Fu Bao is three and a half years old. She is doted on by her eight uncles Written By Cute guy

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[Group pet, cute breasts, vest] Su Bao, the unloved little misfortune of the Lin family, was framed by his stepmother and beaten severely. He knelt in the snow dying all day and night. When she was about to die, Su Bao heard a voice that no one else could hear, and guided her to call her uncle. Eight uncles, big bosses, arrived in force! The newly reborn little Su Bao just wants to have food to eat and grow up in peace, but he doesn't want to be pampered by his eight uncles. His grandfather even wants to pass on the family property to Su Bao! The stepmother had plastic surgery to pretend to be Bai Lian? Expose her true face! The adoptive father threatened to give money to his blood relatives? Sorry, I can break the bone! "Fourth uncle, Su Bao gives you a painting..." The national actor was shocked to find that the popular cute painting master was actually his niece! "Grandpa, Su Bao made a stent today..." Mr. Su shook off his crutches as he looked at the black technology that the world couldn't buy. "Daddy, Su Bao thinks this land has great prospects for development. It's a treasure of Feng Shui!" Mr. Bo bid for the next piece of land at a low price, and the economic development documents came down. He looked at the soft and cute little breasts and fell into deep thought: How many vests does the little guy still have?

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