Chapter 18 Dabao will call daddy!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:34:08 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6116

‘Yeah, the baby’s awake!’

Su Yuyan walked quickly towards the bedroom.

However, just halfway through, the crying suddenly disappeared.


Su Yuyan was slightly stunned.

When you walk into the bedroom, a warm scene comes into view.

I saw Zhang Hao walking back and forth with Er Bao in his arms, patting Er Bao’s back gently with one hand.

Erbao fell asleep with his little head resting on Zhang Hao’s shoulder, with a smile on his little face.

Su Yuyan said softly ‘I’m going to cook first. Call me if you need anything.’

‘Good wife.’


Su Yuyan stopped talking, glared at Zhang Hao angrily and turned to leave.

Zhang Hao smiled and continued to coax Erbao to sleep.

‘The big white rabbit, white and white, with two ears standing up…’


Suddenly, a scream came.

That was Su Yuyan’s voice.

Zhang Hao quickly put Erbao on the court and ran into the bedroom.

‘What’s wrong?’

Seeing Su Yuyan standing in front of the cutting board, one hand tightly clenched the index finger of the other hand, with pain on her delicate face.

‘It’s okay, I accidentally cut my hand while chopping vegetables.’

‘Let me see.’

Zhang Hao walked over quickly, took his hand away and immediately frowned.

The wound was very deep, as much as two millimeters.

The blood dripped down the scallion-white jade fingers and fell to the ground.

‘The wound is so deep and you still say it’s okay! Do you have iodine or alcohol at home?’

Su Yuyan suddenly became afraid when she heard the alcohol.

Because it doesn’t hurt if you get cut, but if you use alcohol to disinfect it, it will hurt a lot.

‘No, no, I’ll just find a Band-Aid and put it on.’

Although there was alcohol at home, he told Zhang Hao that there was no alcohol.

Because for girls, one is afraid of ghosts, and the other is afraid of pain.

‘Band-Aids won’t work, you have to disinfect it with alcohol first.’

Zhang Hao said seriously ‘If you don’t have it, I’ll buy it.’

After that, he turned around and left.

‘do not go.’

Su Yuyan quickly stopped Zhang Hao, and seeing his resolute look, she had no choice but to obey.

‘There is alcohol at home, in the drawer under the coffee table in the living room.’

‘Then why did you say no?’

‘Because I’m afraid of pain.’


Zhang Hao said no more and took the alcohol from the living room.

But when Su Yuyan’s hand was about to be disinfected, she pulled it out.

‘I fear pain.’

‘It doesn’t hurt. If the wound becomes infected without disinfection, you will have to go to the hospital for treatment. Then it will hurt even more.’


‘Of course, I lied to you about being a puppy.’

‘All right.’

Seeing Su Yuyan turn her head to the side, Zhang Hao poured alcohol directly on the wound.

As the saying goes, long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. Even using a cotton swab hurt, so I simply fell down.

Instantly, intense pain hit Su Yuyan, stimulating her nerves.


Just when she opened her little mouth to scream, no sound came out.

Because the babies are sleeping, if it is too loud, it will wake them up.

But at this time, Su Yuyan was suffering from pain and had to find a way to vent it out.

Then, he suddenly bit Zhang Hao’s wrist.


Zhang Hao gasped in pain.

‘Why did you bite me?’

Su Yuyan did not respond because her mouth was occupied.

After a while, I felt the pain lessen, and then I let go of my mouth.

Zhang Hao frowned slightly ‘Honey, are you a dog?’

‘No, I am a horse.’

‘Horse? Then why do you bite people?’

‘What’s the meaning?’

Su Yuyan looked puzzled.

The next moment, he suddenly reacted.

‘Okay, you are scolding me in disguise.’

As he spoke, he opened his mouth and bit Zhang Hao’s arm.

‘Don’t make trouble, I’m going to get a band-aid.’

Upon seeing this, Zhang Hao quickly ran away and quickly brought a band-aid over.

‘Here, I’ll put it on for you.’

Zhang Hao peeled off the two pieces of white paper stuck to the tape and put the band-aid on the wound.

When I saw the deep scar again, I suddenly felt a little distressed and my expression became serious.

Su Yuyan’s expression moved slightly and her eyes were a little blurry.

This is the first time in such a long time that I have been taken care of.

Looking at the big boy in front of me, I suddenly felt warm in my heart.

‘It’s done, just leave the babies alone and I’ll cook.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly ‘I can only trouble you.’

‘We are a couple, why are you being polite to me?’

‘Tch, who is married to you?’

More than an hour later.

After breakfast, Zhang Hao washed the dishes and came to the bedroom.

Seeing three cute babies sitting on the bed playing with toys, they immediately came to the bedside with a smile.

‘Babies, let’s continue learning to call daddy today.’

‘Come, look at the shape of my mouth, Dad~Dad~’

Although the three cute babies heard Zhang Hao’s voice, none of them paid attention to him and were all focused on playing with toys.

Su Yuyan, who was sitting aside, smiled and said ‘You are too impatient. Babies are so young, how can they learn it in a short time? When I first taught the baby to call mother, it took him half a month to learn it.’

Zhang Hao smiled and nodded, looking at the three cute babies with relief.

‘Don’t worry, babies are so smart, they will call daddy sooner or later.’

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly heard Dabao speak.



Hearing these two words, Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment, then showed a look of joy.

‘Honey, did you hear that? Dabao just called daddy!’

Zhang Hao was extremely excited.

This feeling makes me happier than the first time I bought a sports car.

You must know that in order to buy a sports car, I skipped classes and went to bars for a month.

After a month of hard work, I finally got my parents’ consent.

But it feels completely different now than it did then.

Vanity is satisfied by buying a sports car.

But when I heard Dabao call me daddy, I felt extremely fulfilled, as if I owned the whole world.

However, just when Zhang Hao was excited, he suddenly heard a system prompt.

‘Ding Congratulations to the host for teaching Dabao to call him daddy. The bonus of 100,000 yuan has been received.’

‘One hundred thousand? Isn’t it three hundred thousand?’

Zhang Hao was a little confused, but the next moment he suddenly understood.

Because the task is to teach three babies to call daddy.

Now I have only taught Dabao, so I will only be rewarded 100,000.

Is this system for accounting? The calculation is so clear.

‘I heard it. The three babies are about the same age and have similar learning abilities. Now that the eldest baby has learned it, the second and third babies will soon be able to call daddy.’

Su Yuyan smiled happily.

I was also very happy to hear that Dabao learned to call daddy.

Especially when I saw Zhang Hao’s excited look, I suddenly felt a sense of family warmth.

At this moment, Zhang Hao thought of something and took out his mobile phone from his pocket to operate it.

Ding dong~

Su Yuyan’s WeChat notification sounded.

‘Huh? Who sent the message?’

‘Today is Sunday and there is no need to prepare lessons. Is there something going on at the school?’

In her thoughts, Su Yuyan slid the screen to unlock.

But when I opened WeChat, I suddenly felt surprised.

‘Zhang Hao! Why are you transferring money to me? And it’s still fifty thousand yuan!’

Zhang Hao smiled and said ‘Aren’t you short of money now? Take the flowers!’

Su Yuyan frowned slightly ‘But don’t you have money too? Where did you get so much money?’

‘It can’t be borrowed! Then I absolutely can’t take it!’