Chapter 10 Auntie, this is too much!

Novel Title:Shock! The school beauty in the beginning gave birth to triplets for me Time:2024-1-25 / 18:32:34 Author:Liubendo Word Count:6495

Zhang Hao glanced at the door and looked back very calmly.

The visitor is Yang Wei whom I met at noon.

Because it sounds homophonic to impotence, he was given this nickname.

Although Yang Wei also called a few helpers, in his eyes, they were just little Luoluo.

‘Zhang Hao!’

Yang Wei’s face was full of anger ‘You made my girlfriend angry at noon, tell me what to do about it!’

‘It’s okay if you don’t want to be beaten, just kneel down and call me Master Sheng, and this matter will be over!’

After finishing his words, he looked at Zhang Hao with fierce eyes.

I wanted to take my girlfriend Wang Yaoyao to a room in the evening, but when my girlfriend learned that Goddess Su really gave birth to three babies for Zhang Hao, her girlfriend became sulky.

He said that as long as he taught Zhang Hao a lesson, he agreed to book a room.

In order to feel better, he did not hesitate to spend money to hire someone to teach Zhang Hao a lesson.

Zhang Hao frowned, took a puff of cigarette, and said indifferently ‘I’m not in the mood to talk to you now, get out~’

‘very good!’

Yang Wei nodded with a sneer and looked at the helpers he had found.

Although they are also students of the School of Economics and Trade, they are also gangsters from outside.

Following a local gangster, he acted tyrannically and misbehaved in school.

‘Monkey, I’m going to trouble you guys next time.’

‘Do not worry.’

The boy known as the monkey has a confident look on his face.

If it were before, I would definitely not dare to touch Zhang Hao.

But Zhang Hao now is no longer the young master Zhang he used to be. Even if he beats him up, he has no worries.

‘Brothers, take action!’

Boom, boom, boom.

Chaotic footsteps sounded.

Several people were approaching Zhang Hao.

At this moment, Zhao Yong, Da Zhuang and Shaohua immediately ran towards Zhang Hao.

Four years of roommate friendship is not a lie.

How could you stand idly by when you saw Zhang Hao being bullied?

Even though he knew he couldn’t beat him, he couldn’t just watch Zhang Hao being bullied.


Zhang Hao sighed and stood up slowly.

‘I already told you that I don’t want to have anything to do with you, and yet you are so aggressive in your face that you are looking for death!’

After the words fell, they turned into an afterimage and rushed towards several people.

Bang bang bang.

A dull sound sounded.

Under Zhang Hao’s attack, Monkey and the others were instantly knocked to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Yang Wei was immediately frightened and became impotent.

Zhao Yong and others were also dumbfounded.

Damn it, when did mice become so capable of beating? Is Ip Man possessed?

‘I give you five seconds to disappear from my eyes!’

Hearing Zhang Hao’s cold voice, Monkey and the others rolled out of the dormitory regardless of the pain on their bodies.

Yang Wei did not leave.

Not because he was brave, but because he was so scared that his legs were weak.

‘Master Zhang! Brother Hao! I know I was wrong. Please be kind and let me go. I promise not to cause trouble for you in the future.’

‘If you don’t like Wang Yaoyao’s little prodigy, I will break up with her immediately!’

Zhang Hao turned around and sat back on the bed, casually saying ‘Get lost~’

‘Okay, I’ll get out now!’

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Wei rolled out like a round rubber ball.

At this time, Zhao Yong and others all gathered around.

‘Mouse, I didn’t expect you to be so naughty!’

‘Three punches and two kicks knocked the monkeys down. It’s amazing!’

‘Mouse, you actually know Kung Fu, you can hide it so well.’

The corners of Zhang Hao’s mouth raised slightly ‘Low-key, low-key.’

‘You should play games, watch movies, and leave me alone.’

Da Zhuang and Shaohua nodded and left, one to play games and the other to watch a movie.

Zhao Yong was still standing in front of Zhang Hao, looking a little helpless.

‘Mouse, no matter how powerful you are, you definitely wouldn’t dare to hit Master Jue.’

‘You didn’t attend her class today, so you will be ravaged tomorrow.’

Zhang Hao’s expression moved slightly, and he suddenly realized something.

Next, I have to take care of the baby, so I won’t have time to go to school.

The only way is to study while taking care of the baby.

‘Dayong, I need your help with something.’

‘Starting from tomorrow, no matter what class you take, you have to give me a video broadcast.’

‘Because I have three babies to take care of and I don’t have time to go to school.’

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yong looked surprised.

‘Mouse, it’s easy to start a video, but can you learn how to do this?’

‘Graduation is only half a year away. If you fail the exam then, won’t you have to repeat the exam for another year?’

Zhang Hao looked indifferent.

Academics were dispensable to him. When he was in college, he was just there to mess around.

Besides, compared with three babies, going to school is nothing.

‘You listen to me, it’s settled!’

‘If Master Miejie asks, you will say that I was in a car accident!’

the next day.

Zhang Hao got up at seven o’clock in the morning.

This was the earliest time he had gotten up in so many years.

After eating some breakfast on the roadside, we arrived at the door of Su Yuyan’s house.

Ding dong~

Zhang Hao rang the doorbell, wondering if the three babies were awake now.

Thinking of the cute looks of the three cute babies, I couldn’t help but laugh.


The door opened.

‘Good morning.’

Zhang Hao was stunned for a moment.

I thought it would be Su Yuyan who opened the door, but I didn’t expect it to be the nanny.

‘Here you are, young man, come in.’

The nanny smiled and looked at Zhang Hao with a very kind look.


Zhang Hao said with a smile ‘You are here so early, where is Su Yuyan?’

‘She goes to school to work. She usually leaves at seven in the morning, and I get here at seven.’


Zhang Hao nodded, walked into the living room, left his schoolbag on the sofa, and walked towards the bedroom with some excitement.

But at this moment, the nanny suddenly stopped him.

‘Wait, the babies are still sleeping.’

‘You should wash the babies’ clothes first. They must be washed by hand.’

‘Then make some millet porridge, the heat must be higher, and eat it when the babies wake up.’

‘Also, prepare the milk powder and clothes.’

‘Finally, do some cleaning in the room.’

Zhang Hao frowned immediately upon hearing this.

Shouldn’t nannies do all these jobs? How do you let yourself do it all?

Could it be that this nanny is always slacking off while Su Yuyan is away?

While guessing, I heard the nanny speak again.

‘Young man, since you want to take care of the baby, you have to start from the most basic level.’

‘If you don’t have patience, you won’t be able to take care of your baby.’

Zhang Hao nodded slightly. Although he had objections, what the nanny said made sense.

Only by becoming a qualified nanny can you take good care of your baby.

‘Okay, let me know when the baby wakes up.’

After saying that, he walked into the kitchen, put on his apron and started doing housework.

This feeling, not to mention how fresh it is.

More than an hour later, Zhang Hao completed what the nanny told him.

Just then, I heard the baby crying from the bedroom.

He didn’t even have time to take off his apron and walked directly into the bedroom.

I saw that all three babies were awake.

Dabao and Erbao didn’t cry, but Third Bao cried hard.

At this time, the nanny was standing motionless by the bed.

‘Young man, you change the diapers for the three babies first, and then go and prepare half a bottle of milk powder.’

Zhang Hao took a deep breath, and his expression instantly darkened.

‘Auntie, don’t you think you’re going a little too far?’

‘If you don’t want to take care of the baby, you can leave now!’

Seeing Zhang Hao getting angry, the nanny suddenly became nervous.

There was a moment of awkward silence, and then he said ‘Young man, don’t be angry, I have my own reasons too.’

‘The reason?’

Zhang Hao frowned slightly, with a look of doubt on his face.