Chapter 25 What do married men fear most?

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‘Master Zhang, I’ve finally waited for you.’

The passenger window slowly rolled down, revealing a chubby smiling face.

This is none other than Liu Huaqiang, the owner of Shenghai Hotel.

Zhang Hao frowned slightly ‘Are you still looking for trouble?’

‘No no no.’

Liu Huaqiang said quickly ‘I was too impulsive just now. I hope Mr. Zhang can forgive me. I came to buy the secret recipe at the price you said.’


Zhang Hao agreed directly without any hesitation.

Although I had a feud with this fat man in the hotel, I could tolerate anything as long as I could make money.

After all, I agreed to my father-in-law’s request and made 100 million in half a year.

For the sake of my wife and baby, I have to do it no matter what.

At this time, Liu Huaqiang gave a thumbs up ‘Young Master Zhang is really full of belly. How about we find a place to chat?’

‘Let’s go, it just so happens that I haven’t eaten yet.’

After saying that, Zhang Hao directly opened the back door and sat in.

Liu Huaqiang’s expression moved slightly, and he became more determined in his previous thoughts.

Confidence comes from strength.

Zhang Hao is so arrogant, there must be someone behind him.

After a while, the car arrived at Shenghai Hotel.

In the most luxurious box, Zhang Hao received warm hospitality.

In addition to Liu Huaqiang, he was also accompanied by Wang Fugui, who looked at Zhang Hao with great respect.

Liu Huaqiang was all smiles ‘Brother Zhang, how many secret recipes do you have in total? How many vegetarian dishes and how many meat dishes?’

‘Wait until I’m full.’

Zhang Hao said something while eating.

Because he is too hungry.

I originally planned to have some late-night snacks before going back to school after leaving Su Yuyan’s house, but I didn’t expect to meet Liu Huaqiang and be taken to the hotel by him, just in time for a hearty meal.

‘Don’t be in a hurry, just eat slowly.’

Liu Huaqiang had a smile on his face and said nothing more.

After a few minutes, Zhang Hao was full.

I leaned back comfortably on the chair, lit a cigarette, and instantly felt more comfortable.

Before Liu Huaqiang could speak, Zhang Hao thought for a moment and said, ‘I don’t know any of the eight major cuisines. There should be at least more than a hundred dishes in each cuisine. Find someone to take notes, and I will tell you the secret recipe in detail.’

Upon hearing this, Liu Huaqiang looked surprised.

Eight major cuisines, each with more than a hundred dishes, adding up to more than a thousand dishes.

Just kidding, there are no more than 200 kinds of dishes in the hotel.

‘Brother, we don’t need so much. Do you think this will work? Let’s talk about the dishes I have in the hotel first. If the business becomes more prosperous next, I will consider introducing new dishes. After all, you also know that there are too many dishes…’

‘At least two hundred, no less than one.’

Before Liu Huaqiang could finish speaking, Zhang Hao interrupted directly.

He is here to make money, not to listen to other people’s ink.


After a brief hesitation, Liu Huaqiang chose to agree, and it was entirely to give Zhang Hao face.

‘Fugui, bring the menu.’

‘Okay Brother Qiang.’

Liu Fugui quickly stood up and walked out of the room, then quickly returned with a menu in his hand.

Zhang Hao opened the menu and saw that there was not a single dish on it that he didn’t know how to do.

‘I’ll let you write it. Cut the twice-cooked pork, pork belly into cubes, cook with ginger slices for five minutes, take out, then slice the meat. Add minced ginger and garlic without adding oil to the pot and stir-fry until golden brown. Add bean paste and stir-fry evenly. Add tempeh, green pepper, red pepper, dark soy sauce, and salt, stir-fry for one minute and remove.’

Three hours later.

Zhang Hao looked at the menu and recited the instructions for each dish.

Then he told me how to make several dishes, totaling two hundred.

There are fifty vegetarian dishes and one hundred and fifty meat dishes.

After finishing speaking, he took a sip of the drink to quench his thirst.

Liu Huaqiang smiled and said ‘Brother, I’ve made you tired. If the business is booming next, I will buy a new secret recipe. Come on, let’s celebrate in advance. Cheers.’

After saying that, he picked up a glass of white wine.

Seeing this, Wang Fugui quickly picked up his glass and was about to make a toast.

Zhang Hao waved his hand ‘Forget the wine, just give me the money. It’s getting late and I should go back. I have to take care of the kids tomorrow.’

Liu Huaqiang was startled for a moment, then agreed with a smile.

‘Okay, I’ll transfer the money to you right now.’

Then, Zhang Hao received a transfer of five million.

Seeing the seven-digit balance on the bank card, my mood suddenly became happy.

Looking back, I think I haven’t had so much money for more than half a year.

With this money, the lives of my wife and children can be improved.

‘That’s it, I’m leaving first.’

‘Wait a minute, brother, I’ll arrange for someone to take you back.’

Ten minutes later.

Zhang Hao came to the door of the dormitory.

Pushing the door open and walking into the dormitory, I saw three roommates busy each other.

Zhao Yong exercises his arm strength with dumbbells.

Da Zhuang is sitting in front of the computer playing chicken.

Shaohua was lying on the bed playing the League of Legends mobile game.

Although they noticed that they were back, no one spoke.

‘Are you deaf? You didn’t say hello when you saw dad come back?’

Zhao Yong said casually ‘We had expected you to come back a long time ago. You stayed up to watch over Goddess Su, but you just slept with us big men. Could it be that you have the talent of Long Yang?’

Shaohua, who was playing the game, immediately added ‘Mouse, you must not be a father.’


Zhang Hao said displeased ‘That’s because my wife and I have just met each other a few days ago and are not familiar with each other yet.’

‘After a while, I won’t come back even if you beg me to come back.’

After the words fell, Zhao Yong’s voice sounded with a smile.

‘I disagree. After you sleep with Goddess Su for a while, you will definitely want to come back every day, but you won’t be able to.’

Zhang Hao was a little confused ‘How do you say this?’

‘Haven’t you heard that saying? Married men are most afraid of January 31st, and married women are most afraid of December 1st.’

‘What’s the meaning?’

Zhang Hao was confused.

Although I didn’t understand what Zhao Yong said, I knew it must be very evil.

Because he looks decent, but he has a turbulent heart.

Zhao Yong explained with a smile ‘You first separate the dates, and then understand them backwards, so you understand.’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly and muttered softly.

‘Separate the dates and understand them backwards, January 31st? December 1st? Oh~’

Zhang Hao suddenly understood and looked at Zhao Yong with contempt.

‘Your kid’s thoughts are too evil. Can you still have fun in the future? Do you have a girlfriend? There are quite a few bad ideas.’

‘Hehe, isn’t this the black one who is close to the ink? I learned it all from you.’

‘Go away, don’t learn from daddy in the future.’

With that said, Zhang Hao lay directly on the bed.

Thinking that he had just earned five million, he couldn’t wait to share the joy with Su Yuyan.

‘Honey, are you asleep?’

Zhang Hao sent a WeChat message.

But he hadn’t received a reply yet and heard Zhao Yong speak.

‘By the way, Mouse, did Master Jue tell you? There will be a test tomorrow morning to test the students’ academic performance. Isn’t it about to graduate? In case someone doesn’t get the diploma.’

‘Also, there will be a sports meeting the day after tomorrow, and after that, we will have the May Day holiday.’

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly.

I looked at the calendar. Tomorrow is April 30th, and the day after tomorrow is May Day.

Although you can participate in the sports meeting or not, you may have to participate in the probing test.

Ding dong~

WeChat alert sounded.