Daqian silly son-in-law Written By Wannan Niu Er

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Qin Mo, a bachelor from the history department, traveled through Daqian and became the foolish prince of the Qin Kingdom. He originally wanted to fight cocks and walk dogs and live a carefree life, but everyone forced him to do so! Duke of Qin: My son, I beg you, please marry the princess! Emperor Daqian: My virtuous son-in-law, you are my lucky star. You must be the consort of Daqian even if you don’t deserve it. Prince: My dear sister-in-law, without your support, my uncle’s throne will be unstable! Baiguan: Qin Hanzi, we will fight with you! Foreign race: Qin Hanzi is our race’s biggest enemy! Princess: Qin Hanzi, if you dare to leave me, I will fight you to the death!

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