her, even if she has the child’s surname.’

‘After all, we are the second generation of rich people. Even if we become poor, our nature is hard to change.’

‘Who makes a parent look handsome? That woman drives a Martha, and the key is that she is a beautiful woman.’

‘Tch, you are already a husband and a father, and yet you are so carefree. You are simply the scum of men!’

At this time, Zhang Hao was furious!

It doesn’t matter how much you scold yourself.

But when it comes to my wife and baby, no one can take it lightly.

In anger, when I saw the online name of the poster, the anger on his face became even more obvious.

Yaochi Fairy!

Isn’t this Wang Yaoyao’s online name?

It was actually her post!

‘Mad! It turns out to be this cousin!’

Zhang Hao was so angry that he threw his phone.

Thinking that the phone was not his, he was still on Zhao Yong’s bed and walked out of the dormitory angrily.


Upon seeing this, Zhao Yong quickly followed, followed closely by Da Zhuang and Shaohua, worried that Zhang Hao would do something outrageous because of his impulsiveness.


438 The bedroom door was kicked open.

Angry Zhang Hao stood at the door, his sharp eyes like a murderous god.

The four people in the dormitory were suddenly jumped.

Seeing Zhang Hao, the two people had obvious reactions.

One is Yang Wei. Seeing Zhang Hao is like a mouse seeing a cat.

One is Bai Bing, wondering what’s wrong with Zhang Hao?

At this time, Yang Wei showed a smile that was uglier than crying ‘Brother Hao, why are you here?’

Zhang Hao didn’t speak and walked straight towards Yang Wei with a sullen face, because he could only contact Wang Yaoyao through this guy.

Yang Wei was horrified when he saw this, thinking that Zhang Hao was here to settle a score with him.

‘Master Zhang, didn’t you beat me last time? I didn’t offend you after that.’

There is no way, because Zhang Hao is too scary.

I wanted to bully this down-and-out rich second generation last time, but I didn’t expect him to be so capable.

In a few seconds, four or five people were knocked down. No one would dare to mess with him in the future.

Zhang Hao said coldly ‘Call your girlfriend right away!’

Yang Wei was stunned for a moment and asked, ‘I wonder which girlfriend Mr. Zhang is talking about?’

‘Wang Yaoyao.’


Yang Wei quickly took out his cell phone, found Wang Yaoyao’s number and asked, ‘Mr. Zhang, what should I say?’

‘Call her out!’

Yang Wei nodded.

Although I didn’t know why Zhang Hao was so angry, I didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

If you say something wrong, you will definitely get beaten again.

Then, the phone was dialed and there was a whining voice.

‘Viagra, what’s wrong with calling so late?’

‘Come out for a moment.’

‘What are you doing out there?’

‘Master Zhang, I want to see you for something.’

As soon as he finished speaking, there was suddenly no sound on the phone.

‘Hello? Can you hear me?’

‘Viagra, if I don’t go out, he must be because of what I posted on the school forum. If I go out, he will definitely beat me. I don’t care. You can settle this matter for me.’

Toot toot.

The call was hung up.

Yang Wei was confused.

Posting on the school forum? Mr. Zhang wants to beat her? What’s happening here?

At this time, Zhang Hao asked ‘Is she coming out?’

Yang Wei shook his head ‘She said you wanted to beat her, so she didn’t come out. Mr. Zhang, what’s the reason?’

‘You can find out by looking at the school forum.’

After hearing what Zhang Hao said, Yang Wei immediately logged into the school’s forum.

Bai Bing and the other two people also opened the forum and started reading.

That post was very popular, and I saw it as soon as I entered it.

Suddenly, Bai Bing’s angry voice sounded.

‘Damn it, isn’t this my sister! Wang Yaoyao, you little bastard, I will destroy you!’

Bai Bing’s face turned green with anger when he saw his sister appear on the forum and get the bad name.

When Yang Wei learned about the situation, he immediately distanced himself from Wang Yaoyao.

‘Master Zhang, I don’t know about this. I have broken up with Wang Yaoyao. She has been pestering me.’

Zhang Hao said indifferently ‘No matter what method you use, ask her out!’

‘Okay, Mr. Zhang.’

Yang Wei immediately followed suit.

After thinking for a moment, he dialed Wang Yaoyao’s phone number.

‘Yao Yao, I gave Zhang Hao a beating, how are you going to reward me?’

‘Really? Viagra is still powerful, but it’s so late, maybe tomorrow.’

‘No, right now. Don’t you want to buy the new Apple 13? Come with me tonight and I will buy it for you tomorrow.’

‘Honey, you’re so kind. I’ll be up there later. Come find me at the door of the dormitory building.’

Toot toot.

Yang Wei smiled at Zhang Hao and said, ‘Mr. Zhang, she agreed to come out.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly ‘Come with me.’

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the door.

Yang Wei hesitated for a moment, and although he was a little reluctant, he had no choice but to follow.

At this time, Bai Bing on the side also followed closely with a gloomy face.

Below the girls’ dormitory building.

Wang Yaoyao, who was exquisitely dressed, was full of expectations.

I feel happy when I think that I will be able to use Apple 13 tomorrow and show off in front of my classmates.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps.

When Wang Yaoyao looked sideways, she was slapped directly before she could see who it was.


The sound is loud and crisp.

Wang Yaoyao was beaten with stars in her eyes.