Chapter 16 I didn’t let you go

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:33:44 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6500

‘Ding It is detected that Dabao has a fever. Do you want to purchase the super Chinese medicine skill?’


Zhang Hao did not hesitate.

I didn’t even ask how much it cost and just chose to buy it.

To him, nothing is more important than his baby.

‘Ding The super Chinese medicine skill requires 200,000 yuan. It detects that the balance in the host’s bank card is insufficient, and automatically applies for the installment skill, and repays 20,000 yuan every month.’

‘Ding The skill is released. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the super Chinese medicine skill.’

In an instant, a large amount of medical knowledge emerged in Zhang Hao’s mind.

At the same time, Zhang Hao rushed into the bedroom.

Su Yuyan took out the thermometer from Dabao’s armpit, looked at the lamp and frowned.

‘Thirty-eight degrees six! It’s more serious than a low-grade fever. Zhang Hao, please take out the fever-reducing plug from the drawer.’


Zhang Hao quickly came to the table.

When she opened the drawer, she saw a cardboard box with the words ‘Fever Reducer’ written on it. She immediately brought it to Su Yuyan.


Su Yuyan took the fever-reducing suppository, then took off Dabao’s diaper and spread her white and tender buttocks.

‘Wait, what are you doing?’

Seeing Su Yuyan holding a fever-reducing suppository and about to stuff it into Dabao’s little butt, Zhang Hao quickly spoke to stop her.

Su Yuyan frowned slightly ‘Of course it’s to reduce Dabao’s fever?’

Zhang Hao was very confused ‘Reducing fever? Isn’t this food?’


Su Yuyan suddenly felt ashamed and realized that Zhang Hao didn’t know how to use the antipyretic suppository, so she explained.

‘Fever-reducing suppositories are not taken, but administered rectally.’

‘Rectal administration.’

Zhang Hao nodded thoughtfully.

In the past, I would have never understood what rectal administration meant.

But after acquiring super Chinese medicine skills, he knows everything about medical terminology.

Suddenly, a way to reduce the baby’s fever appeared in Zhang Hao’s mind.

Seeing that Su Yuyan was about to give Dabao rectal medication, she quickly spoke to stop him.


‘what happened again?’

‘Although the antipyretic suppository can reduce fever, it has a stimulating effect and will affect the baby’s kidney function. Although the impact is slight, it won’t work. It’s up to me!’

With that said, Zhang Hao moved to the bedside and started massaging the front of Dabao’s white and tender arms with his hands.

Su Yuyan on the side was stunned.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Of course it’s to reduce Dabao’s fever.’

Su Yuyan couldn’t help but be startled, and then asked ‘Are you sure you can do it?’

‘Do not worry.’

Zhang Hao had confidence on his face.

He pressed on Dabao’s arm for a while, and then pressed on the tiger’s mouth and back for a few minutes.

Su Yuyan just looked at it quietly without saying a word.

Although he didn’t believe that Zhang Hao could relieve Dabao’s fever, he saw how serious he was and couldn’t bear to disturb him.

I also knew that using antipyretic suppositories on babies was not good for their health, so I decided to take a look before talking about it.

Ten minutes later, Zhang Hao stopped.

‘Okay, take the baby’s temperature and see if it has dropped.’


Su Yuyan nodded doubtfully and immediately took Dabao’s temperature.

But after measuring it, he suddenly looked surprised.

‘Thirty-six degrees eight, the fever is gone!’

Seeing a smile on Zhang Hao’s face, he continued to say in surprise ‘Awesome, I didn’t expect you to be able to do this!’

‘It’s a joke.’

Zhang Hao smiled and said ‘Actually, this is not difficult, just massage three acupuncture points.’

‘Tianhe point is just on the front of the arm. Just massage it in a straight line from the wrist to the joint.’

‘Hegu point is located at the tiger’s mouth, and Dazhui point is located in the depression under the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra.’

‘Massage these three acupuncture points to reduce fever.’

Su Yuyan nodded slightly and kept Zhang Hao’s words in mind.

Because the baby is still young and has low immunity, it is easy to have a fever.

If you have a fever, you can use this method to reduce the fever.

‘Zhang Hao, I didn’t expect you to have medical skills. Have you ever studied medicine before?’

Zhang Hao thought for a while and responded ‘Hmm… No, I learned it from books. These are daily tips.’


Su Yuyan nodded, and instantly gave Zhang Hao another label, careful.

After all, I have been taking care of my baby for more than half a year, and I don’t even know this little trick to reduce fever.

At least he is not as good as Zhang Hao in this aspect.

At this time, Zhang Hao said with a smile ‘Okay, now Dabao’s fever has gone away, you go to eat first, I will watch the children.’

‘It’s okay. You go ahead and eat. I’m not hungry yet.’

‘Okay, then I’ll eat first.’

Su Yuyan was no longer polite, got up and walked out of the bedroom.

Zhang Hao looked at the three cute babies with a bright smile on his face.

‘Little princesses, what happens next is up to you.’

‘If anyone learns to call daddy first, I will buy her a lollipop tomorrow.’

‘Come on, call daddy.’

Thinking of the reward of 300,000 yuan, Zhang Hao immediately looked forward to it.

But after a few minutes of teaching, the result was still the same as during the day, except that he couldn’t call me daddy and could make a variety of different sounds.

‘Come, look at the shape of my mouth, Dad~Dad~’

Dabao ‘Dabao~’

Erbao ‘Pah!’

Sambo ‘Hey~’


Zhang Hao raised his eyebrows and glared ‘You three treasures, if you dare to take advantage of dad, watch me beat your little ass.’


Suddenly, touching laughter came from behind.

Zhang Hao looked back and saw that Su Yuyan had returned from eating.

‘I’m so angry. After a long time of teaching, the babies just can’t call me daddy.’

Su Yuyan came to the bedside with a smile ‘Babies, call mommy.’


The three cute babies screamed in unison, and they kept shouting.

Zhang Hao’s eyes widened, looking like he was about to cry without tears.

‘I’ve been teaching them for a long time and no one knows how to call them daddy. If you call them mommy casually, the babies are too partial.’

Su Yuyan smiled and said, ‘That’s because you have only seen the babies for two days.’

‘As time goes by, they will naturally call them daddy.’

‘You’d better go eat first, it will get cold later.’

Zhang Hao smiled ‘My wife is still considerate.’

After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

Su Yuyan looked at the bedroom door with a smile on her face.

Although I heard Zhang Hao call his wife again, I didn’t feel awkward this time.

And suddenly, there was a feeling of happiness.

This feeling is just like being at home before.

Although it’s been a long time, it’s very familiar.

On the other side, Zhang Hao finished his meal as quickly as possible.

When he was about to continue teaching the baby to call daddy, he saw three cute babies lying quietly on the bed.

Although he was not asleep, he narrowed his eyes slightly and was obviously sleepy.

‘What about that? It’s getting late. I should go back. I’ll call you if I need something tonight.’

After saying that, Zhang Hao closed the door and turned to leave.

Su Yuyan was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect Zhang Hao to take the initiative to leave.

Ten minutes later.

Zhang Hao returned to the dormitory door.

Before knocking on the door, he sent Su Yuyan a WeChat message.

‘Don’t miss me, my wife, I have returned safely.’

‘Hmph, who is your wife?’

‘Sigh~ How can hands with a temperature of 37 degrees type such cold words? Sad…’

‘It’s my fault~ I didn’t tell you to leave just now.’

Seeing the content of Su Yuyan’s reply, Zhang Hao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

But when he was about to reply, a deafening voice suddenly sounded.

‘Oh! Mouse, why are you back again?’