Chapter 1 Silly Son-in-law

Novel Title:Daqian silly son-in-law Time:2024-1-26 / 17:51:07 Author:Wannan Niu Er Word Count:6322

‘Master, it’s over, the young master bullied the princess!’

‘The princess was so angry that she beat the young master to death with a mallet!’

In the Duke’s Mansion of Qin, everyone was in great grief.

Qin Xiangru came to have a son at an old age, and it was just a single child. Although the son was a little naive and reckless, the crime would not lead to death!

‘Qin Xiangru, your stupid son offends this princess and deserves to die!’

‘This princess will return to the palace immediately and tell her father to cancel this marriage!’

After saying that, Princess Jingyang ran out of the Duke of Qin’s mansion with red eyes.

If it had been in the past, Qin Xiangru would have chased her out and asked Princess Jingyang to forgive her sin.

But at this moment, his stupid son was dead, and he was completely devastated.

He knew that his son was mentally ill and stupid, and could not maintain the family business.

Therefore, she specifically asked the emperor for a favor and asked him to betroth Princess Jingyang to his son.

But he didn’t want to ruin the incense of the old Qin family.

At this time, Qin Mo stood in the room, looking at the people kneeling on the ground crying in grief, and was dumbfounded.

These people wore long robes and the room looked antique.

Could it be that they are filming?

Just as he was about to speak, the people who were kneeling and crying in agony screamed in shock, ‘Ah, ghost!’

‘The young master is back from the dead!’

Everyone ran out of the room.

Qin Mo looked confused and touched his head, only to find that there was a big bump on the back of his head, ‘What the hell, who the hell is beating me up?’

At this moment, an old man wearing a fu hat and a purple gown ran in eagerly.

Seeing Qin Mo, he cried loudly, ‘Qin Mo, my son!’

‘Hey, old man, don’t touch porcelain. I don’t know you!’

Qin Mo was a little confused and thought, how did this old man know his name.

‘Idiot, I’m your father!’

Qin Xiangru patted Qin Mo on the back, and he was extremely excited that his son had come back to life.

‘Fart, I’m your father, don’t think you can take advantage of me because you’re older!’

Qin Mo quickly pushed Qin Xiangru away and shouted at him, how could he not know what his father was like?

Qin Xiangru was almost mad at Qin Mo, ‘You idiot, have you acted stupid again? I am really your father!’

‘Sir, has the young master been resurrected through someone else’s corpse?’ the housekeeper said with some horror.

‘Fuck your mother!’

Qin Xiangru slapped the housekeeper on the head, ‘How can anyone be so stupid and foolhardy in reviving a dead body?

I think his skin is itchy, so I’ll just bring my whip and give him a good whip! ‘

Whenever Qin Mo makes a mistake, he will pretend to be stupid and cover up his mistake.

He understands it all too well.

Soon, the housekeeper handed over the whip. Qin Xiangru picked up the whip, looked at Qin Mo, and said with hatred, ‘Idiot, dad is reluctant to beat you, but the mistake you made this time is really too big. Bullying.’ Princess, dad must give an explanation to Your Majesty!’

As he spoke, he hit Qin Mo with a whip.

Qin Mo screamed in pain, ‘Old man, if you hit me again, I will fight back!’

This old man must be sick. As soon as he came up, he called him son, beat him, and called him a fool.

He is the fool, and so are his whole family!

However, Qin Xiangru did not stop at all, beating Qin Mo until his skin was bruised and bruised, ‘Your Majesty has already shown grace and betrothed the princess to you. She will be yours sooner or later. Why are you anxious?’

‘Old man, I can’t bear it anymore!’

Qin Mo couldn’t bear it anymore and punched Qin Xiangru’s right eye, smashing him into a panda’s eye. ‘I’m doing this in self-defense. Even if you call the police, I’m not afraid!’

Qin Xiangru fell to the ground.

The housekeeper quickly shouted, ‘You are rebelling against Tiangang, the young master is attacking the father-in-law, come quickly!’

As soon as he finished speaking, a dozen majestic soldiers rushed in from outside.

‘Cao, there are helpers!’

Qin Mo shouted for help, but they were still able to restrain him!

Qin Xiangru covered his right eye and looked at Qin Mo who kept yelling, ‘I, Qin Xiangru, have been on the battlefield for decades, but I didn’t expect to give birth to such a fool as you!’

He raised the whip in his hand, but could no longer whip it. He remembered his late wife’s instructions and must take good care of him.

‘Tie him up!’

Qin Xiangru gritted his teeth and said, ‘Take him to the palace to plead guilty!’

‘Old man, you’re addicted to filming, right? Let me go!’

‘Otherwise, I’ll make you look good!’

No matter how hard Qin Mo struggled, it was useless. He was wrapped into a rice dumpling and held captive.

Qin Xiangru thought for a moment and grabbed a handful of mud on the ground. Qin Mo’s face was covered with mud.

An angry Qin Mo cursed.

Qin Xiangru smiled bitterly and said, ‘Idiot, dad is saving you!’

Do you think you can get away with it by pretending to be dead?

Princess Jingyang is His Majesty’s favorite. She has not yet passed away, but you have bullied her and ruined her reputation.

Let the royal family lose face. If dad doesn’t make you miserable, your majesty will have to chop off your head! ‘

Qin Mo was tired of scolding, so he was escorted away by them.

Walking on the street, pedestrians are rushing, and everyone is wearing ancient costumes.

Even a film and television city can’t have so many people, right?

The most important thing is that he didn’t see the director’s team or even the filming equipment during the whole process.

After thinking about everything that happened, he was shocked, ‘Could it be that I traveled through time?’

At yesterday’s graduation ceremony, he got drunk with his classmates. Logically speaking, when he woke up after being drunk, he should be in a hotel, not…

He was anxious, ‘Hey, old man, what dynasty is it now?’

He is a history student. If he travels through time, he is not afraid. He has enough knowledge anyway.

When the time comes, by hugging the lap of the Son of Destiny, won’t we be able to live a life of ease?

‘Fuck it!’


He really traveled through time!

He thought quickly in his mind, but found that there was no dynasty called Daqian in all dynasties!

‘What is the name of the current emperor?’

‘Idiot, stop making trouble!’

‘Say it!’

Qin Mo wanted to know urgently.

Qin Xiangru was helpless, afraid that he would cause trouble on the street, so he whispered, ‘Li Shilong!’

Damn it!

I have traveled to parallel time and space!

He was very sure that there was no emperor named Li Shilong in history.

The only dynasty with the surname Li was the Tang Dynasty!

In that case, this old man is really his father!

Wait, why was he beaten?

It seems like…the princess was bullied!

Damn, my predecessor was really a fool.

You dare to bully a princess who has not yet passed the exam. Even if you have passed the exam, if you want something, you still need the princess’s consent.

‘Old…Dad, are you escorting me to the palace now?’

He wanted to call him old man, but considering that this old man was his predecessor, he still had to respect him.

Moreover, this old man seems to be a prince, and he has a thick thigh.

‘Idiot, you finally stopped pretending to be stupid!’

Qin Xiangru slapped him on the head suddenly, ‘When I enter the palace soon, I will cry when I see your majesty, and I will admit my mistake when I see the princess, do you understand?’

‘Isn’t that just crying, making trouble, and hanging?’ Qin Mo said.

‘That’s right, I didn’t expect my idiot to be smart sometimes!’

Qin Xiangru said, ‘However, based on my understanding of His Majesty, even if he doesn’t kill you for my sake… I’m afraid he will break your legs!’