Chapter 1 Breaking up with the system at the beginning

Novel Title:The beginning of the prehistoric era stewed Kunpeng Demon Master Time:2024-1-25 / 22:31:35 Author:sentimental autumn Word Count:7791

‘Ding! It has been detected that the host is too useless and is hopeless. This system will be disbanded. Farewell!’

The cold voice of the system machinery rang out, causing Lin Xuan to freeze on the spot.

‘Damn it! Where are you cheating?’

Lin Xuan trembled and shouted quickly

‘System, don’t leave. Open your eyes and take a good look. I can still be saved. Let’s teach the children again!’

For a long time, there was silence.

‘Really gone?’

‘This dog system is too screwed up!’

‘Teach me how to become an immortal before you leave! This is a prehistoric world, and I am about to become a god. How can I, a mortal, survive? Brother, please send the Buddha to the West!’

Lin Xuan panicked.

‘What kind of bullshit system is there to deceive people?’

Lin Xuan cursed loudly, but the sound echoed continuously and there was nothing left.

Ten years ago, Lin Xuan traveled to the prehistoric world and activated the Invincible Avenue System. It was said to be superior to the way of heaven. His name sounded awesome, but who knew it was a scam!

The current time is just after the end of the Lich Tribulation and before the beginning of the Conferred God Tribulation.

Lin Xuan originally wanted to work hard, learn skills well, and perform well in the Battle of the Gods.

But I never thought, what did this dog system teach Lin Xuan?

Farming, fishing, woodcutting, reading, playing chess, calligraphy and painting.


If Lin Xuan traveled to some historical world, he would naturally be able to prosper, but this is a prehistoric world. A time when any saint can penetrate the world. Is it possible that when you encounter monsters and monsters, you draw a picture for them?

Lin Xuan couldn’t help but tremble in fear when he thought of those demons and monsters in Fengshenyan that eat people without spitting out their bones.

The key is that the small courtyard where Lin Xuan is located is just above Meishan.

This is the territory of the Seven Monsters of Meishan. From now on, it will become the place where God Erlang obtains creation, and he will be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

It’s good now. Lin Xuan and Dabai are the only ones in the whole courtyard.

‘Dabai, the system is such a scammer. It doesn’t recognize people when it’s time to put on your pants. It abandoned us and the two of us. Now we’re the only ones left. You must not imitate him.’

‘Woof, woof woof…’

Dabai is a little local dog. Because of its snow-white fur, Ye Xuan gave him such a name. One person and one dog, alone and helpless, Lin Xuan couldn’t help but feel sad.

That’s all, the road to seeking immortality is difficult, just take it one step at a time.

Lin Xuan sighed.

‘Forget it, it’s okay that the Dog System is gone, you irresponsible scumbag, bah! Today we have a tooth-beating festival to celebrate the departure of the Dog System!’

Lin Xuan decided to lose anyone, and he could not lose his own belly.

Then, he took a slingshot given by the dog system, put a few stones in his arms, and said hello to Dabai.

‘Woof woof woof…’

Dabai was very happy, wagging his tail and followed Lin Xuan.

At the same time, a woman looked terrified and angry, and she quickly ran away into the distance.

‘Kunpeng Demon Master, it’s not enough for you to kill Prince Dong, you actually want to kill me. It’s simply outrageous!’

The woman was wearing azure blue gauze, with perfect facial features, and an air of immortality about her whole body.

If Lin Xuan had a beautiful face in his previous life, he would have been more beautiful than any big star.

‘Haha! Queen Mother of the West, the catastrophe of becoming a god is imminent. This is a great catastrophe of heaven. Today, you must die!’

Demon Master Kunpeng was flying in the air, with golden light shining outside his body and full of precious aura. He looked at the Queen Mother of the West with a sinister smile in front of her, who was constantly escaping.

‘Back then, you killed my husband, Prince Dong. I voluntarily resigned from my position as the head of the female immortals! Why don’t you let me go!’

‘I have a close relationship with Master Tongtian, one of the Three Pure Ones. If you kill me, the saint will not let you go!’

Queen Mother Xi was so angry that she trembled.

The Queen Mother of the West, when Hongjun first preached, once made the Queen Mother of the West the first of the female immortals, and the Prince of the East the first of the male immortals. But later, the demon emperor Jun was dissatisfied and sent demon master Kunpeng to plan and kill the Queen Mother of the West and her husband, the Prince of the East.

Later, Di Jun established the ancient demon court and started the Lich Calamity Tribulation.

In order to protect herself, the Queen Mother of the West voluntarily retired. He has not participated in ancient disputes since then, but he never thought that Demon Master Kunpeng still refuses to let him go!

At the same time, the Queen Mother of the West was a close friend of Empress Sanxiao, a disciple of the Tongtian Sect.

Therefore, the relationship with Tongtian Cult Master is not shallow. Tongtian Cult Master is one of the Three Pure Ones and one of the Six Saints of Heaven. He is powerful and has a high status.

Demon Master Kunpeng laughed loudly, with a bit of joking in his eyes, and said

‘Although Master Tongtian is a saint, he is too arrogant. He is already planning to become a saint who will suffer calamity, and he cannot protect himself. Jiejiao, haha, they are just ignorant people. To tell you the truth, the saints are already preparing to kill Jiejiao. Everyone in the teaching, it is time for the Great Tribulation of Godhood. At that time, my opportunity will come. Those who know the current affairs are heroes, Queen Mother of the West, today, you will definitely die!’

Demon Master Kunpeng has arrogant eyes and an arrogant tone. Why does he know so much?

Because, when Kunpeng heard the Queen Mother of the West talking about Jiejiao, he remembered that the Second Sage of the West had revealed to him the secrets about the future Gods and Calamities, and he even dismissed the so-called Jiejiao.

Demon Master Kunpeng gained enlightenment before the Lich Tribulation. During the Lich Tribulation, Demon Master Kunpeng’s cultivation was only lower than that of a few people such as Donghuang Taiyi and Di Jun, and he was revered as a demon master by all demons. .

That year, Demon Master Kunpeng and Hongjun heard the teachings of Quasi-Sage during their first sermon. Now, he also successfully beheaded a corpse and became a quasi-sage with a corpse.

At that time, Kunpeng originally had a chance to get a futon with an opportunity to become a saint, but he was excluded by the guide, Zhunti and others, and ultimately lost the chance of becoming a saint.

After the Lich War, the Ancient Demon Court declined, and the once famous Kunpeng Demon Master also disappeared.

But no one knows!

Now ten thousand years after the end of the Lich Tribulation, Kunpeng was secretly talked to by the Second Saint of the West and promised to give him a period of good fortune. The prerequisite for this was to kill the Queen Mother of the West.

‘No! Kunpeng Demon Master is so ambitious that I cannot die in his hands today under any circumstances!’

The Queen Mother of the West was determined, and auspicious clouds appeared under her feet, turning into a stream of colors and surging forward.

Kunpeng Demon Master sneered. Although the Queen Mother of the West had a high status, she had already retired and her strength had not improved over the years. My own strength is nothing more than the ability of the Daluo Jinxian for the first time. Want to escape? Do not overestimate your own capabilities.

Lin Xuan took Dabai to the courtyard, and Dabai kept barking in one direction.

Looking in the direction of Dabai’s barking, he suddenly saw a golden light flashing in the sky.

He is a mortal, so naturally he cannot see things thousands of miles away, but Dabai, a local dog, has no other abilities, and his eyesight is indeed extraordinary.

‘Haha, it must be some kind of beast like a swan. Dabai, we are in a good mood today!’

Lin Xuan laughed and took out his slingshot.

This slingshot is a gift from the dog system. It has no other abilities except that it can hit far and has great power.

The slingshot is full!

Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes, facing the white light, a stone shot through the air.

call out!

The Queen Mother of the West was heartbroken and felt that the distance between the two was getting closer and closer. Is she really going to be succeeded by Kunpeng Demon Master?


Even if it is, this kind of beast cannot succeed!

A stream of light passed quickly past Queen Mother Xi, and the powerful force blew Queen Mother Xi, a Daluo Jinxian, to stagger around. Then, the stream of light continued to move straight towards Demon Master Kunpeng without slowing down.


Demon Master Kunpeng suddenly felt a palpitation in his heart, and his spine began to run cold. He looked intently!

It’s actually a stone? !


Kunpeng Demon Master swept away with his spiritual thoughts.

A mortal, a native dog.

Attack me with a slingshot in hand? So brave!

Demon Master Kunpeng sneered, and his whole body began to burst into flames. The demonic wind blew up, and he wanted to directly bounce the stone away.

However, instead of stopping, the stone became faster and faster.

Demon Master Kunpeng felt a sense of danger.

‘not good!’

He was tricked!

That guy is no mortal!