Chapter 1 If you don’t admit your fault, kneel down

Novel Title:Fu Bao is three and a half years old. She is doted on by her eight uncles Time:2024-1-26 / 17:05:27 Author:Cute guy Word Count:7010

Lin’an City, Kaixuan No. 1 Villa District, Lin Family.

Today is the Lantern Festival, with lanterns and colorful decorations everywhere, adding a touch of human touch to the usually cold Lin family.

Suddenly, a scream pierced the dusk.


With a banging sound, a woman with a big belly rolled down the stairs!

Everyone exclaimed and hurriedly gathered around.

Lin Feng, the president of the Lin family, asked anxiously, ‘Qin Xin, how are you?’

The woman’s blood flowed out from between her legs, her face was pale, and she said in horror, ‘Brother Feng, it hurts…our baby…hurry and save our baby!’

The old lady of the Lin family was extremely flustered and asked repeatedly, ‘What’s going on!?’

Mu Qinxin shed tears and looked up the stairs.

Everyone looked up and saw a little girl about three and a half years old standing at the top of the stairs. Seeing everyone watching, she couldn’t help but hug the little rabbit in her arms.

The old man of the Lin family was furious, ‘Did you push Qin Xin?!’

The little girl pursed her lips and said, ‘It’s not me, I didn’t…’

Mu Qinxin cried and persuaded, ‘No… Dad, don’t blame Su Bao. She is so young and doesn’t understand anything. She didn’t do it on purpose…’

This sentence directly confirmed Su Bao’s ‘crime’.

Lin Feng’s eyes were cold and cold, and he said directly without asking, ‘Come here, lock her up in the small attic, and I’ll take care of her when I come back!’

Everyone hurriedly sent Mu Qinxin to the hospital.

Little Su Bao was dragged upstairs and even one of her shoes fell off, but her little face was full of stubbornness and she did not beg for mercy or cry.

There was no light or heating in the small attic. It was dark and cold. The windows rattled, as if a monster would jump out at any moment…

Su Bao hugged the little rabbit tightly and huddled in the corner.

so cold……

But she really didn’t push anyone, so why didn’t anyone believe her?

It is said that it is not cold for nine days but it is cold in spring. The wind and snow outside were blowing hard, getting in through the cracks in the window and falling on little Su Bao layer by layer.

Soon the day and night passed.

No one paid attention to Xiao Su Bao all day and night, and no one knew that she was punished by Mu Qinxin the day before. She didn’t eat a bite of food and was already in a trance.

Mr. Lin threatened that she would not be allowed to come out unless she admitted her mistake!


Little Su Bao’s lips turned purple from the cold, and he couldn’t stop shivering. He could only close his eyes and murmur, ‘Mom… Su Bao is right, Su Bao doesn’t recognize it…’

She knew that her mother died of illness a year ago.

After my mother died, my father found another aunt, and soon the aunt had a baby in her belly…

This aunt has two faces. She will be kind to her when others are around, but she will become like a devil when no one is around.

‘Mom…’ Little Su Bao thought, clutching the ears of the stuffed rabbit, and fainted.

I don’t know how long it took, but the door opened with a bang.

With an angry look on his face, Lin Feng grabbed the unconscious little Su Bao, dragged him down the stairs, and threw him in the snow outside!

Little Su Bao shivered due to the coldness and struggled to open his eyes…

‘Dad…I’m hungry…’ she said instinctively.

Lin Feng sneered and said, ‘You killed Qin Xin’s younger brother, and you still have the nerve to complain about hunger! How could I, Lin Feng, have such a vicious daughter like you!’

The frozen little Su Bao had no look in his eyes and was speechless.

The more Lin Feng saw her like this, the angrier he became. She looked stubborn even after she had done something wrong. Who could she show this to?

At such a young age, his thoughts are so vicious!

‘It’s a son’s mistake not to teach his father! You can kill your brother now, but you won’t be able to kill anyone when you grow up? If I don’t teach you a lesson today, I won’t be your father!’

After that, he looked around, grabbed a broom in the corner, and stepped on the broom head.

The two-finger-thick stick fell on Little Su Bao with a bang, and Little Su Bao suddenly screamed!

‘Do you admit that you were wrong?!’ Lin Feng’s eyes were crossed.

‘It’s not me, really… it’s not me!’ Xiao Su Bao bit his lip, his face full of stubbornness.

When Lin Feng heard this, he became even more angry, ‘Didn’t you or your aunt drop it herself?! She is already six months pregnant, what good will it do to herself if she falls!’

He couldn’t help but think of Mu Qin’s heart bleeding in the hospital. The doctor treated her critically twice, but she still told him not to blame Su Bao when she was dying!

She said that Su Bao was very pitiful without a mother at such a young age. She was afraid that no one would love her after her brother was born, so she didn’t push her on purpose.

The more Lin Feng thought about it, the angrier he became. He beat and cursed, ‘Still quibbling! Still quibbling!’

Every time he said a word, the stick fell on Su Bao.

He hit him so hard that he didn’t even know that his phone fell out. He didn’t stop until Su Bao was beaten until he collapsed in the snow.

‘Kneel down here for me! When will your aunt be discharged from the hospital? When will you get up again!’

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he pulled his tie, dropped the stick and walked away.

He has been annoyed enough recently. There was a big hole in the company. He had been begging for help for half a month, but he didn’t even see anyone.

Today, Mu Qinxin fell down the stairs again. Her six-month-old son had a miscarriage and died young, and the only seedling that the Lin family had hoped for was gone.

Two things in a row made him anxious. How could he not be annoyed? He could only take out all of his beatings on Xiao Su Bao.

Xiao Su Bao’s rabbit had been beaten to pieces long ago. She struggled to get up, but fell down in the snow with a thud…

She felt that she might die.

Will I be able to see my mother if I die?

At this time, a vague voice sounded in Xiao Su Bao’s ears.

[Xiao Subao, call your uncle quickly! 】

[Your uncle’s name is Su Yishen, his phone number is 159xxxxx…]

‘Call…’ Xiao Su Bao opened her eyes and saw a black mobile phone in the snow. Her survival instinct made her crawl over desperately.


Little Su Bao was trembling, his stiff fingers kept moving, and he didn’t know how long he worked before he dialed the phone…

at the same time.

In an old courtyard house in Kyoto.

Mr. Su is lecturing

‘Another year has passed, Su Yishen, do you think you can pass the chief physician exam this year!?’

The eight brothers of the Su family looked at their noses and minds, and Su Yi touched his nose deeply.

Suddenly the old man changed the topic and asked suddenly

‘Also, have you been searching for four years and still haven’t found your sister?’

The expressions of the eight brothers of the Su family changed, and they all pursed their lips and fell silent. The brothers who just had their ears in and out all had a hint of sadness on their faces.

Their sister Su Jinyu was diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia since she was a child, and needed blood transfusions to fight infection and bone marrow replacement…

The Su family has carefully taken care of her for twenty years, but seeing her condition getting worse and worse, it has even affected her brain and memory…

Four years ago she suddenly disappeared.

Su Yishen is the attending physician at the Provincial Cancer Hospital, and he is responsible for the entire treatment of Su Jinyu.

That day he had to rescue a seriously ill patient, and just that one time… Su Jinyu got lost.

In the past four years, self-blame and regret have been tormenting him. Even though he has unparalleled medical talent, he has been unable to make any progress in these four years.

Among the eight sons of the Su family, Su Jinyu is the only daughter.

After her daughter disappeared, Mrs. Su fell ill all of a sudden, and Mr. Su’s temper became more and more erratic.

Everyone in the Su family has a huge boulder weighing down their hearts, making them unable to breathe.

Su Yichen, the eldest son of Su, is the head of Su’s business empire. He works overtime and does not rest day and night. His health is getting worse and he needs to take medicine every day.

The second son of the Su family, Su Yuefei, the most outstanding captain of Air S, failed the psychological examination and has been resting at home for four years to adjust.

The third son of the Su family…

Silence fell in the study.

At this time, Su Yishen’s cell phone suddenly rang!